Our stock changes frequently so check back often to find a great instrument that's right for you. Made in USA by ARMSTRONG. Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from. var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; We offer both modern and baroque oboe machines as well as English horn models. € . The machine first trims the top of the cane, then pregouges it, all in one stroke. USED OBOES & ENGLISH HORNS. € *, from The oboe is characteristically known for this expressive sound, often used to depict rural pastoral scenes and tranquility. Price: $7,950.00 . Price: $2,795.00 . If moisture is not removed, the playing quality of the oboe could diminish. English Horn music, and great bocals, quality music stands including Manhasset, and Tascam variable speed CD player All ... 4 - FLUTES - 1 BUFFET ( England ) & 2 GEMEINHARDT ( USA ) Flute made in England by Buffet. With like new case, a mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck strap, new swab, cork grease and ... Yamaha intermediate YOB 441 oboe. In excellent condition, it has a built -in guillotien, an uncomplicated mechinism (dial) to adjust the gouge thickness and comes with two blades. (function() { € The Kawartha Youth Orchestra is in need of an oboe for a young musician in exchange for a charitable receipt of its appraised value. Picture wil be forthcoming. *, 16,47 Gordet German #398 $ 2,400.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Looking for quality used oboes online? . *, 97,29 *, 28,76 This is a used oboe reed gouger made by Kunibert Michel in Hannover, Germany. Loree AK+3 #SU-14 $ 6,700.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Lovely Boosey & Hawkes Regent London Obeo | Working condition | With new reeds. $2000 - $3000 (3) $3000 - $5000 (6) $5000 - $15000 (26) 1; 2 >> Fox Renard Model 51 Bassoon Model: MODEL 51. Reeds 'n Stuff. The different members of the oboe family include: The oboe sound has been described as reedy, clear, piercing, bright, biting, and robust, although the low notes of the oboe can sound heavy or deep. *, 5,78 Student model " Cooper Scale " - Serial # 6930xx, Silver plated head-joint, body & foot. I had it tuned up in December, and I have sanitized it thoroughly. *, 1.208,74 var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); With tolerances down to +/- .001" every gouger will perform according to long proven specifications. . Looking for musician. . *, 116,90 Model YPC32 - serial # 101xxA, ABS Resin body, Nickel Silver head-joint, Split " E " and double bladder pads. Asking $ 550.00. Model 3000A Serial # 29 - 466XX. An antique that needs new pads and cork, but a beautiful oboe! 97,47 Floor 2Los Angeles, CA 90004, Store Hours (temporary):M-F 12pm-6pm | Sat-Sun Closed, Contact Phone:(888) RDG-REED | (323) 463-4930. € Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. La Fleur and Boosey & Hawkes wooden Oboe. € *, 9,65 We have a growing membership and four young oboists in our ... Selmer Signet Soloist intermediate level oboe in very good condition. Swabs or oboe cleaning mops can be used to remove dirt and moisture. 68,09 *, from This is a used oboe reed gouger made by Kunibert Michel in Hannover, Germany. However, the middle and most used register of the oboe sounds bright and forceful. If you know who the band Soft Machine is and can play any of the above instruments half decent, message me. Loree #HO-82 $ 4,200.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . RDG Woodwinds offers an assortment of excellent used oboes at a variety of price points. Interlochen Arts Camp: Teacher Product Recommendations. If you would like to order some sample cane gouged from Graf gouger, please place an order here (click) and mention in the notes when checking out that you'd like to try Graf gouge. $2,700.00 Yamaha Duet Oboe- YOB 441 City of Toronto 05/10/2020. View cart for details. The trim blade is reversible for twice the use before sharpening or replacing. International shipping OK. You may pay using a credit card. Oboes For Sale on Reverb. Used by professional oboist and pro reed maker.

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