James Ginsburg is 55 years old as he was born in the year 1965. . For more than two decades, Cedille has produced world-class recordings featuring outstanding classical musicians. Still, Cedille sustains its core vision, while continuing to bring the best of the city’s classical music artists and composers to a worldwide audience and listening public. Buy Stream. Ginsburg who is an expert on copyright has written various treatises and law review articles. Dover Quartet presents the first volume of Beethoven’s Complete String Quartets, Listen November’s playlist features the music of J.S. Her brother is founder of Cedille Records, James Steven Ginsburg. To this day, Cedille helps artists make valuable contributions to their own discographies and the wider catalog of recorded music, as well as to the listening public. Cedille Chicago, NFP is dedicated to bringing Chicago’s finest classical musicians to a worldwide audience by recording, distributing, and promoting their work. Find out how you can support Cedille’s mission. We enhance the world’s catalog with lush, award-winning recordings featuring Chicago’s top performers and composers. Cedille Records; Parent company: Chicago Classical Recording Foundation: Founded: 1989 () Founder: James Ginsburg: Distributor(s) Naxos Records (US) Genre: Classical: Country of origin: U.S. Contact us to learn more about Cedille Records and how to get involved. We rely on your charitable contributions to fulfill our mission. There are many ways to give. We enhance the world’s catalog with lush, award-winning recordings featuring Chicago’s top performers and composers. James Ginsburg’s wife is an art historian and the couple inspired each other to protect the American history of Music. [2], The label's releases included The Pulitzer Project, an album featuring Chicago's Grant Park Symphony Orchestra which includes two world premier recordings: William Schuman's "A Free Song" (Pulitzer 1943) and Leo Sowerby's "Canticle of the Sun" (Pulitzer 1946). Please consider making a donation today. Buy Stream. Meet Cedille Records’ classical music artists. Recording projects are artist-driven, generated from the artists’ interests and aesthetic sensibilities. And our model is unique; our recordings are perpetually available—unlike other record labels, we never delete recordings from our catalog—and each album is intended to exist as a permanent addition to the world’s catalog of classical music. Cedille fully invests in all of its artists, producing, releasing and promoting their work and their vision. To this day, Cedille invests heavily in the marketing and promotion of our recordings. Through its high-quality recordings on the Cedille Records label, Cedille furthers the careers of outstanding Chicago classical performers and composers as they present innovative programs featuring the music about which they are most passionate. Jennifer Koh. [8], The song "Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera" from A Vivaldi Concert was featured in the documentary Pale Male, an episode of the documentary series Nature on PBS. James Ginsburg’s vision was to provide local musicians with a recording home. Today, Jane Ginsburg is a professor at Columbia Law School and James Steven Ginsburg is the founder and president of Cedille Records, a Chicago-based classical music recording company. and M.A. In 1994, Cedille was transformed into a not-for-profit record label under the umbrella of the Chicago Classical Recording Foundation. Jane C. Ginsburg Career. Cedille Records (/ˈseɪdiː/[1]) is the independent record label of the Chicago Classical Recording Foundation. Listen to our artists and explore their backgrounds and discographies. Beethoven Complete String Quartets, Volume I — The Opus 18 Quartets. Contact us to learn more about Cedille Records and how to get involved. [3], Several CDs released on the label have won or been nominated for Grammy Awards. [7] Most of those nominated for Grammy Awards and an additional thirty-one albums released on the label have received Classics Today's highest rating, 10/10. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news about Cedille’s world premieres, upcoming projects, discounts and more. Contact us to learn more about Cedille Records and how to get involved. With high-quality recordings on our own label, Cedille furthers the careers of these artists. Cedille was and remains the only Chicago-based classical label since Mercury Living Presence in the 1950s. No other independent organization—either for- or non-profit—is dedicated exclusively to recording Chicago-area classical musicians, ensembles, and composers. Bach in celebration of Jennifer Koh’s new album, Bach & Beyond Part 3, Learn more about the Grammy voting process and who is on the first-round ballot this year, Jennifer Koh presents the final installment of her groundbreaking Bach & Beyond series, Learn about Cedille’s first recording featuring the music of iconic Chicago composer Leo Sowerby, On this episode, we sat down with Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt to discuss Dover Quartet’s new album of Beethoven string quartets, Read this interview with Cedille’s longtime Sound Engineer, Bill Maylone, Enjoy 25% off of all Dmitry Paperno Recordings. However, sales cover only a small fraction of our expenses, and we rely on the generous contributions of classical music lovers to support the rest.

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