- Find photographs hidden throughout the game and then explore the photo puzzle. - Multiple Logic mini games - Unconventional use of hog-scenes. But first—your grandfather has disappeared! - Earn achievements and uncover hidden pearls. Can you, her trusted companion, clear her name and save the kingdom before it’s too late? So explore our selection, and join in the fun at Gamesgames.com. Find out in this spine-tingling hidden object puzzle adventure! Climb aboard Charon's mystical train for another Haunted Train mystery! Features: - Close the gates to the Underworld in the bonus game! It is the website to play your best free hidden object games and many other online puzzles games. But not everything is as it seems in this magical world. - Continue playing the bonus adventure "Act of Deceit"! Features: - Dive deeper into the virtual worlds, where evil forces threaten your memories, in the bonus chapter! On each level you'll have to solve a photo puzzle: search for highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges. After escaping as an infant, you and your father have been called back to Wolfhill. You’ve been called to investigate the murder of Alfred Oldgrey's fiancé. Things take a dark turn when the past and the present collide. Do you have what it takes? Meet characters from Charles age London. It's up to you to discover what dark forces are at play in your family's castle. Enjoy the newest addition to the Dark Romance series! - Consult the helpful Strategy Guide. At an academic lecture hosted by your friend, a hooded man refutes the accepted lore, announcing that the Minotaur is still alive and well in his labyrinth, waiting patiently to be reborn. Wander down another twisted path in the latest installment of the Sable Maze series! The White Kingdom was rebuilt with magic, but the Black Kingdom is still cursed - dark clouds envelop the sky, and dangerous vines destroy fields and houses. - Earn achievements to prove your skill. This time they visit Florida. Play this detective puzzle game! - Find collectibles and earn achievements. - Earn achievements and replay puzzles to master the game. - Includes wallpapers, artwork, soundtrack, and replayable HOPs and mini-games. Now the Hunter needs the League's help again – someone has been following him, and he fears for his family. Long ago, the twin kingdoms destroyed each other in war. Will yours be your downfall? - Replay the HOPs and mini-games to your heart's content! Features: - Explore the original tome locations in the bonus chapter! She may have found the key to a lost city! If you're lucky, you may just get out alive. Features: - Gather amazing collections - Solve incredible puzzles - Refresh yourself by collecting different groups of fruits - Enjoy beautiful graphics and exciting mini games - Repeat favorite levels and mini games.

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