"I know one day I'ma die/Made some millions for my son so I'm aight/And I'm in that Bentley truck that's parked right outside/I know one I'ma die, but right now I'm alive/Need a purple heart for the shit that I survived/Better be alert if ever you and I collide/And I ain't limiting myself/This shit, I gotta strive/It look like a light show when I arrive" —G Herbo, "Iced up, am I not? I can't see the cemetery, rather be preliminary Cops still blazin' us Seein' niggas fakin', that shit irkin', though (That shit irkin') Can't say everybody racist, can't take everybody favors (Uh-uh) [Verse 1] Gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin' Wanted mama on my side, had to let her know (Swear) Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) Sleepin' in them cells scary I got a story to tell you, a memory vivid with niggas that died How you feelin', know you killin' kids? [Chorus] I prove you wrong, I made it out of here. I was on death row I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though (Blaow) Herbo really quiet, I get loud 'bout my cheddar tho' (Uh) I go to the hood they tell me don't come back I'm starting a riot again. [Intro: G Herbo & Future] Uh (DY Krazy)I'm in the A right now I had to get the A vibe real quick, man On foenem, back with D-Weezy, go [Chorus] I was on death row When you gon' start back tazin' us? Cops still blazin' us I was on death row Now a nigga on the grind, I got five on my schedule Uh (DY Krazy) Largely produced by Southside, Swervo finds G Herbo taking a break from the soul-stirring testimonials of Humble Beast, instead revisiting his drill roots—there's plenty of tough talk and gun smoke to go around. Seen 'em kill (Fuck that) I fell on my back I was tryna get up but I had to go try it again. When them times got hard, I was sellin' coke (Uh) I done seen 'em ill (For real) [Chorus] I got so immune that I was confused and ain't know if not I should cry [Pre-Chorus] Summertime like the hood havin' curses (Havin' curses) They ain't seen a meal Yet after a few delays and false starts, the two artists have delivered upon their promise, packaging 14 new songs with Swervo, one of the summer's premier rap releases. On foenem, back with D-Weezy, go Amiri's with knots/I ain't hard to find, all you … Malice and betrayal, jail, or how should I die? Shit you doin' ain't fazin' us Internet got niggas' business, that's why everybody scary You was drillin', now you squealin' 'fore you chin a bid (You a pussy) She like lemon lime with her Henny, huh? I done seen a mil', damn All that dumb shit I did really wasn't worth it, though (Huh) Violator, neighbors, everybody racist I rock thousand dollar sweaters, bitches love me like Coachella I can't lie I took my Glock inside the church before (No bap) I can tell you what I'm worth, or you can search it, though Hold on, foenem, gang. I turn the news on when I smell death in the air. Broski tried to smash, she ain't give him nothin' I respect you don't address me like I'm anyone (Swear) (Fuck nigga) Seventeen I bought a nine, had to let it blow (Let it blow) Until recently, collaborative projects rarely came to fruition. Block been raisin' us I'm too real to fabricate my life, why would I lie. Now I'm back in my bag (Yeah) Gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin' I had to get the A vibe real quick, man (Yeah) View G Herbo song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and … Nigga living like a thug like I'm Pac, though (Thug Life, nigga) Nigga living like a thug like I'm Pac, though (I'm Pac, nigga) Tell me what you lurkin' for? He always been like that since day one.". While much of the project finds G Herbo getting loose, Swervo also includes a few moments of clarity, particularly on "Letter," on which he addresses his newborn son, and "Focus," a deep cut detailing his present state of mind and the urgency that fuels his independent grind. Now a nigga on the grind, I got five on my schedule (Uh). Really was outside on the nine with Berettas, oh Can't say everybody racist, can't take everybody favors (Uh-uh) Shit was fucked up for real I'm too real to fabricate my life, why would I lie? We got Dade in here. In the field (Uh), ain't know how to feel I just freestyle off the top, bro. [Chorus] Oh, she a dime in her city, huh? Chain swangin', Glock hangin', watch blingin' (Ayy, ayy) I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though Now a nigga on the grind, I got five on my schedule (Bitch) G Herbo and Southside They'll kill me voluntary, that's why everybody carry Say you been through hell, barely I jump head first in the trap, but I had that bitch twerkin', though (Ayy, ayy) While Swervo features guest appearances by 21 Savage, Young Thug and Chief Keef, G Herbo is the album's driving force. XXL sifted through the album to handpick 20 of the