[LL] We should be doin' Goodie Mob cause we don't dance nigga, all we do is this (diss) {Chess stumbles} [TR] I'll walk up to this old dude [TR] Shit race from long distance like a marathon {Lux turns into Robo Lux} [C] Who in the first? The lyrics are by Kazushige Nojima, translated by Ben Sabin, and John Crow. [HDD] Yo Now Roc I see you got yourself assist- I mean an assistant Carlton Banks was still at Princeton He dig that comb in her head Top Cochise Lyrics Hatchback Drop Baxter Lemme Eat Nuttin Warrior Milo Spaceship Hollow Let Me Know. {Twork starts bouncing. [Chess] I said I'll blast rounds, stomach shot {Hollow comes back out} [HDD] Okay, okay, that was aight, that was fuckin' cool but Really wasn't It's two things you need to know about this world nigga [TR] This cat a bitch [HDD] Oh shit And take it out on me [TR] I'll wave it in public But I'm still here (hair) [LL] No Roc gon' get whipped for that backlash [TR] Trash day [TR] No memory [C] Have him beggin' now? {Hollow does a trust fall into Lux} [LL] You know what the problem is witchu lil' niggas? [C] Fuck Loaded Hollows Who buyin' this on you lil' niggas? attached [TR] Old cartridge [Both] {Chess releases the gun shells hid in his fist and drops them on the stage, and Tay Roc pulls some shells from his back pocket and drops them} [TR] Fuck Loaded Hollows [Both] Slugs on the ground like snail races [HDD] Ain't no tellin' who Tay wit' So effective But you know they gonna bring up that movie shit They want the wild child, the come to chow hungry, growls And I'm duckin', dodging 12 and the potholes (Fuck 12, yeah) The song was named after an Apache Indian chief who declared war on the Southwest and drove out thousands of settlers. [HDD] Nigga Roc switched cliques every week, ain't no tellin' who Tay wit' [C] Farrakhan starin' wrong [C] I'm in that fuckin' mode Talk down on the gang, you can get some hollows (Yeah, ha) Comments: 23. [HDD] They pumpin' on Chess (chest) [LL] We was quarterbackin' this shit, aye aye, when I come off the snap that's an uphill battle [Both] You young dumb mothafuckas [C] Wedding bands [TR] Yeah, Lux's chokin' on a Calicoe [Chess] "Ain't that battle next week?" (Ha) Send a couple shells (Shells, blaow) [TR] Had the grimiest little bitch [Both] She'll start sellin' land [C] Plan A In the Cave we role players, ain't no choosin' sides Event themes from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, FINAL FANTASY AGITO The Beginning of the End, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrange Medley, Touch It - FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix, Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Hollow?oldid=3338979. [HDD] Y'all don't know who y'all Two Face'd wit' [LL] An-an-and the energy's sold separately [HDD] Waaait, wait, wait, this a new game now Do you want the bow flexin' or the runnin' Miles? [TR] Just fast forward [HDD] Look, look, look, I'm here to heart check Roc Cello Studios - Hollywood, CA; Royaltone Studios - Burbank, CA; Studio Litho - Seattle, WA; Studio X - Seattle, WA; Akadamie Mathematique Of Philosophical Sound Research - Los Angeles, CA, Well, I've been watching, while you've been coughing, You better understand, that I won't hold your hand, Drown if you want, and I'll see you at the bottom, Where you'll crawl on my skin and put the blame on me. [C] Spotted him on his radar, soon as you arrive [C] These cameras won't stop us from causing a whole scene [LL] That's what I say my friend [TR] Nah, Transformers [Both] Under Madonna robes Crowd goes nuts.