There is often significant uncertainty in location and magnitude and sometimes date for each earthquake. Bye bye winter! SAN FRANCISCO (NEXSTAR) – Twitter flagged a tweet by the president Monday evening after Trump warned of "violence in the streets" in regards to a Supreme Court decision about mailed ballots in Pennsylvania, and urged, "Something must be done!". The rigid nature of the bedrock that runs throughout the Midwest allows seismic waves to travel across the region. It took 5 years for the majority of the state to fully recover from the earthquake. 2017 World Wrestling Championships Results, 1987: An earthquake registering 5.1 on the magnitude scale originated in Olney, Illinois. So is most of central and eastern Michigan. Originating in Kalamazoo county near the town of Galesburg, this is the strongest recorded earthquake in Michigan in the 21st century. They can be unsettling because there is little or no warning before they hit. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. All that makes our rock layers here tougher than what you’d find west of the Mississippi River, and so seismic waves produced by earthquakes travel more easily through our rocks. Since one of the earliest recorded quakes in 1872, several earthquakes have been felt in Detroit and Michigan, especially within a strip of land along the southern border of the Lower Peninsula. Boon Eat And Drink Yelp, I put up a temporary logo on top – can any of you guess what storm the radar depicts??? We are now entering another quiet period for our Michigan weather so I thought it would be a good time to post a bit of the earthquake history for Michigan. U-M has several experts from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences available today to discuss the seismic event. The earthquake hit and buildings crumbled. Not only was this one of the biggest earthquakes in Michigan’s history, but it came less than two months after a larger earthquake occurred less than 30 miles away. I will be adding a widget here to track them also. Ben van der Pluijm, an earthquake geologist. The state averages 1 earthquakes per year. Their Michigan Earthquake History lists significant earthquakes in Michigan and begins: The earliest record of earthquake tremors felt in Michigan Territory (statehood came in 1837) were from the great series of shocks centered near New Madrid, Missouri in 1811 and 1812. NWS GRR talking about melting snow and flooding possibilities. 1886: An earthquake originated in Charleston, South Carolina, where it registered a magnitude 7.3 and was intensity X. Earthquakes like today’s event are called within-plate earthquakes and shake the region regularly with little or no damage.Van der Pluijm can be reached today at 734-763-0373 or What Are the Biggest Tornadoes in Michigan History? Michigan doesn't normally have earthquakes. Detroit was on the outer edge of the area affected by the earthquake and experienced it as an intensity II-III. This information is useful for when you may be visiting other states where the earthquake risk is much higher than in Michigan… Earthquakes like today’s event are called within-plate earthquakes and shake the region regularly with little or no damage. One of the strongest was documented in 1905 on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula, where it was felt as an intensity VII, on the Mercalli Earthquake Intensity Scale, a measure of Seismic intensity. Chief Accountant Resume, Broadcom Bay Dynamics Acquisition, The 2028 Michigan earthquake was a superquake that hit Western Michigan on July 27, 2028. 2.7. If the application does not load, try our legacy Latest Earthquakes application. Beaverton Oregon Houses, Super Mario Flash 2 Player, WOOD has 4 of the next 8 days 42-48 degrees, which is above average! Thousands of people have gathered at Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids to hear what the president has to say in the hours leading up to Election Day. Ruff said there are no active hydraulically fractured gas or oil wells near today’s earthquake. Earthquake Information for Michigan. At 7:07 AM, the tsunami hit downtown Holland and went south towards the West Michigan Regional Airport and I-196. Other earthquakes with epicenters in Michigan include: The largest earthquake within the state, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, originated in South-Central Michigan in 1947, as a VI intensity and caused damage in an area southeast of Kalamazoo.

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