This entry was posted in Language Lessons, Chamorro Vocabulary. We continuously add other lessons which are authored by CHamoru language experts. Chamorro days are often preceded by the word dia (or diha), meaning “day”. Starting learning in 30 seconds! What’s great is that you have 12 opportunities out of the year to practice your Chamorro! Animal Names in Chamorro. What time will you arrive? We carefully and continuously select examples from all forms of media and transform them into tools for learning CHamoru. Make suggestions for specific dialogues and CHamoru text examples that you want us to include in lessons. If you are interested in learning CHamoru, this website is for you. For some learners, using simultaneously media examples with our dictionary and grammar topics generates a particularly effective way of learning CHamoru. Each lesson contains a dialogue, grammar explanations, exercises and drills, as well as reviews and tests. After you sign up you will have the opportunity to actively read, listen, and participate in a great variety of CHamoru instructional lessons and CHamoru drill exercises. For example, “my car” is kareta-hu. This is true for the word for day, which can be spoken as ha’åni or dia. This ‘reality-clip’ video comes with translation and 23 practice sentences. We all learn similarly and differently. The weekly courses have become a … Pronunciation. The former is rooted in indigenous Chamorro and the latter borrowed from Spanish. It is beautiful to be able to communicate with people in our own language; if we don't use our language we die as a people.". As a registered member of, you have the opportunity to become part of an active learning community. The words guaha and gaige both have negative counterparts. 25 Chamorro instructional lessons based on Donald Topping's textbook "Spoken CHamoru" are the core of our lessons. To do this you say ya followed by a possessive pronoun. In Chamorro, you may hear someone say “Alas 11 gi ega’an”, following how time is spoken in English. Try it, you may be surprised how pleasant and how rewarding learning CHamoru can be. (0:06 min), in, Late senator "ben" Pangelinan of the Guam Legislature speaks at a public hearing pertaining to the military buildup in Guam. As you move along the lessons at your own pace, you gradually move up the scale of CHamoru language skills levels, reaching level 10 when you successfully complete all 25 lessons. Saying i fecha, or “the date”, in Chamorro is almost the same as in English except for a few details. Senior Vice President Dr. Anita Enriquez, If you are interested in learning CHamoru, this website is for you; regardless whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner of the CHamoru language; regardless whether you are in Guam or Saipan, in Europe or the US mainland, in Asia or Africa, or anywhere else in the world. You can use the following patterns to help you write the date:dia + number + gi + month + year. We note this only because you may hear “afternoon” used differently among speakers. (1:43 min), It is located in, Dr. Michael Bevacqua provides a brief introduction and overview of pronouns in CHamoru.

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