“Well, we’d had our ups and downs, sure, and I should imagine I was very hard to live with …”, It was while auditioning as host for a TV show about mediums that he first understood his marriage might be in trouble. In Love Song Number 7, for example, he sings: “My heart is in pieces / It’s lying broken on the floor / My days are so empty / Without you in them any more.”, And then there is Are the Children Happy? Then came bereavement, excess and the break-up of his 28-year marriage. He recalls coming back one time, “and looking into my ex’s face and seeing such fatigue, such separateness. When I’ve played Are the Children Happy? He orders another espresso and then leads me back to the terrace. Cathal "Carl" Joseph Patrick Smyth (Londen, 13 januari 1959), beter bekend onder zijn artiestennaam Chas Smash, is (voormalig) zanger en multi-instrumentalist van de ska-popformatie Madness Biografie Jeugd. “Beautiful things are happening there. He released a debut single, "We're Coming Over", with The England Supporters Band (billed as Mr. He was initially an occasional songwriter, but became a more regular contributor over the course of Madness's career and was credited as co-writer on the band's major international hit, "Our House". His eyes are shining now; he seems close to tears. “For I love you and I have to set you free / Are the children happy without me? Madness was all about him jumping up and down like a maniac, he says; where he is now is all about stillness. The separation happened in 2005, and though he wrote many of these songs in its wake, in a state of anger and rebuttal, he needed them to settle and for his mood to mellow. “I’m not even sure I should be telling you this,” he laughs nervously. [3], Cathal Joseph Smyth was born on 14 January 1959, in Middlesex Hospital, Fitzrovia, London, England, and grew up in Marylebone. Smyth, who may or may not have just abruptly quit Madness (of which more later), has just finished recording his debut solo album, A Comfortable Man, a forensic account of the death of his 28-year relationship with his wife. I was still very much in love. “She said, ‘When are you going to write some happy songs?’ And that’s all she said.”. He considered a Buddhist retreat, having been on several before, but this time he needed something more interventional. chas-smash.com Cathal Joseph " Carl " Smyth (born 14 January 1959), also known as Chas Smash , is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. [6] In 1989/1990, he became friends with former Smiths singer Morrissey, who had once asked him to be his manager. “She said she wasn’t happy, that I couldn’t make her happy, and that’s about as much information as I got,” he shrugs. to people – cab drivers, gangsters, hedge fund managers – they’ve all cried, they’ve all come back to me with their own family stories. I just don’t want to hurt her in all this. See, I’m a cradle Catholic, ex-altar boy. [13] He has three grown-up children from the marriage: Caspar, Milo, and Eloise.

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