Normally, you'd expect that kind of generational wealth to pass down to a few hand-selected heirs apparent, but you can't exactly write a mountain of drug money into a legal will. In addition to our deep sorrow at what had happened to my father, being surrounded by secret agents and dozens of journalists lying in wait indicated that our confinement in that hotel in downtown Bogotá was going to be tumultuous. “I won’t be intimidated. Who knows. I needed her to retrieve an unknown amount of cash that my father had hidden in two stashes at the property we called “the blue house.” It was time to go get it so we could have a bit of financial breathing room. After my father’s funeral, we realized that the peace we’d been seeking after my father’s death was fleeting and that very soon we’d be plunged into the hectic daily existence that awaited us. If something happened to my father, Roberto had specific instructions to give us the money. Some of the liquid assets were ultimately seized by the law, but the hard assets and hidden cash remain largely unaccounted for. But of course, a man with this much money had to have someone who could keep up with all its movements. However, this became too expensive, especially after the guards charged their own purchases to the family. One night during our period of suffocating confinement in the blue house, my father decided to take stock of his finances. Maybe it’s all in a ripped plastic bag under pounds of foliage or perhaps it’s stuffed in an abandoned house’s closet. We thank Forbes to the blackmailing kidnaps of several relatives — I escaped myself from some ten kidnap attempts — all "thanks" to the "news" that my father "had" three billion dollars. We discussed the matter for a long time, and the compassion and generosity that Alba Marina exhibited made me think that she was the right person to help. Finally, I wrote a letter to Fatty authorizing my aunt to remove the boxes of money. He is the author of PABLO ESCOBAR: MY FATHER. He also points the finger at his brother, Roberto, for cutting a deal with the DEA to pen a book. My first thought was that something had gone wrong. He claims that his aunt, Alba Marina Escobar, stole money hidden in several of these decentralized stash houses. Category One: Liquid assets like cash, cars, houses, clothes, etc. He achieved this status by the age of 35, despite growing up the son of a poor farmer. Since the family was low on funds, Sebastián asked his aunt, Alba Marina Escobar, to go to a secret hiding place that held six million dollars. Juan Pablo has his own theories. Search Bloc members with the body of Pablo Escobar, killed in a shootout after a 17 month intensive search. He claims that his aunt, Alba Marina Escobar, stole money hidden in several of these decentralized stash houses. Mystery abounds. We don’t have anyone else we can ask, and there’s no way we can go.”. Medellín, Columbia. In “The Accountant’s Story,” Roberto explains that, unsurprisingly, a lot of Pablo’s money went to public officials. After he died, Pablo Escobar’s money was difficult to track. She was born and died in Valladolid, Spain. A flood of questions remained after the money’s disappearance, but we had to keep quiet because we didn’t have a way to contest Alba Marina version of events. However, that’s a fantasy, people. He seems to love the limelight and the opportunities that being Pablo Escobar’s son has afforded him. Which Queen of Halloween Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign? Home » Historical Figures » Alba Marina Escobar: Where did Pablo Escobar’s Money Go? As I moved to a seat next to her, I remembered that the apartment we were staying in was still being monitored by the authorities, who had not only bugged our phones but probably also installed microphones throughout the place. Unfortunately, however, she reported that there was hardly any money left when she returned. Thank you for subscribing to ENTITY. 2. 5 Instagram Famous Couples Who Are “Cute Relationship Goals”, 19 Dad Rock Songs To Jam To This Father’s Day, 13 of the Best Quotes From Linda Belcher, Super Mom, 7 LGBT Webcomics You Should Add to Your Reading List, From Movies to Mentorship: 5 Lessons From Colin Egglesfield’s Book, “13 Reasons Why” Suicide Scene Removed – Shielding Your Children Is Not the Answer, burn $2 million without blinking to keep his daughter warm, Hating Kim Kardashian For Going To Law School Underscores America’s Problem With Sexism. We sat down at the dining table, and after describing what we’d been through in the last few weeks, my mother mentioned her concern over how little money we had. According to Ati, Pablo’s wealth peaked at 30 billion dollars. There were seven members in Escobar Family. I asked for the keys to one of the empty rooms on the floor and met with her alone. Marina de Escobar (8 February 1554 – 9 June 1633) was a Spanish nun, and foundress of a modified branch of the Brigittine Order. 3. So, of course, he put his brother in charge, someone he trusted. 4. No one created a map. While the idea of a drug lord's surviving sister gallivanting around the Colombian countryside collecting palettes of hidden treasure has a certain romance to it, the possibility remains that Escobar simply hadn't saved as much as he could have. Pablo didn’t set aside an inheritance for his son or daughter, that’s why they don’t have their own category. What else do you think could’ve happened to Pablo Escobar’s money after he died? Juan Pablo has his own theories. They consumed shrimp, lobster, shell- fish stew, and pricey cuts of meat, as well as all sorts of hard alcohol, especially whiskey, seeming to have deliberately chosen the most expensive items on the menu. This vast narcotics enterprise netted its founder a cool $420 million in revenue every week. According to my father, the two caches had enough money to win the war and get us back on our feet. Unfortunately, however, she reported that there was hardly any money left when she returned. Wonderful. (Although, it turned out Pablo misplaced his trust, seeing as Roberto later became a DEA informant.). I didn’t doubt her story and directed my rage against Fatty, the guard, who’d probably stolen the caches. Our financial predicament became more dire in mid-December, when the hotel sent us the first bill for lodging and food, which, to our surprise, also included the tab for the government’s security team. As for what happened to the money to the rest of his billions? In Sebastián’s book, he tells the anecdote of how hard it was to live after Pablo died. Note: Your privacy is important to us, so please know that your information will always remain confidential! He showed me the boxes where cash was hidden and said that, apart from him and now me, the only other person who knew about them was his man “Fatty.” Then he added that my mother and sister and, most of all, his siblings must never learn that secret. I had searched for them many times, dismantling lamps, telephones, furniture, and all sorts of other objects. Without Pablo and the Medellin cartel to keep them safe, they bought out an entire hotel floor so no one could sneak up on them. Then, of course, the Cali cartel and Los PEPES demanded their own payments for their involvement in taking down the kingpin. Although the huge amounts of cash were an afterthought, they were key to running Pablo’s business. Alba Marina Escobar: Where did Pablo Escobar’s Money Go. Juan Pablo Escobar writes, after his father’s death, his aunt Alba Marina Escobar stole the hidden money Pablo Escobar had left in his secret stashes.

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