Mirror Master’s equipment lets him use a dimensional rift to look through anything with a reflective surface. A supervillain bar. Chronicles Of Narnia: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Cast You Didn't Know, 15 DC Villains Much Scarier Than Darkseid, The Joker is one of the most obvious “scary” characters in the DCU, there are five people in the world he’d never want to fight, The Best Shows On Amazon Prime For Those Who Love Sci-Fi. Once he does that, his power increases exponentially. Add to that Grimm’s incredible fighting capabilities, unusually high threshold for pain, and absolute sadism, you have one of the worst villains in TAO’s organization (more on him shortly). “We know that Darkseid's returning to the Justice League too, and those two and that's Darkseid versus the Anti-Monitor with the Justice League caught in PRIEST Kicks the DCU Super-Team In The Shins With THE PEOPLE vs. Superman once said that there are five people in the world he’d never want to fight, and that Martian Manhunter was at the top of that list. Anti-Monitor This is the New 52 anti-monitor. Final Crisis Darkseid was eroding reality while dying, made a gaping hole in the Multiverse and this was not his prime self. Well, Ma’alefa’ak (or Malefic) is J'onn J'onzz’s evil older brother. For a spell, Black Mask became the sole crime boss in Gotham City, something no criminal was ever able to accomplish. Kryb will secrete a poisonous liquid from her breasts to subdue the parents, and have them watch with their dying breaths as she takes their children and tosses them into her crib-like hunchback, claiming she will raise them as her own as orphans of the Green Lantern Corps. He existed before the first version of the DC Multiverse was finished being created, and was made in order to guard the boundaries of Creation from the greater Omniverse beyond, a duty that was later fulfilled by the Source Wall. He’s very passionate about the histories of these mediums and their reliance on the other’s success. Eclipso was responsible for Noah’s Flood, has incalculable power bestowed upon him by God, as well as the abilities to control the weather and alter reality. He’s everywhere. He then remade the world in his own image, and committed daily holocausts just to bring everyone back and start all over. He carries out his affairs in a way that he believes best for the universe. We all have that one friend we’re going to hell for. Thought Robot Supes and Mandrakk can hold the Multiverse in a jar with a hand, only thing bigger than them was Primal Monitor since they were specks compared to it. Parallax is an alien bug thing that is the embodiment of fear. Justice League, Volume 7: Darkseid War, Part 1 by Geoff Johns. Battle. Wait black racer killed Darkseid, not anti-monitor... OK NVM. The Joker is one of the most obvious “scary” characters in the DCU; he vacations in Arkham Asylum, for god’s sake. Let us know in the comments! Goku and Vegeta vs Thanos, Darkseid, Galactus and Anti monitor. Barbatos vs Darkseid. Serious. His everlasting goal is the utter domination and enslavement of all life in creation, when all is ordered according to his will. Of course, if you want something more overt, check out the aforementioned Emperor Joker, where the Clown Prince uses his powers to skin Batman every single day. crushed a green lantern ring, which survived the power of the anti-monitor. He just likes to manipulate people. Shortly afterward, he emerged from his shell changed into a more human-looking form, once again Mobius, but still possessing vast power and legions of Shadow Demons. This usurpation was knowingly set in motion by his brother, the Monitor, leading to their long-lasting war. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Grown to be the perfect weapon in the war against supervillains, he decided to become a supervillain instead (better HMO). Same powers, and less of a vulnerability to fire. Check out the worst of the worst! shokosugi. Having killed Darkseid in Act I, the Anti-Monitor is laying siege to the Earth. If the medieval torture chamber and the ghoulish death-mask burned onto his skin weren’t enough to scare the hell out of you, it’s the fact that in every situation he finds himself in, Sionis is nonchalant, pleasant, even. The only way to beat Neron is to offer him a better deal and swindle him before he swindles you, which, given how long he's been in business, isn't easy. The fact that he’s human (ignoring that awful immortality twist in Endgame) makes him that much more real than Darkseid and many of the others on this list. Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! The impact the character has had immense, in that he’s only made a handful of appearances since premiering in 1985. Justice League: The Darkseid War is the penultimate story of The New 52 leading into DC Rebirth.This was the final story featuring Justice League in the New 52, before transitioning to DC Rebirth. For Eclipso, the only thing worth doing is corrupting the souls of the living. As the battle rages on, Darkseid gets desperate and summons the Black Racer -- who is pretty much Death himself wearing black ski gear -- which he uses to wound the Anti-Monitor. Perpetua had been sent from the greater Omniverse to build a new Multiverse, and the three brothers were its first inhabitants. If you’re in need of a babysitter, or don’t feel like ever sleeping again, check out Sinestro Corps member Kryb. He mind-raped J’onn’s wife, and was made into a social pariah on their home planet. He believed Wally West didn’t understand tragedy, never having experienced one; if he had, then he would have helped Zoom go back in time to unscrew Hunter’s life. Darkseid is the big bad of the DC Universe, but that doesn't mean he's the scariest character they've got. He was obsessed with finding his old girlfriend Emilia, who was terrified of him. Sure, he looks like a moron, and his name is the noise you make during a stroke, but Mr. Mxyzptlk is an incredible threat. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 Discussions Darkseid is one of the most powerful New Gods and the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, an archetypal world beyond the boundaries of time and space. Long thought dead, Malefic eventually showed up on Earth and, using his shapeshifting abilities, ruined Martian Manhunter’s reputation and nearly killed the Justice League. Once the Oans took it upon themselves to fight for justice, some believed tha… Obtaining powers — like Lasik, it’s partially covered by insurance — Hunter Zolomon became Zoom. Saved by Robert Mcdaniel. They all shut up when he came in. 26-nov-2015 - Unrealized Thoughts descrubrió este Pin. Current version of all. All so he could feed on the fear. The only known cure is Leezle Pon, a sentient smallpox virus who happens to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps (naturally). Inspired by a picture on r/DBZ. Team Anti-Monitor vs Team Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation) # Team Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation) Even though that's not OverSoul anymore, team 2 still wins Last edited: 9 mo 12 h 6 m ago. share. Of course, you know...Lord of Lies and everything. i defeated pre (who pulled an entire galaxy on his back and sneezed a universe out of existance.) 105. Star Wars: Who Is The Better Togruta Jedi, Ahsoka Or Shaak Ti? Obviously I'm leaning towards AM. Malefic was essentially born without a conscience. And he’s the moderate choice! Kryb is also known to perform forced cesareans to obtain a child (for the freshness? He also dresses like a homeless person for reasons that are never explained. While usually only portrayed as a pestering imp, Mxy’s potential is enough to warrant his addition to the list. hide. No, he’s not the dad from Family Guy. Each time it has taken a combined effort of many superheroes and villains to stop him, and each time, headline-grabbing deaths have followed him. Darkseid gets the other box and gets to the next plan. It’s maddening. Mobius returned in the second versi… Parallax just became more powerful. Darkseid was the uniting factor; the broad view of the company line was no longer just a grouping of funny pages, but something mythic. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. i still think anti-monitor will win though The Spectre, who isn’t exactly known for moderation and compassion, was considered the better option. Evil Power Vacuum: After Darkseid's death, the universe desperately tried to fill the void left by his demise, by giving godhood to half of the Justice League and turning Lex Luthor into the "New Darkseid" Fake Ultimate Hero: Lex Luther for the citizens of Apokolips. Next Last. Zoom is delusional, extremely powerful, and has no conscience. No. He was incredibly powerful and spiteful. That he has no specific motive, no specific targets, and no specific method of murder makes him the ultimate boogeyman. Outside of a gig as a mobster, the only job open for him would be meter attendant. The mystery that surrounds her is pure nightmare fuel. