In and out in a couple hours with an extra 16 hp and 22 lb-ft torque. Jotech Motorsports Fully-Built Motor CJM Stage 1 Fuel System CJM Stage 1 Fuel System Model: For Manual Transmission (6 speed) Oil Pan Spacer Kit 4 Bar Map Sensor Exhaust System Engine Modifications INsTallaTION INsTRUCTIONs: NIssaN 370 NISSAN370Z AAM Competition orgarner Twin TurboCharger System INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the AAM Competition 370Z Twin Turbocharger System. OEM Transmission Fluid An ECU flash / retune is manditory when using our TT system. Convert Maf to Speed Density AAM Twin Turbo Kit Install (2010 Nissan 370Z) 600+rwhp AAM Twin Turbo Build Z1 Motorsports: AAM TT Kit Installed & Evaluated One forum member: Engine (semi) removal on jack stands and AAM twin turbo install. A forum community dedicated to Nissan 350Z / 370Z and Infiniti G35 / G37 owners and enthusiasts. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 18 of 18 Posts. 6061 mandrel bent "polished" aluminum Intercooler Tubing. --- choose option ---Exhaust Transition Elbow [Internal Wastegate Dump ONLY] (+$650.00)3" Down Pipe w/Internal Wastegate Dump (+$895.00)3" Down Pipe w/External Wastegate Dump (+$650.00)3" Down Pipe to 2.5" Conn. w/Internal Wastegate Dump (+$895.00)3" Down Pipe to 2.5" Conn. w/External Wastegate Dump (+$650.00) For Automatic Transmission Even to this day, the guys always take the time to say hey and chat about anything even if it's not related to a sale. it is more cost effective to do both but I don't want to put myself in a financial corner. Level 10 Bullet Transmission Upgrade Z Speed CMAK V2 (Clutch Movement Alteration Kit) from what i've seen so far and the money i'm dumping into it/budgeting.. dont bother unless you have 15+k sitting in a bank account of yours for fun money. Twin Turbo cost. 1) Address and fix the flaws that the current TT systems on the market had. SOHO Top Mount Single Turbo Kit (Optional finishes are available. All horsepower ratings are to the wheels. $3,995, AEM 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid Save Share. Arias Piston | Pauter Rods OEM Transmission Fluid Lightweight Steel Flywheel Failure to comply with this can cause catastrophic failure to your engine and TT system main components. Spec Stage 3+ Clutch Injector Dynamics 1050x Injectors Stainless Hot Side & Cold Side Piping --- choose option ---6MT (Manual)7AT (Automatic) K&N Air Filter Engine Modifications In addition to the high capacity, this oil pan will improve cooling efficiency. Join the discussion. --- choose option ---Bosch 650cc [Standard]Bosch 1000cc [E85 Capable] (+$195.00) Interface Cable will be shipped, License & Tune will be sent through e-mail. Reply. Garret GTX3582R Turbo w/ 1.01 A/R Housing Engine Modifications Ferrea Complete Valvetrain Covers are custom CNC machined and contoured. Power Steering Relocation Kit YOUR PRICE — PARTS AND LABOR INCLUDED: HKS Hi-Power True Duel Cat-Back Exhaust System **, Package 2: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 2 fuels, excluding E85 ethanol. Stillen Transmission Oil Cooler Kit 4 Bar Map Sensor 4 Ply "black" high temperature Silicone Couplers. Package 5: ECUTek License / Interface Cable / (EMAIL) Tune - Up to 4 maps on flex fuel. Tony and Kenny yall did an amazing job. Fuel Injectors: Oil Cooler: Turbosmart Raceport Blow Off Valve Tuning: I recommend these guys to everyone. Looking to pull the trigger on getting forced induction (Single/Twin Turbo/Supercharge) installed. SOHO Front Mount Intercooler Jotech Oil Cooler Rep Power: 4. Stainless Hot Side & Cold Side Piping Level 10 Transmission Valve Body Upgrade TiAL 38mm MV-S external Wastegates with water cooling capabilities. DW 340lph Fuel Pump JavaScript is disabled. CNC billet aluminum GT/HTZ-28 series Turbocharger Drain Flanges. I remember the first time I walked in there, amazing experience. If you're even thinking of improving your ride, you've GOTTA check these guys out!!! Throughout the design process of our TT system, we have adapted and utilized 3D C.A.D. Stillen Air to Water Intercooler **, Package 3: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on flex fuel. OEM Transmission Fluid Jotech Oil Cooler After Kenny got to working his magic on my E tune (keep in mind I’m all the way in Washington State) the car did a complete 180 and now is running so smooth and and feels even a bit quicker. (AFE) Advanced Flow Research Pro 5R (5 layer) Air Filters. Walbro 450 Liter Per Hour (LPH) Fuel