Joe Namath looks back on his friendships with many of the most popular celebrities from his football playing days, including Mickey Mantle, Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. She has two kids and is rumored to be divorced twice. READ NEXT: Michigan School Teachers Admit to Making Adult Movies on the Side, Deborah ‘Tatiana’ Mays, Joe Namath’s Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Joe Namath was married once, to Deborah Mays between 1984 and 2000. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Mays once stated she states that: the marriage wasn’t working out for her, she got bored and was in love with another man.

Coincidentally, his future wife Mays was also taking classes at … According to Joe Namath himself, Tatiana was a great help to him when he was consumed by alcohol. After running off with the plastic surgeon Brain and leaving ehr two kids behind with Joe, many rumors circulated around Tatiana. Joe met Deborah whilst voice lessons in the early 1980s Namath met his now ex-wife for the first time in the early 80s. He’s very sensitive.” Mays also told People Magazine that she thought Namath would be “proud” of her for taking the decision to leave him because it would help her “reach [her] potential.” The article mentioned that Mays aspired to be a playwright. They got married in 1984 and as their symbol of love and marriage, the two were blessed with two beautiful baby girls. Photography and Family Jessica Namath was born in the year of 1986 as the elder daughter of one of NFL’s great Joe Namath and an aspiring actress Deborah Mays. The famous Joe Namath who is an ex American football quarterback and actor. As per the source, Deborah was said to be dating Brian Novack, a plastic surgeon after divorce.

Deborah Lynn Mays is an aspiring actress but she is widely recognized as the ex-wife of a former NFL player Joe Namath. Olivia Namath was born on 1991 and Jessica was born on 1986. In August 2007, Olivia Namath gave birth to a girl, Natalia, in West Palm Beach, when she was 16 years old. The couple had two daughters together, Olivia and Jessica.

There were rumors about her marrying Brain and later getting divorced again. I was bored.

So far, the academic qualification of Mays is also not revealed yet. Deborah Mays was happily married to her ex-husband Joe Namath, a former NFL player.

Deborah Mays, now Tatiana is the ex-wife of the NFL's hotshot Joe Namath. The couple began proceedings in 1999.
The two got married when Deborah was 22 and Joe was 41 years old.

The former couple was blessed with two baby daughters, the first was born in 1986 named Jessica Namath.

Deborah even received some amount of fortunes from her divorce settlements, but it is still undercover how much she received. Want to see more? Namath was left to raise his two daughters, Jessica and Olivia (right) in Florida after divorcing wife Deborah in 2000 +9 Namath and Deborah Mays married in … Here are 10 facts on Joe Namath's ex-wife. One person was quoted as saying, “I felt [Namath] could give a s*** how the lay was going as long as she was happy.”, Actress Katherine Kerr, who also appeared in the show, said, “It was painful to Tatiana that she wasn’t as good as Joe. The mother of two gained more popularity due to her character named 'Tammy' from the series The Greatest American Hero. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Deborah Lynn Mays is a renowned American actress better known for her role in the movie "The Greatest American Hero."

Mays featured in several comedy-drama through which she received a decent amount of money. Deborah Lynn Mays is an aspiring actress but she is widely recognized as the ex-wife of a former NFL player Joe Namath. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported at the time that it was Namath who filed for divorce in Broward County, and requested to be the full-time caretaker of the couple’s two daughters.

She blackmailed him saying if he does not stop drinking, their family would fall apart and Joe being a family man took one for the family and got sober.

He knew that she was his endgame and he proposed to her and got married despite their age gap. They met while Namath was trying to forge a second career as an actor, despite their 19-year age difference, they were still married. Her reasoning was that she did not just want to be known or be famous because she was 'Deborah Namath: ex wife of Joe Namath' or just Mrs. Namath and just wanted her own identity.

SUBSCRIBE to watch the…2017-10-04T15:25:23.000Z. Deborah warned him many times regarding his bad habit and said if he continued the habit then it will break up the family.

The couple’s other daughter, Jessica, is a graduate of her father’s alma-mater, the University of Alabama.

Deborah Mays – Joe Namath’s Ex- Wife and Baby Mother. Talented and beautiful American actress, Deborah Mays earns a good amount of money from her acting profession.

With Joe being an alcoholic who really needed help, things were not going good at home, this does not explain the infidelity but this was one of the reasons why Tatiana broke her wedding vow and ended the marriage.

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