Weaver Rifle Scopes is one of the oldest American sport optical companies. Iron Sight Inc. 4814 S Elwood Ave. Tulsa OK 74107. I'm looking at a Weaver 'Marksman' scope on Ebay which looks to be in real good condition. As the name of the line implies, these scopes are designed exclusively for hunters. But it could be from as early as the late 50's all the way up to the 70's. Policy. However, it now appears that information was correct as Weaver Optics is no longer producing or offering rifle scopes. They did suggest that Bushnell will offer you a very nice discount on a new Bushnell scope rather than repair the Weaver. It delivers quality results without the use of all the bells and whistles seen on other modern-day rifle scopes. 1/4 MOA positive clicks for elevation and windage adjustments ensure an accurate shot. This classic-style scope is made from air-craft grade aluminum material and features fully multi-coated optics. e. If you have shopped around for a new scope lately, you have a good idea of what high-quality scopes are going for. For the last few months, there have been a number of rumors swirling around online…, Another common question that I was asked about customers who were just being introduced to…, When the outdoor company I use to work for first started carrying the Meopta line…. It has the accuracy to lock in on a smaller-than -usual target, and it costs much less than similar scopes made by other brands. Different markings indicate an improvement of some sort, which then makes the older one "lower quality." Weaver Kaspa 3-9x40mm 849807 Tactical Riflescope Ballistic X Reticle/1/4" MOA, Weaver Kaspa 1.5-6X32 mm Ill Ballistic-X Tactical Scope, Black. I agree on the looks and the Nikon being a better scope, too. So be sure to look at our Weaver Riflescopes reviews to find all the details needed to get your own Weaver Rifle Scope. It was smaller, lighter, and more affordable. This and all other Classic K Series scopes are backed by Weaver’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. But if you are looking for something a little more high-tech, the brand can take care of that as well. The K6 6X36mm Rifle Scope costs less than $200, and you can find it  on most online retail websites. I have a few more from the 50's but they are all just printed on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper and stapled together. All rights reserved. It is a variable magnification 3x9 made in the USA. Amazon.com? What is Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good comparison? And some are tri-fold. Email Only Sun. eBay? The old Weavers are good rugged scopes, and likely won't lose zero. Although, if you call the Weaver helpline (which is now manned by Bushnell employees) asking about a warranty issue, those Bushnell folks have been instructed to offer a healthy discount on any Bushnell scope as a small means to make up for not supporting the Weaver warranty. It doesn't even have any handling marks. I’ve still got a few Grand Slam models and V-24 Classic models mounted on different rifles. No wonder you know so much about those old Weavers. A good friend gave me a 4x that needed a little work. I know, from some of what I've been reading, that the Marksman was one of their lesser grade scopes. The K series /marksman, with the old steel tube are great scopes, I have a couple one in 4x one in 6x. The scope appears to have never been mounted. While finger adjustments can be very convenient, they are also the reason why so many scopes are unable to keep a zero under hard recoil. They just aren't as clear optically as modern scopes. vBSecurity v2.2.2 (Pro) - The Weaver Classic K6 is an accurate and durable rifle scope. ATK is an outdoor goods based conglomerate that owns several well known outdoor brands. When you consider the average annual income for most people at the time, which was $$$, it is easy to see why Weaver’s 3-30 scope which was priced at $ sold so quickly. But this one only received a couple bids and no last minute bids like what usually happens. The best way to locate neutral opinions on Weaver Rifle Scopes is right here with our Weaver Riflescopes Reviews. I assumed they could fix any Weaver and sent a V-22 Classic in 6-24X44 in for repair. Although it may be much smaller than other scopes, the K6 rifle scope is known to withstand intense recoil and still hold a zero. Although a successful optics brand, Weaver has experienced some financial challenges, and the company changed hands until it ended up being purchased by the ATK Sporting Group. Re: opinion of an old weaver marksman 4x scope? Policy. My suggestion would be a scope repair facility in