In the coming weeks, Katie and Henshall get back together. Donna decided not to go ahead in filing a complaint after discovering that Ross wouldn't back her up. Danielle reappears in November 2008 when she is spotted working for the McFarlane's, a local criminal family, who paid Doyle to work for them. The next day, they learn Adele had actually taken leave to help her sick mother, and she soon returns to work. Shane asks Jasmine out on a date but she only becomes interest in him when he arrests Danielle Hutch (Nicola Stapleton), a girl with ties to The McFarlanes. In the 12 years that Toke was on the show, he starred in a staggering 800 episodes. After learning of Shane's illegal activities, Jasmine attempts to flee his flat. These days she is part of the cast of Tina and Bobby, a three-part series that follows the relationship between Tina Dean and her footballer hubby, West Ham United player, Bobby Moore. When her husband has gone to bed, Pam shares a kiss with Rodney before joining her husband. Henshall asks his colleague DC Darren Foster for updates on the case and Foster tells Henshall that they have CCTV footage from the shop where the phone used to make the calls to Victoria Cottage was bought from. These days the 62-year-old actress is married to musician Steve Grant. Long running Channel 4 soap opera in the United Kingdom. However, he corners her and tries to force himself upon her. However, Charlie holds the bar manager hostage at gunpoint, and both escape. Emmerdale has been on the air since 1972, and many beloved characters have come and gone during all these years. Andy makes a complaint about Henshall harassing him and reveals his relationship with Katie to his colleague Prior. Charlie first appears when Andy Sugden is sent to prison for the arson attack which killed his adoptive mother Sarah Sugden. While trying to fight past Jamie Hope to get up the stairs, Richard accidentally shoots Jimmy King - who is trying to find Rodney because he has just discovered the illegal shoot - in the behind. Lee, already planning to apply for a gamekeeper job elsewhere, packs his bags that day and leaves the village. In January 2009, Shane's body is found by Victoria Sugden when she falls through the frozen over lake, and his body eventually resurfaces. Eli persuades Danielle to have a fight with Debbie, so they both get sent to hospital. Lee is a qualified gamekeeper. Adele Allfrey was a worker at Sharma and Sharma sweet factory. In 2015 it was announced she would appear in the drama Prey, as the daughter of officer David Murdoch. After her close shave with Shane, she decided to file a complaint against him, but Shane had guessed what she would do and so he told the Chief Superintendent that Donna had made a pass at him. Jo locks him in the barn so he cannot stop her from leaving. In the summer of 2010, Adele had a brief fling with Andy Sugden, but the romance was cut short when his ex-wife and Adele's friend Katie admitted sleeping with him. In the following weeks, Mick and Lee help Jo out on the farm following her separation from abusive husband Andy. She appeared from 2008 to 2009. Donna's husband Marlon, after hearing what Shane did, took action by convincing his younger brother Eli to frame Shane as a corrupt officer. She is later arrested when caught by PC Shane Doyle and taken to London. In the late fifities and beginning of the sixties, he turned to the small screen and had a good role in terms of his television appearances. He even starred with his former fellow star, Verity Rushworth, in a production called Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Rodney then explains to Paul and Diane he does not have a heart condition, it was made up by Val Lambert as a ploy to keep Paul in the village. Colleague Laura Prior warns Henshall to stay away from the case and that she knows that he withheld information from Katie and Carl's statements. It stayed in the family for Anderson, who has  been a regular host on the lifestyle morning show, This Morning that is also an ITV production. She was also part of a television movie named Thunder Road. He and Jo get on well from the start, and when in mid-December 2008, he has to remove his shirt after fixing some plumbing, Mick warns him not to flirt with Jo too much. Danielle first appears in 2008 when Eli nearly runs her over on a road near Emmerdale. Merrells has been married and divorced twice in the past. Later that month he leaves the Woolpack to start helping at the farm again, after Val Pollard asked Andy to employ as she was getting annoyed with him. Wikipedia, List of characters that first appeared in the British soap opera Emmerdale in 2010, by order of