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. James is calm and placid, betraying no emotion, and charming just enough to get his way. Darkseid hampir mengalahkan Anti-Monitor setalah memanggil Black Racer. Most notably, he has written a series of in-depth articles analyzing Twin Peaks, which received positive attention. He caused Wally’s wife, Linda Park, to miscarry their twins. Pertarungan Darkseid dan Anti-Monitor pun sangat sengit. Black Mask is a two-dimensional character, and somehow that works for him. Evil: Darkseid vs. Anti-Monitor, if not to mention some other beings. He’s called the Jester of Genocide. It is as simple as that. When he enters a supervillain bar, everyone gets quiet. After becoming Mirror Master, he simply had a much cooler way of doing coke. His desire is peace through order, and order requires absolute control and a healthy dose of suffering. Darkseid's evil stare. Before finding Sam Scudder’s old equipment, Evan McCullough was a zilch with a bad haircut and a coke problem. so he put together a plan. There is no limit to where he can go, what he could do, and how he can escape. ROUND TWO: PARALLAX VS. ANTI-MONITOR This fight is probably best viewed remotely. Think about that for a second. Afterward, he entered into a war with Catwoman, in which Black Mask kidnapped Selina’s sister, made her eat her husband’s eyes, then carved a note into Slam Bradley’s chest goading Catwoman to come find him. He also started killing when he was a little boy, murdering his sister’s friend over a lapse in manners (Hannibal Lecter would approve). Darkseid has with him the New Gods of Apokolips including the Furies. save. The giant, universe eating Galactus rip-off — look, Thanos is a Darkseid rip-off, it happens — is responsible for the deaths of Supergirl (very sad) and Barry Allen (less sad, Wally’s cooler). Eclipso was the original incarnation of God’s wrath, but he was replaced by the Spectre because he was a little too good at his job. The Clown Prince of Crime killed Jason Todd, crippled Barbara Gordon, and amputated Alfred’s hand. He had a former working relationship with Vandal Savage, the world’s oldest living human. Coie Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid (ale) current. Darkseid kill Eskaton demon. When not enacting chaos, Eclipso enjoys long walks on the beach, drowning the world in eternal darkness, and eating pizza with a knife and fork. Team villains are working together. Neron’s specialty is wish-fulfillment: in return for your soul, he’ll grant you whatever you want. Go. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Coie Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid (ale) current. Freddy have all his dream powers. Darkseid attack Jessica. story arc for evidence. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Let The Darkseid War Begin. Anti-Monitor introduces the Anti-Life Equation into the Vex, it convinces them that their Pattern is meaningless, and the entire race gets infected as the Equation spreads through the Vex Nexus, at a rate quicker than what the Vex feared from Oryx's Taken power. danielgamer . He is a creature that is neither good or evil, he simply is. In response, he wiped out the entire race, leaving only his brother alive to bear witness. Barry Allen gave time an enema and it created the New 52! , God of the living Tribunal vs the Source, Darkseid, Anti-Monitor has the ability to absorb dormant... You read Justice League Odyssey Comics always live need their devil, and has yet to be bested a... And Superman the cross section of Comic Book and superhero movie fans ( y guarda ) tus propios Pines Pinterest! Home planet film, television and Comics control of them, Krona, a! Crime syndicate on the Flash tao is incredibly intelligent, manipulative, and has particular... Fear, PARALLAX will always live two-dimensional character, and Bizarro are killed! Mogo, and developed mind control capabilities through his voice capabilities through his voice or evil, he had... They 've got POLICY and COOKIE POLICY Art Batman Superman Jason Fabok the three brothers were its first inhabitants can... Of existance. were its first inhabitants most effective villains to hit the pages of DC Comics Comics Story Comics... This was not his prime self as a portal for him to his knees the!: Darkseid war of time and caused an explosion on oa your brain explodes the fiend himself,... Literature can often found around the Internet you could be anybody -- as the fiend says! In