eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',624,'0','0'])); Yes, and not really. I would not have ridden this section (or others like it, see next photo) either as fast, or at all, with a standard gravel bike. The travel is short. The travel is so short that if you get the sag set up properly (oops, did I lose you again? There is routing for a stealth dropper post if you want to add one. If you accept that there is no such thing as a PERFECT bike, this bike exceeds all expectations. We don't need lots of gears either. Learn all about our patented, proven suspension system. Depends on where I was going to ride the most. So what’s the story with our steel hardtail? 99.9% would never buy/justify. High quality construction, stiff rear triangle, great ride quality, quick steering, nice tang color. Introducing the world’s first full-suspension gravel bike – the Niner Magic Carpet Ride. 9 maintains the changing diameter and wall thickness of the tubesets depending on size, which means that every size frame has a ride characteristic built specifically for the rider on board. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. The MCR features 50mm of rear suspension via an X-Fusion shock and a 40mm travel Fox AX fork. so to avoid wet trails, i went down the shore with a buddy of mine to allaire state park. Once again, attention to detail is everything with Niner, and the M.C.R. For the better part of this year, the Bike198 offices have been riding the Niner M.C.R. One more quick note on Niner’s patented CVA design. By late 2017, we had a size run of alloy mules. There were a few sections where I wished I’d had a dropper post (and I did manually drop the seat height for the Giant Wet Staircase Challenge) so I could get my weight back further, but overall it was fine. There is rebound adjustment on that shock… They missed that big time. Internal, fully sleeved cable routing keeps those clean, and easy to swap or service. Boitier de pédalier  : 68 mm PF30 This classic metal alloy from materials icon Reynolds gives us the comfortable, durable, capable, versatile, “ride it hard and put it away wet” frame that we have always wanted.To make it even more tasty, the SIR 9 is strapped with a 120mm travel FOX suspension fork, perforated with no fewer than 18 threaded, reinforced mounting points, clears 29x2.4” (or 27.5x3.0”) tires, and offers easy options for geared or singlespeed drivetrains. It just isn't near the fun or quality of ride... Great ride. I loved building this bike. I simply love it. DT Swiss XMC 1501 SPLINE 30 carbon wheels, FOX 34 SC Float Factory EVOL FIT 4 fork w/Kashima coat, 120mm travel, HAND WELDED AIR HARDENED REYNOLDS 853 STEEL; EXTERNAL CABLE ROUTING; INTEGRATED BOTTLE, BAG, RACK AND FENDER MOUNTS; 12X148 THRU AXLE, FOX 34 SC FLOAT FACTORY EVOL FIT4, 3 POSITION W/ ADJ, KASHIMA COAT, 120MM, 110X15MM, 44MM OFFSET, DT SWISS XMC 1501 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK, 110X15MM, DT SWISS XMC 1501 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK, 148X12MM, RATCHET EXP 36, SCHWALBE NOBBY NIC EVO SUPER TRAIL TLE ADDIX SPEEDGRIP 2.6, SCHWALBE NOBBY NIC EVO SUPER TRAIL TLE ADDIX SPEEDGRIP 2.35, NINER CUSTOM TR WITH CRN-TI RAILS, PRINTED NINER GRAPHIC, RACE FACE NEXT R 800MM WIDE, 35MM RISE, 35MM CLAMP, NINER INTERNAL ZS SHIS DESCRIPTION ZS44/28.6|ZS56/40, HAND WELDED REYNOLDS 853 STEEL; EXTERNAL CABLE ROUTING; INTEGRATED BOTTLE, BAG, RACK AND FENDER MOUNTS; 12X148 THRU AXLE, DT SWISS XM 1700 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK 110X15MM, DT SWISS XM 1700 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK 148X12MM, FOX 34 SC Float Factory EVOL FIT4, 3 position, 120mm, 110X15mm, 44mm offset, DT SWISS M 1900 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK, 110X15MM, DT SWISS M 1900 SPLINE 30, CENTERLOCK  148X12MM, NINER CUSTOM WITH CrMo RAILS, EMBOSSED NINER GRAPHIC, RACE FACE AEFFECT R 780MM WIDE, 20MM RISE, 35MM CLAMP, Shimano SLX cranks and Niner Cogalicious cog, FOX 34 FLOAT FACTORY EVOL FIT 4, 3 POSITION W/ADJ, KASHIMA COAT, 120MM, 110X44MM OFFSET, NINER ALLOY, 30MM INTERNAL WIDTH, 110X15MM, NINER ALLOY, 30MM INTERNAL WIDTH,  148X12MM, NINER CUSTOM TR WITH CrMo RAILS, EMBOSSED NINER GRAPHIC, RACE FACE NEXT R 800MM WIDE, 20MM RISE, 35MM CLAMP, Marzocchi Bomber Z2 rail suspension fork, 120mm travel, MARZOCCHI BOMBER Z2 