This reveals the role that internal conflicts may have in inciting powerful change and realisations in an individual. Notice that I call them souls because, in spite of them inhibiting a grown-up body, Will gives them all names on arrival. Boo Radley is the key character who connects the two parts of the story. Nine Days By Toni Jordan by cam herold 1. Evidence: "just because nothing's happening yet don't mean it won't."p.g.80. 0000017650 00000 n When Connie falls pregnant, Jean implores that she has an abortion, in secret of course, in order to preserve hers and her family’s reputation within the small community. People disappear.’ (p 261) How is the concept of loss dealt with in Toni Jordan’s Nine Days? The twists and turns that it brings are part and parcel of existence and for Will to understand them, there’s more than rebirth that can help him with it. Your closing sentence is the ultimate make or break for the entire essay so it is a shame to see many responses ending awkwardly due to students running out of time or becoming lazy with that final sentence. Polley continually blurs the line between fact and fiction within Stories We Tell - an ode to the postmodernist school of thought she is following. For example: “Lyle Shelton”; “Mr. var zergnet = document.createElement('script'); ALWAYS read it and let it influence your analysis. All of that sounds pretty dire, so is the novel then purely pessimistic? In other words, he sees empathy as a form of courage in being the first to break social stigmas and overcome the various forms of discrimination that separate us. • Capote paints Perry particularly sympathetically, highlighting his sensitivity as well as his broken and abusive childhood. Kate Grenville’s The Lieutenant explores the commonality of the human spirit amidst tumultuous conflict during the First Fleet’s arrival in Australia in 1788. The above essay question could be brainstormed in the following way: • During his confession of the Clutter murders, Perry’s comment, ‘There's got to be something wrong with somebody who'd do a thing like that,’ shows that he, to some extent, understands the gravity of his actions and regrets them. It could be anything from courage to do the ‘right’ thing, or courage to tell the truth, or courage to treat people with dignity even when you don’t know if they’ll treat you the same way. Idea: War 1.1. - Throughout her perspective driven text, Jordan makes many references to classic novels that helps create a literary context for the narrative and lends themselves to the evolution of the characters throughout the course of the text. Conversely, are viewers more accepting of Diane’s affair with Harry following testimony from those who witnessed her unhappiness with Michael first hand - her friends and family? ‍, Paragraph 2: In addition, the stark contrast between Rooke’s approach to his conflict of conscience and other soldiers’ approaches underscores the rationale behind his actions and the stakes ineluctably linked with his choices and morality. Capote states that she and Herb had not slept in the same bed for many years. Within Stories We Tell, Polley illustrates this by depicting the contrasting recollections of Michael’s relationship with Sarah as a child. I was picked last for some team. In this case, the quote was said by Perry as his last words before his execution by hanging. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Contention: Identifying the author’s contention can be the most difficult aspect of Language Analysis for many students. The complexity of internal conflict can be difficult to discuss, but by using the quote provided in the prompt and asking yourself questions about the implications of the quote, we are able to delve into and construct a sophisticated understanding of The Lieutenant and of conflict itself. Nine Days plays homage to the tumultuous home front in Australia and the hardships faced by many. 0000012865 00000 n Should mathematics be compulsory in schools? This is a sad reality but it can also be a life-altering one. Essay topics, a sample analysis of a topic and a sample essay on the text. This knowledge seems to be one of those unfortunate things that comes with age and life experience. The philosophical ideas of the east are often referenced by characters like Charlotte as she draws on them to make sense of her own complex life. What is prejudice, after all? 0000070619 00000 n For Will, it becomes the latter. They are remorseful words of a murderer reproaching the justice system, which begs the question - does Capote position the reader to agree with the murderer’s view? Being this ‘obvious’ with opening a conclusion does not earn any points. • In Cold Blood reflects this relationship with the murderer through Capote’s narration of the book as an objective bystander. Her choice of imagery reveals Rooke’s way of seeing the world. William Burghardt Du Bois; better known as W.E.B. • On the 15th of November, 1959, all four members of the small farming Clutter family were brutally murdered, including Herbert Clutter, his wife Bonnie Clutter and their two teenage children, Nancy and Kenyon. Due to her depiction of the truth as a “mystery of nothingness”, Polley highlights the role that stories play in our lives. For example, what impact does the newspaper clipping (detailing her custody battle and fight for equality in a restrictive society) have on our sympathy for Diane? The acting by the entire cast is phenomenal. The best way to explain this is to acknowledge the level of credibility and the associations attached to each individual medium used to tell the story. It’s a complex metaphor that tells us how a man feels pain and how they should be able to embrace that pain and release it away into the void. Aim to demonstrate that you understand why the article was written, and its surrounding circumstances. Cultural exchange itself, has shaped the world as we know it today – it has an important role in globalisation, understanding foreign cultures, and the development of Australian society. • The epigraph