Beyond the trace minerals, marine phytoplankton contains literally hundreds of potent phytochemicals that work in synergy to protect your body's tissues, detoxify your blood and remove toxins, enhance oxygenation and circulation and reverse abnormal cell division that can lead to cancer. They're also found in seaweed, of course, which is why eating lots of seaweed, dulse, kelp, nori and other sea vegetables is such a smart health strategy. (3) Contains hundreds of rare caretonoids and potent phytochemicals – These potent antioxidants have powerful anti-inflammatory and protective qualities. One of those rare products that contain almost everything you need for life (and the rebuilding of a healthy life.) Over the years I have helped thousands of people in the Lebanon, Lancaster and Dauphin area experience a transformation in their overall well being. Although spirulina is often classified as a blue-green-algae it is in fact not an algae at all any more, though for many years it was considered one. It is not just highly nutritious, it’s nutrition you can absorb. BRI Nutrition Klamath Blue Green Algae - More Effective Than Spirulina or Chlorella - from The Clean Pure Source of Klamath Lake, 500mg 60ct Gel Capsules. Not only is plankton incredibly high in healthful fatty acids, our particular strain contains more than any other. Marine Phytoplankton contains hundreds of different carotenoids, minerals, amino acids and nutrients. Spirulina . Which is the most nutritious? Unfortunately, the American palette doesn't include seaweed, and virtually all Americans (and Canadians, Brits, and Aussies) remain dangerously deficient in key trace minerals. Based on considerable nutritional research, Marine phytoplankton provides nutritional elements and phytochemicals that may help improve all of the following health conditions: Safety note: Since marine phytoplankton contains vitamin K, it can theoretically interfere with blood thinning medications. MR ROS SPIRULINA, CHLORELLA & MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON CAPSULES-A specially curated mix of spirulina, chlorella and marine phytoplankton in one capsule that’s formulated to work synergistically and boost your health and improve your functionality. It is one of the rare bacteria that are considered edible, and is generally found in tropical lakes with an extremely high naturally occurring PH. This is especially true in the Midwest or regions where people are mostly living on beef, potatoes, junk food and soda pop. Having evolved in a saline environment, phytoplankton has access to the breadth of minerals found in sea water (or a purified saline solution, in our case, since we produce all of the phytoplankton in a German bioreactor) It is the main food of many large oceanic mammals such as whales, and scientists posit it may be the oldest species on our planet. Strontium is the "secret" mineral for building strong bones. This article aims to answer some of those questions, and establish where phytoplankton lies in relation to its better known cousin. It is the life form responsible for creating an oxygen-rich environment on our planet. It is one of the rare bacteria that are considered edible, and is generally found in tropical lakes with an extremely high naturally occurring PH. For example, selenium halts cancer tumors. There are very few products that provide all, or even most, of the raw materials to make new cells and sustain the existing ones. Chromium helps boost insulin sensitivity which helps regulate blood sugar. That's worth noting because it turns out that marine phytoplankton can also protect human life on Earth right now! The problem is that we need ALL of them at the same time for things to work. Spirulina grows in freshwater, Marine Phytoplankton grows in saltwater Spirulina is a freshwater cyanobacteria , meaning it evolved in a radically different environment than phytoplankton. What health conditions can marine phytoplankton help treat? - Spirulina is a … (4) The highest plant source of long chain Omega 3 Fatty Acids – The reason oily fish accrue such high levels of omega 3 is because they either eat phytoplankton directly, or they eat animals which themselves eat marine phytoplankton. Do they individually treat specific health problems? Spirulina however, is a unique blue-green algae, meaning it is not a true algae in biological terms but rather a cyanobacteria. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Phytoplankton, on the other hand, is a microalgae found in its wild form in the ocean. (2) Higher mineral content – Due to it being grown in a saline environment, it contains nearly all of the trace minerals which could prevent or repair serious disease. (1) Bioavailability – Phytoplankton’s narrower cell walls make it easier to digest.

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