Sentences with positive sentiment : 9.0 8.67935871743 104% => OK In my opinion, an individual should do a part time job, but it should always be something that he or she loves to do and enhances their personality. Doing a part-time work to accommodate daily needs has advantages as well as disadvantages which need to be weighed before making a choice. Some people believe it is a good idea for students to work part time to ensure better opportunities in future. To sum up, I would say that it is very important for students to work while studying as it would help them to grow mentally and would help them to know about society too. How many sentences: 14.0 16.0721442886 87% => OK Firstly, while doing a part-time job students get to know what is happening in their societies. They need to focus not only on their studies but also work, leaving them drained off, with no social life. In my opinion, working while studying can be hugely rewarding; however, it does have some drawbacks as well. Write at least 250 words. Essay readability: For example, a person may like writing, but when he or she starts working as a part time writer they get to know the seriousness of their interest. They become more mature and responsible towards their life. Sample Answer 1: Meeting expenses while being a student has been a challenge. However, odd jobs are very tough to handle for students. automated_readability_index: 9.8 13.0946893788 75% => Automated_readability_index is low. I agree that doing a part-time job is helpful for students as it helps them to widen their horizons and also help them to deal with problems in their life. gunning_fog: 9.2 10.1190380762 91% => OK Learn more about our Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. Par time weekend job keeps students focused on their needs and thus help them support their expenses. Doing a part time job while studying surely ensures a more practical knowledge about a subject to the student. To be verbs : 8.0 13.1623246493 61% => OK While studying some students take weekend or evening jobs to help with expenditure. Article: 0.0 2.52805611222 0% => OK The benefits are ease of fee payment and additional pocket money. smog_index: 3.1 7.44779559118 42% => Smog_index is low. Pronoun: 7.0 5.43587174349 129% => OK Working part-time while gaining university education becomes very controversial topic nowadays. ^^^^, Transition Words or Phrases used: What are sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment. What is your view? This essay will firstly, discuss job security as one of the main advantages of this and secondly, outline deteriorated psychological health as one of the main disadvantages. It has been even observed that some student leave their education to work, while in many cases there have been positive results, in many the students were left with neither a good job nor a better education. While in many countries it is common for students to work part time allowing them the freedom to learn their course practically, allowing better knowledge about their subject. Discuss both views and give your opinion. It helps not only to survive but also to get settled with new place and culture. Nowadays, active students tend to take on one or more part-time jobs while completing their course or degree. flesch_reading_ease: 70.13 50.2224549098 140% => OK Another demerit is a distraction from the mainstream which is education. To recapitulate, there are both merits and demerits to doing an additional job. Sentences with neutral sentiment: 3.0 3.4128256513 88% => OKWhat are sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment? Secondly, juveniles that go only to school don't face real-time problems and would not able to develop the quality of how to deal with problems. You should spend 40 minutes on this task. It was when they realized that they have fallen in love with this work, that they did actually made it big. Part-time job is the kind of work a person does for a fewer hours per week allowing an individual to explore different other aspects of his or her character. Many people are of the opinion that part time jobs allow an individual to explore his or interest early in life while others believe that more often a part time jobs leave the person drained off to pursue future plans. Few students could get lured to part-time work in search of easy money and gradually shift focus from school work to temporary job as they taste the benefits of money. Relative clauses : 11.0 7.30460921844 151% => OK Word Length SD: 2.35149436675 2.80592935109 84% => OK In this expensive world, paying a course fee is an insurmountable obstacle for the middle and lower class society. A working student can help their parents financially. Give reasons for your answer. Whether students should do part-time jobs or concentrate on their studies. Whether students should do part-time jobs or concentrate on their studies. Even more, part time jobs allow students to become more independent. coleman_liau_index: 9.92 12.4159519038 80% => OK Also, a part time job worker is less likely to get a promotion as compared to a regular worker. Generally, examination also puts too much pressure on students. Preposition: 32.0 41.998997996 76% => OK A student can find it difficult to focus on studies, sometimes skipping classes to fulfill the sleep that he or she missed. Do you think it is a good idea or bad idea??? In conclusion, nothing is perfect. Students get the experience of working somewhere as an employee before completing studies. As education is becoming more and more expensive, the financial burden is increasing for the parents. No of words: 256.0 315.596192385 81% => More content wanted. Line 9, column 44, Rule ID: EN_CONTRACTION_SPELLING Also, they get to know how to value things. Students get an idea about how to manage study and job together. Many students take part time jobs while studying at university Is this a bad or good idea, Write about the following topic. A part-time job can help you gain skills that a university or college … Many students take part-time jobs while studying at university. Performance on vocabulary words: Some people are of the opinion, that a job during the student years take away the time and attention required during education. Cue Card: A expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily, Cue card: A person who took a decision for you, Fly to Canada on a Study Visa* during Pandemic – Support Letter, Cue Card # Talk about the weather in your country, IELTS CUE CARD – Describe an important journey that was delayed, IELTS CUE CARD: SITUATION WHEN YOU HELPED AN OLDER PERSON, IELTS WRITING TASK 1 # MAP Before and After, IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Technology For Communication. "IELTS Sample Answer & IELTS Preparation". ---------------------Rates: 56.1797752809 out of 100Scores by essay e-grader: 5.0 Out of 9 Many students take part-time jobs while studding in university. I agree that doing a part-time job is helpful for students as it helps them to widen their horizons and also help them to deal with problems in their life. Suggestion: don't text_standard: 10.0 10.7795591182 93% => OKWhat are above readability scores? Maintaining a job while studying is not what everyone can do. flesch_kincaid_grade: 7.9 11.3001002004 70% => OK When they work they meet different peoples and learn new things every day which is not possible in a school that is only limited to certain subjects. difficult_words: 39.0 78.4519038076 50% => More difficult words wanted. Most of the successful companies that we have today in our world, from Apple to Microsoft, the successful people that we cherish, from Shahrukh Khan to Kangana Ranaut, started with what they do as part time job. Chars per words: 4.69140625 5.12529762239 92% => OK This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best user experience on our website. Students may get stressed because of the burden of work. Finally, children who work get to know the importance of money in their early life. Universities should have tied up with different business firms or organisations which again provide support to the students. This enticement could seriously mislead them to become aimless citizens. On the flip side, working after studies can cause stress and also trigger deviation from studies. Copyright © 2005-2020 TestPrep Communities by, All rights reserved. Others are of the opinion, job during study distracts the individual. syllable_count: 348.3 506.74238477 69% => OK Also, in this essay, I don’t see any link with modernity. You can write a more contextual response: Due to financial constraints, many university students are compelled to take part-time jobs to support their studies. ...ondly, juveniles that go only to school dont face real-time problems and would not a... By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon for high school or university students to find some part-time jobs. avg_syllables_per_word: 1.4 1.60771543086 87% => OK. A sentence (or a clause, phrase) starts by: Apart from financial independence, there are so many other benefits of doing a part time job. I honestly think that it is an awesome, great idea for students to have part-time jobs before they graduate from high school -- if they have the time and resources to do so. Apart from financial independence, there are so many other benefits of doing a part time job. Chars per sentence: 85.7857142857 106.682146367 80% => OK ---------------------Note: the e-grader does NOT examine the meaning of words and ideas. Sentence length SD: 42.4896746161 49.4020404114 86% => OK However, if done in a wrong way, often leads to emaciation. Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.0553842145077 0.056905535591 97% => OK.

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