I advise that you pick up as much armor as possible as soon as you can. The shaman is billed as an offensive-minded cleric according to the documentation, but that's really the druid's role. Aside from the level 1 burst of flame, all shaman DD spells are all based on cold, so they aren't too effective in Permafrost and some other zones. These are just a few things I'm learning as I level up my first shaman. You will have adequate hit points to survive some attacks and enough armor to absorb some damage. Pets - YES! Shamans are a strange class in Everquest. Most of this was either learned from other sources online or from the many helpful players on P1999, http://wiki.project1999.com/index.php?title=Greyweasel%27s_Shaman_Guide&oldid=231624, Levitate- great for running over lava and water (lavastorm, Lake Rathe, Ocean of Tears). The Shaman Epic should be done in a linear fashion because progression is based entirely on Truespirit faction. Spirit Pouch - Summons a bag that decreases the weight of all items in in. This will keep them from being true warriors throughout the game. DoT, more powerful than that of a druid, but less powerful than that of a necromancer. Shamans get it 5 levels earlier than druids do as well. You can keep this up for a long time to come. These spells are generally underappreciated by non-shamans because the effects are not drastic, yet they are very useful at increasing a character's (or party's) effectiveness over the course of the buff. By typing /loc you get a +/- divination of your location on the zone that will dramatically help you find your corpse. Shamans are limited to [ ( lvl + 1 ) x 4 ] ability points per level in all weapons skills. One of the most common and popular shaman potions, Philter of the Wolf, casts Spirit of Wolf (a run-speed buff) on the drinker. While one or two points is not significant, 25 wisdom will equal 250 mana, which may just be enough to save you in a tough fight. A brutal line of crippling spells can slow a monster's attacks, hamper their resistance to spells, and lower their physical prowess. As a barbarian it took me awhile to figure out that my level 5 and 9 DOT spells (along with all the higher level ones I believe) were sold in Everfrost Peaks by a merchant standing atop a ruined temple on the tundra. The weakening and damaging spells in the shaman's arsenal are tremendously effective in battle. They have a Rubicite replacement called Totemic Armor, which has the same AC as Rubicite, but gives a bonus of 5 stat points to various stats, depending on the piece of totemic. Shamans are the premier buffing class, being able to buff more statistics than anyone else and also having by far the largest number of overcap (buffs that increase stats even if you have hit the limits) buffs. Alignment(s) If you're able to, become all access and get the latest expansions(The Broken Mirror & Empires of Kunark) This guide will be more beneficial to you. They'll usually thank you for it. Support Priest Just don't store them in your spirit pouch. Keep stamina in mind for melee only. You get exactly 4 skill points times your level, plus 4 more points, and you should strive to keep your combat maxed at all times. On another note, shamans also have a unique line of spells that allows them to transform from a semi-melee caster into a near-melee non-caster. Your spell setup should always be formed by 3 sets of spells: As most of you know, shamans are priests and as priests they have increased healing capacities so they benefit from quick healing spells, group healing spells, heal over times and curing spells. While Kiting (the use of SoW with DoT's) is used to be one of the most popular ways for a shaman to gain experience, changes made to DoTs have rendered this tactic fairly useless. For example, TLP players should pick PoP if they're on Corinav or a server that has progressed to Planes of Power, Gates of Discord, Lost … But all shamans get a slam attack by virtue of being a large race, and that is a significant advantage. Ancestral Guardian Spirit This AA gives a buff on target, that casts a big HoT when they go under 50% health. Barbarians have slightly better shaman-specific stats than ogres do, but both ogres and trolls are far better melee and better solo races than barbarians are. You get dodge at lvl 15. Overall, you will not miss the chance to wear some of the best armor in the game. Disempower is also a good choice for the cost. In most cases shamans can equip the powerful magic armor that exists in the game. Ring of Scale Everquest Leveling Guide . It very simply adds about 30-40% to your running speed. It is very dark, and a young shaman can easily get lost among the trees and hills. Stamina affects your hit points, but not signifcantly. You are still able to take on yellow creatures for a while, but watch out since you start losing experience when you die at lvl 5. As soon as you see him strike you want to immediately hit the cast button. Be happy with yourself, you are now a shaman. They can do a bit of almost everything from melee to all manners of casting, and are one of the most versatile classes in Everquest. Also make sure you have summon food and water and light healing. At level 19 shamans can cast Frenzy. Your club is a good weapon for quite a while, although you should strive to pick up a rusty morningstar and worn great staff from decaying skeletons as soon as possible. Ogres have the most base stat points of the 3 shaman races, with Strength and Stamina making the real difference. Your DD and DoT spells mostly have a casting time equal to the delay time that an NPC has. Regeneration - Significantly decreases downtimes, especially when used in conjunction with... Cannibalize - Trades Hp's for mana at a rate of around 60/20. Their newbie area, Innothule Swamp, is quite good, with an abundance of frogloks, skeletons, swampwater crocs, and other mobs wandering around to kill. All-in-One-Superman - You buff, you debuff, you burn when necessary, you may root, and you may melee... Wow, you can do a lot! You can easily kill white creatures at this point and probably have no problem with a single yellow creature when you are fully buffed and full with mana. In this guide i will list the zones by tier where you can level the fastest in Everquest. Added So be prepared to use slam frequently ( Hotkey it! The root line, malise line, drowsy line, blinding line, DD, and DoT's used together make a shaman very powerful. Shamans are one of the three priest classes, and generally the weakest healer of the three. SoW allows you to solo whites again without much risk. Shaman DD spells are relatively quite expensive. Slam only does one point of damage, and never increases. An experienced shaman can turn the tide of any battle, bolstering their allies while weakening their enemies significantly. Since your damage is spread out over a minute or two you get an overall much better damage/mana ratio. Role The shaman attacks his enemies with diseases and poisons that cause massive damage over time, while using cold and ice magic to inflict damage directly. These are the spells that kill MOBs and are easy to understand. This is not much of a big deal since you have a fairly low skill cap. People who have received a call in this fashion may still later receive an experience-restoring ressurection later. Now you can finally think about blasting away with your DD spells. Save all your money and buy all your spells. Shamans also get respectable hit points at about 21 per level. At high levels, shaman can receive, via AA, a call-to-corpse that summons a targeted player back to his corpse but grants no-experience restoration("rez"). Shamans can also equip a shield. From here on out you will be casting significantly and your melee will begin to fall behind the warrior classes more and more. Shaman chest clicky Clicky group heal with 10 minute refresh. Bottom line: Trolls have the least downtime, have the best melee stats, and are the easiest to solo with. Shamans serve as priests to the tribal races of Norrath, able to draw upon the power of the spirits and focus it for their own purposes. Shaman pets are known for their ability to slow down mobs, and this makes up for their inability to fight directly. Trolls are evil, however, and are therefore hated by most of the cities and inhabitants in Norrath. At lvl 9 you finally get SoW. For a class that requires weapons, spells and armor at lower levels the additional loot you can carry has significant advantages. Shrink - Shrinks you to a managable size.

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