Joe. The bias-T adapter is only compatible with Type 2 Telecom Laser Diodes (see the. Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Physically it appears as if your modulation connection opposite to the pins would interfere with our package designed for a 14pin butterfly. Your sincerely, It also includes the driver circuit plans. Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. want to use it to hold a long butterfly package, One of them has an arrow pointing out, but none of the others have labels. You may have to guess these values if you don't have a part number or other identification - most CD drives of the same write-speed should have similarly spec'd diodes. Several of our Laser Diode current drivers can directly modulate the type 1 butterfly diode mounts through the LM14S2. I will let our engineering group know about this and get started on ideas on improving this mount. It will require a heat-sink I think. In this laser, the case ground is the laser cathode. Hi, I would like to use the LM14S2 mount with the FLD5F10NP-A Modulator-integrated DFB laser. Thorlabs' LDM9LP is an LD and TEC mount designed for use with our 3- and 4-pin pigtailed diodesa. So, since I already had one, I decided to remove the insides, and extract the laser diode within. uuid:fa0f7626-bd61-4d12-bb2c-aeb80ff8a9b7 For more details on the pin assignments, please refer to the Pin Diagrams tab as well as the spec sheet for the specific laser diode to be used. thanks. Click to EnlargeThe graph above shows the RF modulation response of the LDM9LP when modulated through the onboard Bias-T SMA input. Choose the correct board and port before uploading the code into the board. 2015-11-05T12:27:46Z The LDC202C benchtop LD current controller was used to produce the data shown above. The package body is the anode connection. any suggestions would be appreciated. However, the TEC has clearly changed in the past decade (controller has a DB15). This card is also available separately below. Increase Usage of Recyclable Packing Materials. Ben. Even if this were to fit however, and a custom configuration card LM14S2-UA was to be used, the LM14S2 is suitable only for anode-grounded diodes. Do they have any function or should they be removed prior to applying thermal paste and mounting the diode? The following pin configurations are provided for strain relief cables that use a DB9 connector (Item #'s ending in -DB9) when used with the compatible style of laser diode. Typically, the "NO SENSOR" message would indicate that the temperature sensor is incorrectly selected or not connected. The LDM9LP allows the user to quickly and easily install or remove pigtail diodes from the mount. Hosung Byun. Please refer to the Laser Diode's documents for the specific pin configuration. A list of the supported pin configurations can be found on the underside of the LDM9LP's cover. The monitor photodiode may be placed across either pins 7 and 8 or pins 3 and 4. *RF input for modulation with an external source from 100 kHz to 500 MHz. 2015-11-05T12:27:50Z Before installing the pigtailed LD, ensure that the jumper is set correctly. endobj Kind regards, These work well once you manage to get your diode mounted. 2. Hi, I got a DVD Player at an auction, in fully working condition, for $10. Two jumper pins, shown in the photo to the lower right, also need to be set. One of them has an arrow pointing out, but none of the others have labels. The LM14S2 is intended to serve as a proper mount for butterfly laser diodes and can be used for nominal testing of the SFL1550P. Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We do not currently have a 10-pin butterfly mount. Even worst, after a period of fluctuation, it kept decreasing and finally went down to zero. stream The pin out will match with the laser lenses. I did so, expecting to have just a normal 50-200mw 3-pin red diode. I did so, expecting to have just a normal 50-200mw 3-pin red diode. Choi. Repeat the 2 steps above until stop supplying the voltage into Laser Diode Module. 4 Pin Laser Module PLEASE NOTE: The 4 Pin laser package is notelectrically isolated. Download the datasheet. I bought 'LDM9LP Mount' to operate 'LP635-SF8' diode laser. What should I do? %���� This is the temperature range supported by the LM14S2. Please see the OEM Modules tab for details. Installed laser diodes may have different ranges. 2015-11-05T12:27:50Z Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! I understand that the bias-T adapter supplied will only work with diodes that have the correct internal circuity, but my question is if it would be possible to use your laser diode bias-T PCB component to externally wire up a modulation input for other diode types? But when I connected to the LD. 75 0 obj Thank you. I am trying to bring back into service an old ITC502 controller. Instead, I have a 4-pin diode, of unknown wavelength, color, and power. It’s a bit cleaner to use than thermal grease since the connection is designed to be user-serviceable. Please let me know. This item is not suitable for children. Performance can be further improved by using thermal grease around the pigtail package within the clamshell. Thorlabs offers a laser diode pigtailing service; please contact Tech Support for details. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: The LED indicator needs a certain amount of current (5-10mA) to turn on. What ,do you think, is the reason? 6 years ago, may be the same. Thank you and hoping to hear from you soonest. Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We do not have a spec on the maximum heat capacity but it is estimated to be around a few W. We will contact you directly to discuss more about suitability of the mount with your application. Settings are outlined in the table below. DB9 connections interface with all of Thorlabs' LD Current Controllers and TEC Controllers. I have on several occasions managed to almost destroy the pins on the diode trying to get them lined up & inserted into the mounting socket. I wonder if I can still use your mount; do I need a non-standard Adapter Card? The matching cables would be the CAB400 for the laser controller and the CAB420-15 for the temperature controller. Typical laser diode mounts rely on contact between the diode and the mount's cold plate for heat transfer. Thank you very much for your help.

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