of the novel is a verse of the poem, ‘Ballade des pendus’ by Francois Villon, that he composed whilst on death row in 1463. Make sure your target audience is suitable for your essay – select a group that would realistically be interested in your work. Here, Scout and Jem must reckon with the moral lessons they’ve been taught about prejudice, but also about innocence and courage. - Jordan suggest that appreciation of family is integral to personal happiness. Stories and how they are told are a constant factor during the documentary - beginning with the title, ‘Stories We Tell’ and concluding with Geoff’s admission that he and Diane did sleep together during their days acting in Montreal. Nine Days is currently studied in VCE English under Area of Study 1 - Text Response. The trick is to ask yourself the question “What is the author’s argument?” If you want to break it down even further, try asking: “What does the author want to change/why/what is it like now/what do they want it to be?”. Husting holds his other hand out flat and instead of an apple there’s a shilling.” (p.6), “I own the lanes, mostly. So ‘courage’ is the key word here, and the way we define it will shape our entire discussion. 0000097041 00000 n Rooke’s conflict of conscience results in his permanent departure from Australia, and fleshing out the ramifications of dissent and opposition towards other Colonials is key in demonstrating your understanding of the complex and intertwined nature of conflict. The description of the image is the equivalent of an embedded quote from an article; both are used to provide evidence to support your analysis. Now quite sure how to nail your text response essays? Then download our free mini-guide, where we break down the art of writing the perfect text-response essay into three comprehensive steps.Click below to get your own copy today! Jordan’s novel traces the tumultuous lives of the Westaway family and their neighbours through four generations as they struggle through World War II (1939-45), the postwar period of the late 1940s and 50s, the 1990s and the early 2000s. "https:" : "http:") + '//'; The narrative begins with the ‘storytellers’ providing loving, yet somewhat conflicting recollections of Diane as Polley seeks to understand who she was. He is ably helmed by Wyatt Garfield’s cinematography and Antonio Pinto’s understated score that comes in only when absolutely necessary. Remembering this is a ‘how’ prompt, we want to be analysing ways in which Grenville explores Rooke’s conflict of conscience. Intro. Violence is central to the operation of imperialists as the British tightens its grip on the Indigenous Australians. While authorial intent should always be included in any text response essay, it is essential that the purpose is central in response to this type of prompt - essentially, providing points of discussion as to why Sarah is unable to “leave things as they are.”. Nine Days is the third novel by Australian author Toni Jordan and was inspired by a photograph from the State Library of Victoria’s Argus newspaper collection of war photographs. Now that we have looked at a few ideas related to the question, we’ll now move into potential paragraphs for this essay. We also contended that courage is linked to empathy, another key value that he imparts as it helps to overcome social barriers like discrimination. The shifting of power...... ...During this discussion I will be discussing W.E.B. 0000020008 00000 n However, juxtaposing this is Deidre’s assertion that Diane was a “woman of secrets” - bolstered by Polley’s recreation of a covert phone call in which Diane ponders the identity of Sarah’s biological father. Described as an ‘anxious woman’, it is revealed that Bonnie has a history of numerous mental illnesses, one of which is postpartum depression. Planning for each paragraph sets you up for a win as you begin to refine key ideas and explore the many ways of expressing them, which is crucial for a conclusion. And this happens to other white characters too—notably Walter Cunningham, a boy from a poor family who Aunt Alexandra straight up derides as “trash”. Alone. One of the golden rules of A+ essay writing is to understand that everything contained within the text is seen to be a deliberate choice by the author. He even thinks to himself that Herb Clutter is a ‘very nice gentleman’ even in the midst of slitting his throat. Â. Do you agree? 0000047194 00000 n A sad end.’ (Pike, p.24), ‘As a girl I had plenty of suitors, but none like Tom. If you need further help on Text Response (including essay structure), check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. Although Part One focuses on the lives of both the Clutter family members and Dick and Perry preceding the murder, Part Two skips over the actual murders themselves and recounts the aftermath of its events. The novel chronicles the evolution of family over the span of seven decades; from the first involvement in World War 2 to the terrorist attacks and heightened isolation experienced in a 21st century society. • Capote often links Perry’s violent tendencies with his childhood, described as ‘no bed of roses but pitiful, an ugly and lonely progress toward one mirage and then another’, as he was raised ‘with no rule or discipline, or anyone to show [him] right from wrong’. Truth, storytelling and family are intrinsically linked - for example: Polley’s presentation of conflicting accounts and recollections of Diane demonstrates the complexity of her family, while showcasing her stance on the inability of individuals to find universal truths. 0000408014 00000 n Mothering.” (p.212), “And for things like this, for girls like Connie and saving her future, there is a respectable woman who runs a business in Victoria Street” (pp.221-222), “I’d never of done it with boys but Connie, she was different.” (p.239), “we’re respectable people.” (p.218), ‘Kipper’s old man … dropped off the tram in Swan Street somewhat worse for a whiskey or three and hit his head.

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