It's humiliating for Joker, which makes this admittedly quick but satisfying one-sided "fight" all the more fun to see. ", Flash Villain(s)This character, team, or organization, is or was primarily an enemy of any or all of the various incarnations of the Flash. He easily got out of a sticky snare and beat Psycho Pirate into submission. After easily dispersing the atoms of his Thunderers, the Anti-Monitor realized that his weapon was destroyed and that he would have to take a more abstract approach. He was then sent hurtling into a star and his crust finally gave out and his energy form became all that was left of the Anti-Monitor's self. While watching over Bizzaro, the Outsiders get word of Grundy destroying the fair, and they spring into action. In Justice League Vol 2 #44, Darkseid and Anti-Monitor face-off in an epic battle. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Martian Manhunter Villains category.". This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Sinestro Corps members category. Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two, Superboy-Prime of Earth-Prime, and Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, from their home in the hidden pocket universe, were revealed to be observing the events of the newly-formed universe, as well as the actions of its heroes. Doomsday, befitting its name, has the potential to destroy anything in its path. After causing much havoc and many betrayals, Psycho Pirate was thwarted by Harbinger and he lost much of his power. After getting his cooperation, the Flash ran the Psycho Pirate around the entire citadel and had him manipulate the Thunderers to turn on the Anti-Monitor and attack him, which they did. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. ", This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family. In Blackest Night #8, Nekron not only banishes Anti-Monitor, who he has been using as a Black Lantern Central Power Battery, but he is fighting everyone who comes up against him. Superman, of course, was nowhere near the place when it got destroyed, but Schott doesn't know that. This was because he knew he was out of his league in this fight, and he freely admits it to Reverse Flash. Starting off our list is the one and only Doomsday! Other notable victims include the first Supergirl, Earth-One's Wonder Woman, and Earth-Three's Crime Syndicate of America. When she's not writing for CBR, she can be found cooking and baking, spending time with loved ones or playing the guitar. Solomon Grundy dutifully starts repeating, "Solomon Grundy, born on Monday," and "Christened on Tuesday.". The Anti-Monitor is the one of the main antagonists of DC Comics, first serving as the main antagonist of the 1985 storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2007 storyline Infinite Crisis. It turns out that the hand that Pariah and Krona witnessed at the dawn of time was the Anti-Monitor's, but this time he was confronted by the Spectre. He existed before the first version of the DC Multiverse was finished being created, and was made in order to guard the boundaries of Creation from the greater Omniverse beyond, a duty that was later fulfilled by the Source Wall. In 2009, Anti-Monitor was ranked as IGN's 49th-greatest comic book villain of all time. Bizzaro, hearing everything, gets out of bed and helps his friends fight Solomon Grundy even though he's told he may not be able to come back, given his weakened condition. Mobius returned in the second version of the DC Multiverse, reborn on Qward (or its moon), where he built the Mobius Chair in order to study the secrets of the multiverse. Once they reached the Anti-Monitor, they attacked him with all of their power, but to no avail. Combining their energies, and using Dove as a human bullet, they manage to weaken the Anti-Monitor, who is pulled back into the battery. Green Lanterns Ash and Saarek discovered the Black Central Power Battery on Ryut and after touching the battery, Saarek reported that their presence has awoken something. Copy Edit Needed At this moment, the Anti-Monitor became weakened and it was revealed that the sorcerers that contained the shadow demons poisoned them and this, in turn, poisoned the Anti-Monitor. The best part is that Deathstroke knows they were coming because of a previous conversation between him and the man who hired The Sukesada Clan in the first place. [12], The Anti-Monitor was confronted by the White Lantern Boston Brand, who was forced to fight the being and damaging him in the process with his White Lantern Ring before escaping, leaving the Anti-Monitor confused by what had occurred. However, as the heroes start to lose in their assault on the Anti-Monitor, they deploy their secret attack set up by Harbinger, Alex Luthor, and Pariah. Much later, after he was awakened by the actions of Pariah, Mobius initiated the Crisis on Infinite Earths. At this moment, Darkseid decided to interfere and used Alex as a conduit to blast the Anti-Monitor with an energy beam from Alex's eyes. Shortly after, the Sinestro Corps launched their attack on Earth. He entered into a million-year conflict with Mar Novu which ended when both were knocked into comas. In preparation for the fight, readers learn that Anti-Monitor (in his native Qward) murdered 5,000,310,045 people and absorbed their residual energy. While they did so, the Flash entered the core of the anti-matter cannon and reversed the energy flow out of it. [11] At the end, the Anti-Monitor was among the few who were brought back to life. Darkseid Vs. He was revived by the Life Entity and, after the Flashpoint event, instigated a conflict with Darkseid in order to rid himself of the Anti-Life Equation.

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