"I can never give a good story because I honestly don't know. and invisible at the same time, surrounding us like air or water. Still, he made of that freshman year exactly what Frank had wanted. Frank plays it off like everything's OK, but the rumble strips tell DeMar something different. I think he could sense something was wrong. At least twice this season, DeMar has flown to L.A. to be with his father. Browse the most recent New Roads, Louisiana obituaries and condolences. But Diane couldn't help but notice, "The madder he got, the better he played." Sources: Silver ups urgency on pre-Xmas start, Morey fan of Sixers' roster; eyeing championship, Obama details call that helped save NBA season, Kerr greets voters at Chase Center ballot drop, D'Antoni joins Nash's Brooklyn staff as assistant, Raptors to cooperate in Davis assault probe, Warriors' new jerseys are a nod to the team's 'We Believe' era, Jordan team unveils Bubba Wallace's new ride, The people with all the power in NBA free agency, NBA free agency and trade debate: How the Pelicans help Zion, and bold predictions, DeMar DeRozan carrying torch for Kobe's Nike Protro line. If someone wants to call me weak for asking for help, that’s their problem. OT: Frank Ntilikina trying to become the next DeRozan - RealGM ... RealGM Forums "Inside those lines, that's where the pain goes away," Lowry says. "I have no clue," he says, when asked if his father will be there this weekend. Hard." You could have it all. It's just the two of them, and Frank keeps swerving right. Rumours swirled about unsavoury dealings. The venues would change -- Lueders Park, Gonzalez Park, Wilson Park, Compton College -- but the cycle was the same. Pulled over his blue long-sleeved sweatshirt: an NBA All-Star jersey. Click here to subscribe. Review our. After two weeks of intensive study, he pretty much knows how he'll spend his summer vacation. He's not trying to outjump people now. Frank, a videographer who had Louisiana roots and a short career with the San Diego Chargers, dropped him off at elementary school before heading to work filming commercials and council meetings for the city. "I never cared about branding," he says. “As you get older and you hear what’s going on around you, you realize just how tough of an area it was,” DeRozan said. That’s a tremendous honor.”, Thirteen-year-old Daniel DeHughes attended that ceremony, and got a chance to meet his favorite player. 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He didn't break, though, until he caught sight of DeMar at his bedside. Many of them were also from L.A., just not his L.A. DeMar is still waiting for police sirens when he finds out everyone is supposed to be shopping at a place called Whole Foods. “Just come.”, When Frank arrived, DeRozan handed him a check for more than $400,000. "I should've just called and gotten him.". The hands stood out as soon as Frank DeRozan pushed open the screen door to Weever's Barber Shop in Compton, Calif., and plunked down his son for his first haircut. This boy's a basketball player.". "I don't want to follow another man," he says. It's difficult to overestimate the effect LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Bosh had signing with Miami. What began with great expectations ended in rage. And each shot is a prayer, that he might hear the voice -- yes, that voice, The Hawk's -- above the din, come Sunday at Staples Center. Or pretty much anywhere. That was basically the conversation.". He has seen drive-bys at funerals. Now the flood of requests is for tickets and loans. All-Star Draft: Play! “He told me that he wanted everyone to know that I was his dad.”. It might be a cosmopolitan city in a league that fancies itself a global enterprise, but in basketball circles, it lacked cachet -- a snow-filled hockey town, a stop, not a destination. In July, Lowry reupped with Toronto. "Do my bid and get out" is what Kyle Lowry thought when he was traded to the Raptors in 2012. "I felt I couldn't communicate," he says. "It was like: 'You had your life. It's his script. DeMar is in seventh grade. But before he made it there, Davian Childs was shot and killed in a dispute over a dice game. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter . Frank, for his part, never broke character. And look, I’m probably not telling you anything new here,” he wrote. But the subject of free agency doesn't come up. This year, four All-Stars -- DeRozan, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Paul George -- hail from L.A. Two more -- Klay Thompson and Kevin Love -- have L.A. roots. People drive through, pay their respect, and leave.”. "I wouldn't call it a homecoming," he says. Frank DeRozan is relaxing in the front row of the bleachers at Compton High School, and if you didn’t already know he was the father of the most famous NBA player the school has ever produced, his outfit is a dead giveaway. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. "I can't die until I see you make it.". My dad was my dad. Or maybe not. Many of the locals believe that the persistence of Compton’s reputation is undeserved. He had already been to too many. You have reached ESPN's Australian edition. When they get to Jermaine's house, Frank is still playing it off.

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