Thanks to all of you, my first conlang is off to a great start. This thread should help. This page will give you a few hints and tips about creating your own writing system, commonly called a "conscript". How are roots derived? adverbs? For example, the letter. This thread is archived. That's really easy ! Re: Making a Digital Script for My Conlang. Quai'op is an analytical language isolate spoken in East Asia in Taiwan and the Philippines, with origins unknown, but possibly Chinese. In English you can say "Spanish," but in Spanish the letter S cannot begin a word when followed by a consonant so it becomes "Espanish." By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Well, you're in luck! One glyph for each unit of meaning or concept (like Chinese). Omniglot is how I make my living. Some constructed languages are based on Conworld-wiki worlds. Vieraile Suomenkielisessä Wikian wikissä Conlang! Can you have consonants at the end of syllables? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In my conlang Shorama I usually try to avoid any of them as it's supposed to be a completely fictional fantasy langauge without any ties to the real world. A separate glyph for each consonant … I am trying to make a custom script and am wondering if there is a specific process you people follow. In a script with very many glyphs, you will probably want most glyphs to have a fair amount of detail, so they can be readily told apart. Not in Hawai'ian. To make your own, decide what sounds you want, create words, and hold it all together with a grammar. You have to build a very good dictionary if you want to start a good conculture! So, before you actually start to create any glyphs (symbols), you will need to decide what kind of script you would like to make. If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donation via PayPal or Patreon, or by contributing in other ways. Press J to jump to the feed. If you're also creating a conculture, think of what's important to them. 4. (Not necessarily in that order.). These pictures were simplified and worn down over time into more abstract shapes. Thanks for the help! Scalability., List of self-segregating morphology methods. A cursive version of your script can be made by writing each of your letters as fast as you can. Umbrean is a highly inflectional language and semi-polysynthetic as very simple sentences are possible to render into a single word. If too many symbols are very similar or just turned versions of other symbols, they can be very confusing to read. The language heavily use glottalization, and a strict timing exists. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (English: "I am eating" and "I eat" is the same in spanish and swedish). Its vocabulary, for the most part, is unique, but some grammar traits entered the language from Min Chinese and Tagalog. Want to create a language? Naturally, you are not limited to just these types. moods? Now that you have chosen the type of script you want, you get to design the glyphs themselves. You can find them on List of Conworld-based Conlangs. Some writing systems like Ogham are sometimes even written in a circle. A separate glyph for each consonant and vowel (like English, or Hangul). aspects? particles? The language would be moderately difficult for an English speaker to learn and pronounce, but the grammar is simple enough not to have to learn it, immediately beginning with vocabulary. If you prefer to use symbols you can either do them by hand or start with pictures and write them fast with a pen or brush to see how they morph. Carved or etched letters will tend to have hard lines, while letters written by brush will often be flowing. A constructed language is a language made for a specific purpose, own enjoyment and more. To make your own, decide what sounds you want, create words, and hold it all together with a grammar. I am trying to make a custom script and am wondering if there is a specific process you people follow. ', Construct a grammar, how is it all put together in a flow? One consonant per glyph with little marks for vowels (like Sanskrit). Here are a few things to keep in mind: Okay, now you have your sounds and your symbols but you have one more thing to figure out: which way the words will be written. Think about how many distinct glyphs you will need. Visite a Wikia em língua Portuguesa Conlang! To make an interesting writing system the last thing you want to do is copy the Roman script. Thanks for the help! How are things expressed? Cookies help us deliver our Services. For example, Japanese is sometimes written top to bottom with vertical lines going right to left. This subreddit is focused on the discussion of conlangs, tools, and activities to aid you in the construction of your own conlang, and creating a community environment where we can all enjoy conlanging together. Most word clases are inflected in accordance to something to represent their meaning and position. Visita il Wikia in lingua italiana sulla Conlang! To make an interesting writing system the last thing you want to do is copy the Roman script. The only thing you need to do is to create the font using electronic tools such as and etc and then in your pc left click on the ttf file and install it and then use it in Microsoft office "Word"., Decide the phonology (sounds in the language), What sounds are meaning changing? Think about where your script is written. Many cultures began writing with basic pictures of objects, such as the ancient Maya or the Egyptians using hieroglyphs. Scripts are divided up by how many sounds are expressed per glyph. Postby idralinconlang » 2020-01-02, 4:57. Decide on phonotactics; which consonants go togather and which don't? A script originating as knots tied in a string — a common ancient record-keeping technique — may have a connecting line written through the middle of every letter. articles? Although, if you are making a secret language, this might be your goal.

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