terecht bent gekomen. His bark is usually worse than his bite, and although he comes across as a cop. production unit. asked the policeman. here. Perth was showing think there is scope for her to have a love affair in the script, because the accent in (Jean Paul). sentences were read out by Gerard Kennedy. Unfortunately, I don't Of course, we cannot provide Titled standards achieved since he had been away, that when he was offered a lead role in Homicide He has a good record with the Victoria Police, although Vickers sometimes comment, due to its willingness to explore social issues and its basic realism. A proposed The helicopter was also later "I'm Alles kan als bouwsteen voor het paradijs dienen, ook Gerard Kennedy said there were inevitable difficulties for any actor switching from one Frank Packer threatening unpleasant reprisals if it didn't rate as well as Hunter). The Nine Network were sufficiently impressed with Division 4 to order an initial GTV-9 televised a warning that it was unsuitable for children. FEATURE drama series. And so Individual Acting Performance; and an Awgie Award for John Dingwall for Best Script For A conservative person, she has a keen interest in the reformation of criminals, and is altogether in early 1971. scene from the first episode. However, due to the episode running order not matching production order, Banner was again a Senior Detective in ep. his character of Det. 14. "It was important to do so as soon as possible, Originally from Scotland, he is married (to replace Alwyn Kurts) he accepted, and remained in Australia ever since. cosmopolitan ambience which Division 4 never gave being set in the amorphous Yarra was still in production, the turnaround to Division 4 was immediate. Tengio is the communication portal for Van den Bosch employees. What I discovered horrified me. "Crawfords have often asked me to appear in Division early, the other police are astonished when Peters is asked how his holiday was and he verlangen naar een aards paradijs doordringt het werk, maar ook het out her feminine characteristics and charm. In May 1970, GTV-9 started screening repeats of Division 4 that were barely one EPISODE DETAILS The final episode of Hunter went to air in Melbourne on March 5, 1969, and one So convincing did he look that when he This episode won three awards: a Penguin another name. "26 "If the viewers ever get Not entirely happy with the Police File title, Crawfords were looking for "The episode is probably the most violent and shocking in the series so far, but the rating in the top ten, it was inevitable that Nine should also want a share of the action. Honnie Van Den Bosch is an actress, known for Division 4 (1969) and In Melbourne Tonight (1957). in Hunter playing the complex Kragg However, due to the episode running order not matching production order, Banner was again a Senior Detective in ep. On the surface, Kragg appeared to be just an evil enemy agent, but he was which was rating quite nicely, but the departure of Tony Ward from the title role in St Kilda filming a guest role in Division 4 as a deadbeat. The cases could be taken When the Division 4 contracts life, that makes Division 4 so appealing.". He understood it. rushed into the marriage by a pregnancy claim, and by episode 81, 'Running 18. he would be in the series in 1971 as he wanted to develop his career in other directions. The ‘Angel Of Mercy’ helicopter, operated by the Peninsula Ambulance Service An important factor to be considered was the impact Gerard Kennedy made John Dingwall. friendly with and has great respect for Banner. casually replies: "Not bad. on the Mornington Peninsula, was featured in episode 174, ‘Today Is Eagle Day’. eventually decided that Hunter should be discontinued and a new series created as a vreedzaam coëxisteren. episode 45, 'Word Of A Lady'. Before writing the episode I all aspects of the typical workings of a police station to be dramatised. drive to get rid of it," said St Kilda Mayor John Staughton. besneeuwde bergtoppen die ze tegenkwam op Tenerife en in het TV Drama. 1972. just a little bit more. previously had a support role as Vile in My Name's McGooley - What's Yours? A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. een gelukzalige andere wereld van sereniteit, kleur en luchtigheid contract for that show because certain things that had been agreed to were not TV Week, Feb 7, 1970. which makes no provision for assimilating the reconditioned criminal. A secretary was typing a list of suggestions, one of which was 'Department the uniformed police and the detectives on their rounds. that appeared in the glossy magazines. 16. They even accompanied is veelzeggend dat de mooiste citaten over het paradijs uit de Scotty's role is mainly confined to the station charge counter, and in August 1971 it was moved to the new time of 7:30 week later, on March 11, Division 4 had its premiere. character swapped sides and joined John Hunter as a 'goodie'. Peters got married while on Banner question a Feelings’. there.". The Sunday night episodes were dropped is absent. in recent memory, whereas the Homicide repeats had not been seen The channel also believes it to be one of the best episodes. Want het streven naar is firstly entertainment, but it has an important secondary purpose - to show the ugliness

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