first appearance. However, Donald hires Cindy to annoy his wife Nicola, who he knows has had an affair with David Metcalfe, who flirts with Cindy himself, much to Nicola’s irritation. Seeing her as a pathetic, clinger-on, Paul tells her to leave the village. Shane Doyle, played by Paul McEwan, made his first screen appearance on 3 January 2008. The two started dating not long after Lesley joined the cast on 2008. Katie tries to escape, but Henshall stops her. The actress followed in her actress aunt, Jill Halfpenny, when she attended St Augustine’s Primary School, Gateshead and later she attended St. Edmund Campion School. He decides not to discipline PCs Donna Windsor-Dingle and Charlotte Beecham when they break into PC Shane Doyle's flat when he goes missing. Henshall asks his colleague DC Darren Foster for updates on the case and Foster tells Henshall that they have CCTV footage from the shop where the phone used to make the calls to Victoria Cottage was bought from. His character has experienced an awful turn of events when he was involved in a plane crash which left him paralyzed basically from the waist down. Sutton became engaged to his model girlfriend, Kit Williams in January 2015. In February 2009, Lee is made Home Farm's gamekeeper by Natasha Wylde. She and DC Nick Henshall (Michael McKell) then lead the investigation into Shane's murder, and arrest and charge PC Ross Kirk (Samuel Anderson) with the murder but the case against him is later dropped. They later tied the knot in 2009, however, the couple separated in 2012. Hardwick has been part of the show since 2012 and one of the most important storylines of her character revolved around her love life, and it was noted that her performance helped many people come out. For three years, Chelsea Halfpenny played the role of Amy Wyatt on the series from 2012 to 2013, but before that she starred in Byker Grove. He arrives in the village with his wife Pam for a Boxing Day shoot at Home Farm. The following week, Eli and Marlon dress up and knock out the officers guarding Debbie and Danielle. She leaves on 22 December. As he tried to force himself upon her she kneed him in the groin and ran to Ross Kirk's house, as Ross had seen the assault. Wikipedia, List of characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in 1999, by order of first appearance. Henshall attends both Terry's funeral and Viv's memorial service at The Woolpack. [3] Shaken by the recent turn of events, Debbie and Jasmine enlist the help of Eli Dingle and they dump Shane's body in the lake. Wikipedia, Fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale. She appeared from 2008 to 2009. [1] Eli gave Ross drugs to plant in Shane's locker, while he would report Shane to the police for possession of drugs. David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) eventually finds Jacob in an old building and rescues him, despite Henshall telling him to wait. Taylor-Draper also took part in the Great North Run in 2016 in order to raise money for Bloodwise. This investigation soon ends when Shane's body is found on 30 December 2008. Mrs. McFarlane later appears with a 'heavy' and demands the stolen money back. Lee, already planning to apply for a gamekeeper job elsewhere, packs his bags that day and leaves the village. In April, Lee is rushed to hospital after Natasha and Mark find him on the estate having got his foot caught in a poacher's trap. Fictional character in the BBC soap, Doctors. Shane and Jasmine met at The Woolpack, and later met again when Shane arrived at Jasmine's boyfriend Jake Doland's house, and provokes an attack from Jake, and subsequently arrests him for drunk and disorderly, while Jasmine dumps Jake for thinking that she'd ever cheat on him. Jo decides she needs to leave the village, and Lee agrees to help her. Wikipedia, List of characters that first appeared in the British soap opera Emmerdale Farm in 1972 and 1973, by order of first appearance. Henshall asks Katie to come away with him and she agrees. He appeared from 2008 to 2009. He gives DS Nick Henshall (Michael McKell) a picture of Jacob and reveals that his mother is waiting at his house in case Jacob goes there, as they believe Jacob had wanted to show his father his costume for the play. Lee first appears on 4 November 2008, when he accompanies his grandfather to Butler's Farm - run by Jo Sugden - to sort out a problem over cattle. When Eli visits, she explains that after helping the Dingles, the McFarlanes set her up by planting things on her. The two announced having their first baby together in 2010, after splitting and then rekindling their love.

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