Pump & SPAL relay kit. --- choose option ---Xonarotor 2860 [STAGE 1]Xonarotor HTZ-2868A [STAGE 2] (+$699.00)Xonarotor HTZ-3579A [STAGE 3] (+$1,699.00) Oil Pan Spacer Kit Engine Management Systems Model Year: Custom Jotech Tune (Tuned by Seth Stubenburg) And He spoke unto me saying, "j00 R n00b 4 3VR", And I was like "stfu -_-", K-Shep I agree with you - it takes a reputable shop to do the work and one who has done it specifically on the z - I think we are one of the few shops out there. Balance & Blue-Printed Shortblock NGK Spark Plugs (1 Step Colder) Fuel Pump: Coming back for sure! These guys are SICK!!! These instructions will provide you a guide and assist to assist in the installation process of this system. Thanks! Base Member . I hit up Kenny Tran for some advice and requesting a new tune on the car because it was lacking in certain areas and didn’t feel dialed in. Paying someone else to do it right the first time will run around 10k. Engine Management Systems ETE's will allow you to retain the OEM catalytic converters and are only recommended in this configuration. It can be an expensive game...not recommended, by me, for a daily driver. --- choose option ---F.I. (Includes all mounting brackets & hardware). Aeromotive 340lph Fuel Pump x2 don't forget about the drivetrain, brakes, suspension and tires. Now the current issue is my aircon doesnt work. Continue … Showcasing high flow volute geometry, with integrated back plate. For Automatic Transmission Level 10 Transmission Valve Body Upgrade In 2012 when we took on this project, our goals were clear cut. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, exhaust, turbos, maintenance, and more! SOHO Oil Catch Can Transmission: 370Z Front mount Air-Air Intercooler. Custom Jotech Tune (Tuned by Seth Stubenburg) (Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.). Power Steering Cooler relocation kit. In 2012 when we took on this project, our goals were clear cut. Great customer service, highly recommended this place. This TT system is designed around the TiAL investment cast stainless steel v-band turbine housings. ), Greddy high capacity cast aluminum, baffled Oil Pan. CNC billet aluminum Oil Filter relocation kit. I'm wondering how much yours cost, from personal experience. Turbosmart Raceport Blow Off Valve Thank you guys at Jotech for hooking us up! 1) Address and fix the flaws that the current TT systems on the market had. Drivetrain Modifications K&N Air Filter Stillen kit here will cost $13000 all up, includes shipping import duty install and the oil cooler. SOHO Front Mount Intercooler TiAL investment cast stainless steel v-band Turbine Housings for the GT/HTZ-28 series Turbochargers. Throughout the … Kenny is the best. ",, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Z ... for those out there asking about cost - a bare bones kit with install would be around the 7500 mark - reason being is the turbonetics single is about 5k or so and the install is 2500 or so - William Perdigon 301-330-8835 --- choose option ---200920102011201220132014201520162017201820192020 Also dont do it if you cant afford to get it fixed (for ex. Very happy with the work they did. UPREV Tuning (Calibrated for E10 - E85)**. Engine Modifications Precision cast, superior flow, tubular Exhaust Manifolds with stainless steel heat shields. Z Speed CMAK V2 (Clutch Movement Alteration Kit) Package 1: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 1 fuel, excuding E85 ethanol. Injector Dynamics 1700x Injectors F.I. Image(s) shown may not reflect actual products. F.I. it's my understanding, that 360-380 rwhp is safe on the stock motor, but if you want to go over you need to do internal work. Customers outside the continental U.S. Are subject to additional shipping charges. Main Bearings | Rod Bearings If you choose not to purchase our oil cooler, you must still use use some type of oil cooler in conjunction with the TT system. Currently being sold for $12500 for the kit alone, but will cost more for the install. This entire TT system is manufactured in the U.S.A. **Fuel not included. STAGE 1 TiAL/XONA 2860 / TO4B Cover / Dual ball bearing oil & water cooled Turbochargers. Jotech Custom Tune(Tuned by Seth Stubenburg) I have known Kenny and the guys since the late 90's. a blown engine) which is something that is definately never out of the question. software "Solidworks" to create specific oil and cooling components.

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