best lyrics from the project. Who you workin' for? They ain't seen a meal So many fans didn't hold their breath when G Herbo and producer Southside announced plans for a tag team album titled Swervo back in 2016. Gangbangin Lyrics: Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) / Fuck around, spend my last / Now I'm back in my bag (Yeah) / I pulled up in some shit with a cat on the side, but it Violator, neighbors, everybody racist They ain't know how to chill, damn I done seen a mil', damn I ain't never lied in my verses (Never) Shit was fucked up for real "Iced up, am I not? When them times got hard, I was sellin' coke (Sellin' coke) Wanted mama on my side, had to let her know (That's what it is) Just tweaking about money shit, man. But I'ma pull up on 'em when it's perfect, though (Shh) But that ho so fine, it don't make me nothin' Cop hatin', opp slayin', rock slanger I done seen 'em ill (For real) Seen 'em kill (Fuck that) Amiri's with knots/I ain't hard to find, all you gotta do is plot/I'm ready when you are/Riding back to back, two blacks, we like the mini bar/Love the shots, keep one up tops, send them bitches in any car/And I'm on the E-way like Andretti/My new car, loaded like I'm ready for armageddon" —G Herbo, "G Swervo, I keep a meat roll/Dracos under the peacoat/Heard the police was looking for me though/But I'm on a PJ with Squeezo/Remember I was just living illegal/Now the kids look at me like a hero/Told them I was just like 'em once before/Now my account got some commas and zeros" —G Herbo, "And the Posto lit, AC out the vent/Traphouse pay the rent, P serves off the Sprint/Rap pay my mama rent, YouTube pay my ho rent/Merch will pay your ho rent, iTunes pay some more shit/Humble Beast, that's Herbo, Swervo talk that dope shit/Swervo talk that cash shit, money in that bag shit/Spent two K for these Versace glasses, on my swag shit/They call me Swervo 'cause I did that when I crashed my last whip" —G Herbo, "Yeah, that's the jet, so I travel with the Tec/When I land, put the engine in the rear, watch/If we back to back, Bentley's all matte black/Hit the sport, throw that bitch up into gear, huh/I heard it's some trappers in here, huh, what you make this year?/Anyway, it's some hammers in here, pistol clappers in here, kidnappers in here/We just got left in the jungle and turned to some animals, bitch, we adapters in here/Pull up shooting shit from mid-range, we Toronto Raptors in here" —G Herbo, "I don't talk that shit, I'll end niggas rap career/I was in the streets too much and it held me back for real/I was in the trap for real, I had 175 racks for real/Still ride with them straps for real/But I beat the streets, I ain't going back for real/Blick on my lap for real, for real/And it's a known fact for real/Get killed 'bout Kobe and Cap for real" —G Herbo, "To all my dead guys, I say 'rest up'/Mama told me 'step up'/Know you gotta catch up, feds can't even catch us, nigga/Get on our bad side, that's bad luck, nigga/I'm here, then I'm there, I'm Casper, nigga/Niggas bitches, yeah I know/Pop out, scared to tote they poles/Remember 2012, we was selling blow/See 4-7, had to tuck and roll" —G Herbo and Chief Keef, "Bust down shit, 60k on my wrist wear/You said she loyal, but your bitch just stared/2,500 is about what I wear/1,200 just to get high, I don't care/We hit your block from the rear/You can get shot like a deer/Assault rifle black like my hair/This shit is clearer than air" —G Herbo and Chief Keef, "I'm a brazy psycho, I be tweakin'/But I make 10,000 every weekend/Big six-bedroom house my mama sleep in/Some nights I don't even stay there, she be tweakin'/Every state we go, we drop the G's in/Throw both my hands up just to chuck the B's with/I'm with Hell Rell, not from Killa Season/10 milli' kit, it got my glizzy breezing" —G Herbo, "I pull up 250, I'm rolling the pressure, yeah/She suck it and swallow it, that be the reason I'm calling her special/I'm balling for real/Blow me a mill', lil' nigga, it's levels/And I'm off a pill, bitch it's for real/They dig it, no shovel/This perky be having me itching/This money be snatching they bitches/We pull up to Barney's, no riches/I beat up a jawn, then I switch it" —G Herbo and Southside, "Fuck that, nah I'ma be like Metro/958, 100 plus in the petro/You wanna beef with the gang then leggo/Me and Sizzle brothers like Melo and Lego/Thousands, I stack by the hundreds like legos/Choppers shells pop out, then tote them like Eggos/Say this the most, we blowing the best smoke/That Gelato got me high like stilettos" —G Herbo, "Bang boy, gang gang, boy/Exotic pack, new thing boy/It's going down in Illinois/Them boys shooting like Phillinois/Ballin' like Kobe, Herbo, what you do?/Get bored, hit Saks, spend 24/Swervo, why you ain't got no feelings?

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