You can speedily access it using any kind of web browser. Hi I have downloaded this and got the lethal icon editor but after I enter both transfer and confirmation code it keeps telling me confirmation code is wrong. Many experts are used it to gain so many for themselves. Doesn't really matter really. Link: You can also duplicated a save file but I don't recommend to do that. In the parentheses after the Gacha Event; G = Guaranteed Uber-rare cat for 11 gacha rolls. The debate is whether we actually have a working battle Cats hack. We are still running several tests on ones that perform well with it. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. The latest battle cats hack tool that actually works is now available. - EditorJP, as well as BackupManagerJP are still being reworked. Compilation of PONOS The Battle Cats save files. DO NOT attempt to solve the issue by deleting or reinstalling the app without starting a Save Data Transfer from the Settings menu first - PONOS will not be able to help you recover any of your progress/purchases! You signed in with another tab or window. The latest battle cats hack tool that actually works is now available. Nevertheless, we will write a bit of it here. - I have now created a ko-fi link, where you can support my work if you have really enjoyed using it. Many are embedded with files that will alter the functionality of your smart-phone. (This wiki is currently under severe reconstruction.). It might look similar like our own. If another project comes up, you may not see any. You won’t see any pop up or annoying ads during game-play. Key in the correct code on the textbox in our authentication panel. I'm curious if the save editor still works. You won’t click on so many tabs before you can pass through annoying steps. Once downloaded, chrome may try and discard the file. • The Battle Cats game save file • 99999999 XP • 999999 Cat Food • All Characters Unlocked and Fully Upgraded • You can update the game after applied this cheat • Only work for rooted devices • Must be extracted using ES Explorer TESTED AND WORKS ON • The Battle Cats v3.0.0 Shibalien (100%), Ginger Snache (50%), and Gabriel (100%) spawn every 5 seconds from the start of the battle, the first of each spawning at 3, 4, and 6 seconds respectively. HGT errors may occur if your phone/tablet clock has been manually changed, if you travelled to a different time zone, or if your network connection was particularly unstable during daily update. The most up-to-date file is v 2.1.1 and can be found in the corresponding folder most_recent_save. Please be aware this is not at all necessary; hearing in the comments, pms and in the discord server about how much you've liked my work is amazing as it is.

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