In the morning Sid tries to tell them of his experience, but no one believed him. But Manny and Diego stopped him just in time, to prevent him from making a very big mistake. At that moment, when the rhinos came back, Sid appeared to be dead and feigned lifelessness, though, for a moment, Carl approached Sid closer, not believing him to be dead until he took in Sid's scent, which seemed to confirm it. Ice Age Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But, at the last second, Sid was rescued in the nick of time as Crash, Eddie and Buck tell him that they are here, as they set off back towards the others. 20th Century Fox would only take this film if it was turned into a comedy. Sid also suffers from a lateral lisp, which makes his "S" and "C" pronunciation rather "wet" or "spitty". As Sid decided to go by himself on the migration, he stepped in the glyptodon's dung and trudged off, dragging his dirty foot in disgust. This earned her a puzzled stare from Manny, Sid and Diego, Manny stating that she herself was a mammoth: Ellie laughed this off, stating that she was a possum. ground?". The film won several film awards, including an Academy Award nomination. He is voiced by John Leguizamo. " Upset and sad that he is on Santa's naughty list he leaves crying feeling bad about what happen. This, made both mammoths walk sadly in opposite directions. -Sid: "Precisely! [1] Sid’s right front tooth was slightly bigger than the left, similar to his right eye, which was also somewhat bigger than the left, both eyes of which were pale green. He got shelter because of the rain and thought he didn't have what it took to be a parent. Momma helped him in with her tail. Diego leaves him, little realizing the effects his words has left. He thanked her. Sid, despite his shortcomings, was faithful to his friends and family and committed to the herd he had joined later in life. Momma kissed Sid, and he told her to take care of their kids. Sid says that they grow up so fast, as if yesterday his kids were born and gone the next, Diego reminds saying that they were. Diego then tried to persuade Manny to give the baby over, but Manny, unconvinced that Diego meant well, would not; Diego then convinced Manny that he could track humans better and could get them there much faster. They feign concern and relief that they have found him after searching for so long, but this is short lived as, when Sid isn’t there, they quickly leave again, having only searched for Sid to abandon his Granny with him too. In the fourth film, Sid (shown In the gallery) opens a clam shell containing Scrat & his acorn. As they prepared to eat, Sid stepped in, wiping his dirty foot on the salad, which splattered bits of dung on Carl's face as Sid, unaware of his actions, conversationally stated that rhinos had small brains, capping off his insult by plucking the dandelion and eating it. Sid's sharp claws, used by others of his kind to climb trees and forage, were used by Sid to scratch at fleas instead. Diego told him it wasn't. (The Aardvark Mother explains) Well, it's better than nothing. Manny flatly refused, to which Sid asked Manny how he intended to impress Ellie if he wouldn't play along; Manny denied that he wanted to impress Ellie, and Sid persisted, stating that Manny was trying hard to convince Ellie that she was a mammoth. There really is a rainbow around every corner! His tail is also longer than a Tree Sloth but shorter than a Ground Sloth. While Sid was interested in this offer, Diego told the mini sloths that Sid was the core that brought the herd together, and there wouldn't be a herd without him, showing that he does respect Sid. Sid was pleased that someone at last knew what he could do and struck the rocks together, igniting the vines around the shrine, lighting its stony face, to the mini-sloths' marvel. In the fourth film we finally meet Sid’s family, who arrive abruptly into the valley. In the second film, Sid is seen at the end giving CPR to Scrat. After talking it over with her brothers, Ellie agreed to go with them. Calling out in disgust, Sid then watched as Manny, feeling glum, walked off to be along for a moment. Later that night, he was kidnapped by a tribe of colorful mini-sloths as they somehow discovered that he could create fire with flint and therefore hailed him as the legendary Fire King to bring peace and harmony to the valley, by giving Sid a respected outlook of waiting for commands made by him, much to his delight, however this was short lived as they revealed to only to try and sacrifice him in order to stop the flood, but failed due to a fortunate mishap and a destruction chaos throughout the mini sloths valley, where Sid finally escaped from them by rolling in a his statue's eye. Manny ends up defeating the two reptiles by tricking them into hitting a log that was wedged under a large rock. Sid has long claws on his hands and feet and a curled tail. Rarely making through, after Manny was in a daze, reflecting back on being the last mammoth, the trio had made it through the geysers, where they met up with the rest of the animals. Despite his doubts, he is encouraged by the sun above, when it's shine upon the eggs, comforting Sid that all will be alright in time. Sid reassures that the geysers only consist some hot water and steam and they shouldn't cause any harm, until he's proved wrong when a lone Dodo walked through the geyser and was incinerated alive. Sid is portrayed as unfit and naive. Manny and Sid left the scene with the baby, quarreling all the way up as to why Sid still stayed around with Manny, which prompted Sid to state that Manny must be stressed, explaining his weight, which Manny denied, stating that he wasn't fat. Sid was sad that both his love and grandmother were staying. For Sid, it was Manny. And I turn brown when the fungus in my fur dries out!". When Sid wakes up the next morning, he finds to his surprise that three new dinosaurs have been hatch and born out of the eggs overnight. A while later, when Momma seeks shelter from a dangerous dinosaur called Rudy, Sid fell and couldn't get in the cave. The film's massive success helped launch Blue Sky Studios into a successful animation studio. A lazy, slovenly ground sloth, Sid was not the most perceptive creature to live in the ice age, but made up for his shortcomings with loyalty to those he cared about. ", (To Manny, convincing to him to go after Ellie) "It's OK. We'll always be here for you. Diego was losing consciousness fast and Sid, trying to keep Diego alive, pleaded for him to pull through, until Diego at last succumbed to his injuries.

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