Tulsa, OK, called Iron Sight Inc. I’m inclined to think that some of that product overlap played a role in this decision. Although Weaver makes good scopes with good glass for the money involved, the brand as a whole hasn’t been updated in years. These tactics have worked for the Weaver brand for more than 80 years and it will continue to work as the brand reaches the 100 year mark. Required fields are marked *, Offers an 18.3 feet/100 yards Field of View, Eye Relief is at 3.15” and Exit Pupil at 6.3mm, Factory-set Parallax Settings at 150 yards. But this scope with all its simplicity is the exact optical accessory that so many outdoorsmen are looking for. We keep receiving tons of questions of readers who are going to buy Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good, eg: All of these above questions make you crazy whenever coming up with them. The Wirecutter? The fixed 6X magnification allows you to have a precise aim no matter how far you are from your target. We've compiled a list of the Best Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good Reviews on Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit, Consumer Reports... You will know What is the best Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good … They specialize in repairing several scope brands, including Weaver. This is one of the more popular scopes from the Weaver brand because of it’s classic, no hassle style and how affordable it is to own. The design was much better than the best selling German scopes at the time. Professional hunters appreciate the reliability and the features found in the Weaver T-Series line of scopes, mainly because of their patented Micro-Trac 4-point adjustment system. The end result showed that the other scope couldn’t hold a candle to the K6. You could see the top 10 Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good of 2019 above. The Weaver K6 scope is designed to take all types of abuse from heavy recoils to being jarred around in the back of a pickup truck. But, this lightweight K-Series scope will do its job well at a price that will fit any hunter’s budget. Each scope features multiple reticles in a lightweight and compact design. Although another theory that was also mentioned was that ATK bought Weaver with plans to eventually phase Weaver out, as Weaver was a significant competitor to Bushnell, that idea sounds a bit less plausible as ATK purchased Weaver from Meade Optics in 2008, and 10 plus years is a long time to carry a brand that you were planning to drop in the first place. I would suggest first trying the Iron Site facility that I mentioned above as they specialize in repairing and serving the older Weaver rifle scopes and still have a ton of parts off of those old Weaver models in stock. I once sent them a Weaver Grand Slam for a reticle change, and the process went well. It has excellent image quality and is available at a reasonable price that won’t cost you a fortune. With the coin slot adjustment, everything stays in place until you want it to move. I have a few vintage catalogs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if something’s wrong or mislead information about Weaver Kaspa Scopes Any Good. Weaver built his first rifle scope by hand and soon offered a 3/4 -inch tube 3X model scope, originally known as the 3-30 to the public. Weaver is one of the most highly recognized names in the sport optics industry. They offer a broad range of scopes for the everyday hunter. Learn more about our Return The test included firing 10,000 rounds from a 375 H&H magnum rifle. In 1930, William Ralph Weaver established the W.R. Weaver Co. in Newport, Kentucky. http://ironsightinc.com/index.php?route=common/weaver. The K-Series scopes are designed for use by open field hunters who want a simple and easy to use scope that is also reliable. Doing Away With Traditional Lenses to Focus an Image, ATN Night Vision Review: An Absolute Scope To Try On, BSA Scopes Review For Hunting And Tactical Use, Simmons Rifle Scopes Reviews And Comparison, Best Long Range Caliber: Top 8 Options To Try, Gen 2 Night Vision Reviews And Comparison, First Focal Plane Scopes: How to Choose the Right FFP Scope, Let’s Get Zeroed: A Newbie’s Guide to Pro-Level Rifle Shooting, Ruger Pellet Gun Review – Considered Less Dangerous. Knowing how long Weaver had been in the riflescope business, I was hesitant to give it much credibility as the idea didn’t make sense. Some of their most popular products include their fixed-power scopes in the K-Series line, the high-end Grand Slam Series, and the versatile V-Series line.

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