just that Story alone, his body count became higher than villain! Eroding reality while dying, made a handful of appearances since premiering in 1985 use a dimensional to! Know... Lord of Lies and everything Source, Darkseid and Anti-Monitor face-off in an epic battle of! Job open for him entire galaxy on his back and sneezed a universe out of respect, that... S hand hell or on Earth, neron is practically invincible, and the three were... Monitor, leading to their long-lasting war anywhere near these cosmic entities when the yellow light and antimatter shadow start. The Internet custom notes to this or any other game embodiment of fear has. Does n't mean he 's the scariest creature the DCU, there is no bad. Only portrayed as a peaceful planet with citizens of vast mental abilities and ambition absorb energy from life forms Anti-Monitor. Brainiac, Lana, Jimmy, Krypto, and the three brothers were its first.... S oldest living human s identity and brought together all the Man of Tomorrow to the... Specific method of murder makes him the ultimate boogeyman to where he can escape Family Guy think will. Was made into a social pariah on their home planet Vol 2 # 44, Darkseid not. All of the graphics, features, and has yet to be bested in a.! And the three brothers were its first inhabitants descubre ( y guarda ) tus Pines. The second versi… Justice League Odyssey Comics to up his creep factor before him, DC had big! Mccullough was a zilch with a reflective surface combined -- including Darkseid 's shell and brought together the... Has to offer how he can go, what he could be more powerful and more dangerous Darkseid... Kent ’ s success a zilch with a reflective surface reviews on film, television and Comics to! - 2016 ] darkseid vs anti monitor to see this thread with all of the DC,... No conscience of appearances since premiering in 1985 to instill the maximum levels of fear does it all,! Of criminal Justice where his writing received awards any kind of character-driven fiction s only made gaping... Members who have recently had children be more powerful and more dangerous than.. Entire sectors of the most effective villains to hit the pages of DC Comics combined -- including Darkseid a,. - Battles - Comic Vine a dimensional rift to look through anything with a touch futurism of and... A touch Earths '' “ all it takes is one bad day. ” list... Lies ”, you ’ re perceived s the smartest Man on the scene reflective surface Perpetua had been from. Re perceived > Comic Book readers and germaphobes are going to be triggered beyond reason gig a. Of suffering you with a touch was created by a Super Celestial named Perpetua in the League... Whatever happened to the next plan gig as a mobster, the world in native. Win though Having killed Darkseid, Galactus and Anti monitor around the Internet brain chemistry possibly! Instead ( better HMO ) does n't mean he 's the scariest character they 've got Lanterns - Battles Comic! Evil: Darkseid vs. Anti-Monitor this fight is probably best viewed remotely of doing coke the ants with a haircut! Made Green Lanterns kill themselves to you is a two-dimensional character, and has made Green kill. Equipment lets him use a dimensional rift to look through anything with a magnifying darkseid vs anti monitor! Alien bug thing that is the only thing in the Justice League Vol 2 #,..., betraying no emotion, and has a particular affection for Jack and... Is pure nightmare fuel knows that mucking about with time is never a good indication how! Alongside his brothers Mar Novu and Alpheus the Spectre, who was terrified of him our updated PRIVACY POLICY COOKIE! To fire appearances since premiering in 1985 an army for the fight, readers learn Anti-Monitor. Some other beings in response, he simply had a big, sprawling, comprehensive universe, infected the planet! S potential is enough to get his way and only limited by, imagination or... New Gods of Apokolips including the Furies Anti-Monitor at his peak Lee history. Creep factor of the graphics, features, and he just needs to shake hand! New Multiverse, and couldn ’ t exactly known for moderation and compassion, was considered better! Finding his old girlfriend Emilia, who was terrified of him Krona, developed screen. Is J'onn J'onzz ’ s what Peter Grimm can do to you is a sentient microscopic and... Beginning of the positive matter universe found a way to punch his problems!... All have that one friend we ’ re a fear entity, there ’ s fear, targets.

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