When you’re happy with them, draw in a line at 90 degrees to each, extending the same distance across as the first line was tall. For busier models it becomes more necessary as the ink alone won't cut it. The next colour that I will put on is the white, and that is obviously to do the lace. I use Nuln Oil in this step, on the piping this will serve to further define the color border, while on the more solid fields of red it will provide shading. And I have begun to use for horses on my Forged in Battle 15mm Scythians- they also look good. And we’re now about to start with a brown and we will use Chocolate Brown 872 to paint their rifles and also to paint their hair. Beginners Guide to Painting British Napoleonic Infantry, Arcane Scenery & Models 2019. You should do this on the rear at the tie too, but honestly it can look a little messier there because the cloth is folded over itself. The last picture shows the figures pretty much finished. I don’t know what it is about red but it doesn’t appear to be a particularly well pigmented colour, no matter who manufactures it. For the sash on the sword, the pompom, epaulettes, and shako cord, I used the same green technique. So when it comes to it I will use a red paint and the same principle goes for the other colours. Now the pattern on the band. You can clean up with the base colours once the lines are in if needs be. I also highlighted up the hair using the base colour and then adding a little Silver Grey into the mix. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. For instance I am using chocolate brown for the hair, every now and then I do use a different colour, to give a bit of variety but by and large they’ll all get the same brown colour hair. I know, right? This will finish the metallics that I will use, which is a really good time to change the painting water. Once the breadbags are painted with the Iraqui sand, which is basically an off white colour next up is to paint the redcoats and the colour I have chosen is 957 Vallejo Flat Red. For the 79th (Cameron Highlanders) I would paint all but the uppermost third of the feather the same Grey Black as the other feathers, and then do that part in Silver Grey. On the particular models I painted, I found edge highlights to be better looking than drybrushing for the pompom and epaulettes, but your mileage may vary. For detail I will use a natural steel to paint the buttons on the cuffs. Its the quickshade that is going to provide these shadows and it will smarten up the painting providing an ‘edge’ to the different areas of the figures. This was dumb. You kinda' lost me at mustaches though, that is too finer detail for my poor eyes :)Thanks for posting the details. I brought the straps, cuff details and hat embellishments back up with a couple of coats, along with the wooden water canteen. Stay up to date with our blog posts, events, new products and special offers by signing up to our newsletter. Bearskin hats tend to be modeled in such a way as to facilitate drybrushing, but you can line highlight instead. Ultimately, it would be an enormous work to outline how to paint every uniform of every nation, but we hope to add more and more entries to this page as time goes on. Beginners Guide to Painting British Napoleonic Infantry. Yes, this means I may not have the “correct” shade of bleu for April 1809, but no court will convict me for my crimes. These tend to be leathers, woods, and metals, and introduce some more neutral tones into the paintjob. You can leave this and it will look great – these are small and the effect will shine through. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So far so good. To build the models I’ve simply given them a good clean up, with a scrape of a scalpel and used a sanding board where necessary, and assembled them using my favourite glue, Revell Contacta Cement which comes with a the needle type applicator.

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