Cheshire Academy is a community in which talented, dedicated faculty and staff motivate our students to stretch beyond their comfort zone. You're given a sort of extended family, and it can be great always having that resource. It's an unforgettable week full of cooking, learning, team challenges and FUN! The extraordinary commitment of our alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends helps to maintain the excellence of a Cheshire Academy education and ensures that we can remain true to our mission.

I was very committed to it, and my junior year I was selected, with 6 other students, to be head tour guides. We also believe in helping our students become rationally autonomous individuals. We encourage our learners to embrace academic rigor, challenge themselves in their course load, and to try new activities to broaden their perspective. Describe the dining arrangements at your school. Read frequently asked questions on a range of boarding school related topics. Cheshire Academy is a selective, co-educational college preparatory school located in Cheshire, Connecticut, United States.Founded in 1794 as the Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, it is currently the tenth oldest boarding school in the United States. 2.) This was only down for Thanksgiving when I was there, and I'm glad to see they've expanded it. What did you like most about your school? 1.) Day students are encouraged to attend Community Dinners with our boarding students and faculty, though these are not required. I knew I loved the school from the beginning, and I wanted a way to share that with others. All day students are welcome to enjoy all meals on campus, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week. I lived in a house that was converted into a dorm, with the dorm parent living on the 1st floor, and five students living on the 2nd floor.

As a long distance runner, the bike path in town was great for me, and we used it frequently during cross country and track seasons. We produce comedies, dramas, and musical theater in both full-length and one-act formats. Students develop tenacity, skill, focus, and confidence. Living together on campus helps students and faculty to bond and forge lifelong connections, and friendships built here continue long after graduation. Do you like large schools or small schools? At CA, there was always a place for athletes like me. Many day and boarding students develop strong friendships that last well beyond their time at Cheshire Academy. . Academic, artistic, and athletic programs share equal importance with character education. Learn more by visiting campus, reaching out to our Admission team, and diving into our website. Students enjoy a full-service dining facility, fitness center, study areas, student center, and the convenience of restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance. The Academic Vision: Cheshire Academy students grow increasingly capable of independently observing, questioning, explaining, interpreting, and analyzing the world. Sofia Johnston '23 used her personal creative design process to develop a ready-to-wear clothing line. It's also open to students who aren't enrolled in the Roxbury program, and acts as another option for help outside the classroom. 4.) It's home to the best coffee shop I've ever been to, Cheshire Coffee, where every academy student spent their Sundays. All of our students experience the process of creating art and learning to be more imaginative in solving problems — whether it’s in the keyboard lab using technology to build new sounds, the digital photography studio exploring shooting and editing techniques, or on stage developing dramatic tone and movement. The Cheshire Academy experience is full and active; living and learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also in the art studios, dormitories, dining commons, on the athletic fields, and even on the footpaths that wind around campus. The athletics program offers more than 20 competitive sports for boys and girls, and a range of noncompetitive athletic activities, all focused on skill development and team building, competitiveness, wellness, fitness, and pride in contributing to a team. I love the school, and I hope that other students have the same great experiences I did while I was there. Designed to assist each student, academic resources support the wide range of learning styles. Parents of day students are invited to get to know their children’s advisers, and to encourage their children to take full advantage of the Academy’s academic, athletic, and social life. Cheshire Academy's signature programs are distinct and designed to support the needs and interests of our students. I came into ca a struggling student, but out of everything I think my favorite aspect of ca was the worldly and cultured view students develop in their time at the academy. Having dorm parents is one of the coolest things, especially when they're in their mid-20s; they are relatable and eager to help students. Our Admission team is here to assist, to learn more about what you are looking for, and to share what makes Cheshire Academy unique. The athletics program offers more than 20 competitive sports for boys and girls, and a range of noncompetitive athletic activities, all focused on skill development and team building, competitiveness, wellness, fitness, and pride in contributing to a team.

Quaker Education: What’s Different about a Friends School? 1.) Describe the school's town and surrounding area. The dinning at Cheshire academy has seen significant improvements recently but with numerous restaurants around which deliver, ordering is was a staple of my diet. Describe the extracurriculars offered at your school - what did you like most about it? Dorms at Cheshire Academy are more than just a place to sleep and study. I have always found the environment to be fun, and more importantly the basis for the strongest connections I’ve made in my life all took place in the dorms. Developing citizens of strong character is at the heart of what we do and is based upon the eight Pillars of Bowden: respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, civility, morality, fairness and trustworthiness. Additionally, the fact that students are required to do sports means that everyone ends up interacting with a lot of people they may not have otherwise. I was never as involved in this aspect of the community as it has never been an interest of mine.
It’s also an ideal way to start high school boarding with the option to change to 7-day when ready. Mr. B's pizza down the street from campus has the best slice in town, and Cheshire Coffee's peanut butter mocha frappe is unbeatable. Why not try out for a play while at Cheshire Academy? I liked how it felt like home. . Cheshire Academy, founded in 1794, is an internationally minded college preparatory school that challenges its students to maximize their potential by developing the confidence, character, and critical thinking skills that enable them to thrive as global citizens. Describe the arts program at your school - what did you like most about it?

I remember my junior year going to dinner at the headmaster's house - I imagine that at a larger school, students might not even meet the headmaster. Jobs; Top Jobs at Cheshire Academy ; Cheshire Academy Teacher Jobs; Jobs Tips; 11 Recession-Proof Jobs; How to Get a Job; The Perfect Resume Looks Like This; How to Write A Cover Letter; 9 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Examples; … The Academy teaches student-athletes the skills and knowledge necessary to learn the sport and produces championship-winning teams. 1.) 16 Cheshire Academy reviews. The snack bar got the nickname pats palace.
It's very close-knit. Describe the dorm life in your school - what did you like most about it? Our academic process begins with what students know and want to know, and develops active learners who reflect on their growth and the implications of their learning. The Academic Vision: Cheshire Academy students grow increasingly capable of independently observing, questioning, explaining, interpreting, and analyzing the world. Each and every child who enrols at one of our schools, is valued and cherished for who they are, regardless of background or circumstances and we aspire that they all succeed. This is a great place to start as you search for the school that’s just right for you! The school is a bit larger now than when I was there, but I imagine it's still the same sort of deal where everyone knows everyone. I took a history class with a teacher who had served as my older brother's academic advisor, and thus with whom I was familiar.

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