She is the mother of Jack Abbott, Ashley Abbott, and Traci Abbott, and grandmother to Keemo, Kyle, Abby, and Colleen. Absolutely not, but I think enough has happened to Jack now: enough heartache, enough growth, enough introspection, enough losing people, that Jack might just be ready for this job. Marla originated the role of the rich and spoiled Abbott matriarch back in 1983 and portrayed the role on and off for what amounts to five decades. Tyler Johnson Announces His Departure From The Young and the Restless, Tricia Cast Returns to The Young and the Restless, Eileen Davidson, Vince Van Patten & Caitlyn Jenner In Cast Of New Sitcom ‘Duke of the Valley’, Y&R’s Brytni Sarpy Talks On Her Emotional Week of Scenes & The Fallout From Elena and Devon’s Break-Up, Y&R’s Peter Bergman Talks On Dina’s Death & How It Will Impact Jack, His Final Scenes With Marla Adams & Taping During COVID-19. I also hear coming up, there will be the reading of Dina’s will. Isn’t it amazing? JACQUELINE:  Thank you, thank you. And thus sets the stage for a potential quadrangle, and perhaps … some baby drama? (Laughs). I have a Nate voice. People die. and an M.A. In story, Dina passes away from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. I would like Dina to come back as a ghost, but I have no idea, if that will happen or not. I had to get into my car, and I was still emotional, and I had to put some good music on, and blare it, and drive home. We did it in one take. Will Steffy get Kelly back, or will she be estranged from her for a little bit? I think Steffy was using the pills to mitigate her misery, physically and emotionally. Fans need to make sure to have a tissue or two while watching Friday’s Y&R. Wasn’t she freaked out about Amanda being Hilary’s sister? Then, just moving forward from that and working with him as my scene partner on Y&R, I think it was during our first group scene, it was the opening of Society, and we did a tribute to Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John), and that was the first time I had spent long hours on a Y&R set. One of the preeminent female stars of all time, Marla Adams is best known for her roles as Belle Clemens on The Secret Storm (1968 to 1974), and as Dina Abbott Mergeron on The Young and the Restless (1983 to 1986 and in 1996).. She reprised her role as Dina for three episodes on The Young and the Restless in 2008. While Marla hasn’t consistently been on the show, she has certainly left her mark. We are forever grateful for all you’ve brought to Y&R as both a consummate professional and a cherished co-worker. Y&R Shares ‘Most Memorable Moments Of Dina Mergeron’: What Was Your All-Time Favorite? So, she’s been in a few times, which has been amazing! The card read: “Thank you for bringing the amazing force that is Abbott matriarch, Dina Mergeron to countless fans of The Young and the Restless. Do you think she may end up in a relationship with Nate? PETER:  We did. People who are police officers, to people who actually work with people who are addicted, people who were addicted have reached out to me. The veteran … So, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland), and a soon to … There have been rumors that Elena will become pregnant. I guess, because of COVID, it is better that way. UPDATE (October 16, 2020): If you missed the farewell episode to Marla Adams' Dina, you can read our complete recap of the episode here. How did you feel when taping those scenes with the confrontation where she pulls out a switchblade on Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge, Liam and Hope (Annika Noelle)? If you're like us, you'll probably need to prepare yourself for what will undoubtedly be a heartbreaking episode when it airs Friday, October 16.

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