If anyone knew about the song plz reply me. Do Kyung-Seok begins to like Kang Mi-Rae. chloe Feb 02 2020 11:33 am There is no chemistry between them. i've read the whole manga, knowing that eunwoo will be stared as main character there made me excited like crazy although i already is. laila Aug 25 2018 1:55 pm Adrianna Ybarra Jun 25 2020 12:25 am I could feel how uncomfortable she felt in her own skin and how paranoid she was about what people may be saying about her. Its boring . [15] Following the substantial raising of the profile of the Gangnam district internationally, the area has become a popular destination for international students seeking Korean language lessons, marking the rise of Korea as a 'study tourism' destination. Love it so far <3. Cha eun woo acted so good. zara Aug 30 2018 9:08 pm The acting sucks. Gangnam Beauty implicitly means a plastic surgery monster to Koreans. the webtoon itself already that good so I really waiting for this drama came out and then when I watch the first episode. Rovers Sep 01 2018 3:04 am sorry for my bad english. Worth it to watch.. don't regret it. everyone's talking about how this drama is showing the flaws in beauty standards the evils in society WHATEVER cha eunwoo is cute and caring as hell unlike other drama leads let's focus on that. arohas are always proud of face genius Mr.Chadoomchit. Just my idea! Cha Eun-Woo is really handsome, just no words, the role of flower-boy suits him well. The one who plays the young version of Do Kyung Seok is Shin Jun Seop the rapper and visual of the rookie boygroup MYTEEN. Best things about this drama are the themes: self-esteem, chauvinism, misogyny, gender roles... LSH did an amazing job of portraying a once socially categorized "ugly" girl who transformed into a beauty via cosmetic surgery. Lori Jul 29 2018 9:43 am I highly recommend this drama, hope you guys enjoy it :). PsyDuck212 Sep 16 2018 4:19 am aiyaaa Sep 16 2018 5:40 am Via Sep 02 2018 7:54 am Again this drama is so great if you can't feel their chemistry then maybe because you're too focus on their age? Roughly after I google translate it kinda sound like "After-meal recipe of the sun W tea". "I hope to convey the lessons from the original webtoon through the drama without getting too serious.". At first, I liked the flow of story. I'm so so curious ab8 the drama. It couldve been better because the plot was good though. Heaven Feb 25 2019 10:12 am huyi Jun 02 2018 1:25 pm That makes them have no much impact on their friendship with Mirae. gunselis Jun 30 2018 2:43 pm 1st comment ever Aug 25 2018 3:18 pm She is absolutely beautiful and played the part to perfection. in the webtoon you can see her mature as she becomes aware of herself but not in the show. while talking about that too, they also talk about objectification, domestic abuse (especially emotional abuse.. which is most often ignored) and so much more. Light story with deep feeling hahah i don't know how to express it right. Most of all what is so great about this drama is the refreshing and honest dialogue. Must watch drama. Soo A is not even as beautiful as kang mi rae, I don't know why everybody is just going crazy about her. Shuhei Sep 17 2018 7:30 am after watching this drama, it’s made me want to become a better person and stop trying to put down other girls for their looks. And of course the script is too slow and too boring.

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