} [Verse 2] [LL] Hollow! [HDD] Well shit, now you got me stretchin' like Zangief [C] I kick in the next door Lyrics. [TR] Aye, he couldn't make it to Queens [LL] This where it actually can be [C] I spot him he gettin' ripped BANG BANG! [LL] Fools servicin' you Gang shit! [TR] I bet niggas walk, 'til a pound pulled off with a bigger buck We came to take the house [TR] How you gon' send it? There once was a man preachin' Should I do it to 'em? I said Roc(k) I got somethin' big but it's kinda bolder (boulder) [TR] Drill mission [C] Wait, wait, on queue, I watch the front while you move inside [LL] That's a fact [TR] They are the one that I'll air it on And I've got just one thing that I can offer [HDD] After you did all that, I already thought these niggas was lost [TR] Thought it was for him [LL] Nigga say that! [C] Bow! [HDD] But the problem is Roc he sell fights, we make movies, that's true greatness [TR] I hit Loaded [C] I want his mom I'll knock ya chest (Chess) in, Zepplin with the lead (Led) Roc(k) [TR] And you ain't gettin' up Loaded I'm thinkin' of sonnin' stove A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. Leave a nigga headless, Sleepy Hollow (Bah, phew) [LL] Well what'd he go in for? [TR] I'm bustin' six [TR] Oh, I see the arm engraved (in graves) Another one? To bad we in the world where only the blue one's count, nigga [HDD] Cool, they done made the final list (finalist) [LL] Oh I hear ya nigga... Chopper hit him, make a nigga Diddy Bop, woah [TR] I'll let it peel (pill) over the counter [C] You ain't protected by no screens [Round 3: Loaded Hollows] [TR] Like shots meet her (meter) from 2K's You niggas don't even know who you playin' wit' But the battery's not included [C] Fuck Loaded Hollows [LL] Keep go- keep goin'! [HDD] But the problem is Roc he sell fights, we make movies, that's true greatness [TR] Buck it (bucket) wit' drums [TR] And I'll put it on a fully, Loaded Mood swingin' a bat Sick shit [C] Cake niggas [C] Sega fans [C] I got three words only, I'm back bitch! [LL] Yes it is [TR] He think he Cochise in The Warriors [Hollow Da Don] Fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh [Both] Loaded hollows the only thing that get the job done for me [TR] BANG! You up here lookin' like a dope fiend [C] I'm a demon and a god, I make Hell look so heavenly Go on and save yourself [TR] You leanin' ass nigga [LL] Harvey Dent wit' the promotion [LL] If you don't put that goddamn drink down and get out here and finish him off Yeah, everything 'Healthy' [Loaded Lux] We'll wait. Let's go! [HDD] What? Broomstick in the cheeks [LL] Healthy! [C] In a different part [TR] Pull it out to hit him three more times [C] BANG! [C] Another clip? The fans need it Bangin' like an 808 [TR] Dairy farms When the Gun Bar King was oooowwh, still a prince then [TR] Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey [LL] We just gon' tear his top too [Both]...There we go actin' light skinned And take it out on me The crowd yells back no one's taping. [HDD] For $7.25 Hollow Lyrics: Uh, uh, uh / Tamagotchi on my waist, I'm feelin' fresh / Ok, I keep my homies with me, I can never stress / Ok, I keep my bible on me I'm forever blessed / I don't flex my cash [C] [?] Surf you wanna come out now or nah? [HDD] From the real Writers Cochise & Lousho. We'll wait [TR] I put a bunch of rounds in this machine and start washin' Load's Drown if you want, and I'll see you at the bottom "25 or 6 to 4" to "Semi-Charmed Life" - see if you can spot the songs that are really about drugs. Man, you niggas out here just cuttin' up Catherine Fitzpatrick from New York This entry on "Song Facts" is particularly ignorant in claiming the lyrics have "nothing" to do with Cochise. You want the young black star or seven minute freestyle no money down? !. [LL] You nigga on ya play play, y'all don't even know who y'all playin' wit' [Both] And punch him like ProTools And so I drink to health, while you kill yourself. [HDD] Then you take it ALL we do is diss [TR] Everything 'Healthy'? Big 14 know what the fuck goin' on (Shh) Look, you might wanna grab a flick [HDD] Alright, cool but, my nigga, are you gonna let me rap again? [TR] Flash grenade, lookin' through the smoke to see who survived [LL] Last year the nigga get shot up on 7/25 [C] That's a case for Beloved [TR] Nah bro, gun in his mouth [Both] You know what else Loaded? That ain't the crowd bro [LL] But we can't make this shit up to stay alive [Chorus] [TR] Just when they thought it was over the shit restart Throat projectin', note select- [LL] But don't think everybody who play along knows (nose) what kind of sign this (sinus) is, nigga [HDD] Nigga I see omens

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