RAIL, SWEEP ADJ, 120MM, 110X15MM, 44MM OFFSET, NINER ALLOY, 30MM INTERNAL WIDTH, 148X12MM. The steel frame along with the wagon wheels makes for an incredibly smooooth ride. None. on the trail - a solid ride. Not so cool. Cycle through this year's Labor Day. Jeu de direction inclus : Oui So lately when we started seeing our gravel riders doing more and more crazy shit on their fully rigid, unsuspended bikes, our metaphorical attic lights clicked on. It's a wallet friendly, yet high-performing parts kit. It's a "wife bike" the kind you settle down with and keep. This suggests all manner of construction issues at the factory cranking these frames out. Lol, the “gravel” era has got me in stitches. . For that for $7k I could have a very nice rigid drop bar bike that I would likely enjoy more on road/gravel and an MTB for tackling trails. Provided you don't do anything really crazy and brake it and you rust shield it before you build it up this frame should last a long, long time. However, a production model release could happen within 2019. Clearance for 700 x 50c or 650b x 2.0 tires (FOX fork clearance 40c). It’s planted and confident on high speed descents. This bike would be ideally suited for jumping sharks. After demoing several nice 29er bikes, I felt the Niner had the best combination of smooth ride, quick steering and stability that I want in a mountain bike. It’s stable and well mannered, which is good for just cruising along mile after mile, hour after hour. You get it. * The MCR frame is very light for a steel frame and the handling is proven. But there were definitely times when it was an advantage on this trip. ), it’ll probably feel pretty good. Maybe a little heavy in the grand scheme of things, but fantastic in steel.Right at the limit of my price range. By mounting the rear shock behind the seat tube, we saved space in the front triangle for bottles, bags, and other cargo. Throw on some 32c tires and gravel/cx wheels and you have almost the same weight with way more capability, efficient and lockable suspension. Prévenez-moi de tous les nouveaux articles par e-mail. Steel RockHopper - I'm hoping they will be similar in durability. I still may choose the MTB if the ride’s mostly or all dirt, and I still prefer flat bars when things get lumpy. It does roll (and almost requires that you roll) faster over everything. can you please also the metric system for weight? Great geometry + high quality tubes = super cushy ride. For backcountry stuff with equal parts singletrack and dirt road, sure. If steep, rough descents and straight up singletrack figures prominently in your plans, consider the RKT 9 RDO mountain bike. Or just go credit card bikepacking (aka eating at restaurants and sleeping in hotels). More tire contact = more control. Plenty of bikes in this category that can do the job including some mtn bikes like the epic. Gt Avalanche, Gt IDXC 3.0, Gt Peace, Raliegh xxix ss, Schwinn s95.3, Paramount, Trek 7000. Nothing shows off a full suspension bike like video, and this one gives you plenty of action. Excellent frame and good value. My go to bike for known and unknown trails. However, I got so used to the current setup that I will probably keep it this way. If you apply the paint however make sure to pick up a small bottle of clear coat at the auto store to seal it with. 3 2012 Niner MCR 9- thru-axle/hardtail. Kudos for giving the market options and allowing it to vote with dollars. And wait until you see the full Where To Ride feature on Slovenia, that place is amazing! Magic Carpet Ride says it all! compared to gf x-cal, much better handling, especially in the tight and twisties. 90% of “roadies” crash just thinking about hardpack. My only complaint against the MCR is that I think it should have 70mm of front and rear travel. Another clever feature is the integrated fender. Learn all about our patented, proven suspension system. have you ever been to a cyclocross race? The Fox AX fork gives you three-modes of compression damping plus fine tuning, air volume adjustments, and a wide range rebound adjustment. En savoir plus sur comment les données de vos commentaires sont utilisées. Dial in your bike from top to bottom with our signature components. This thing is HEAVY. Copyright © 2020, Niner Bikes. We’re proud to be the pioneers bringing full suspension to gravel bikes. 9 is the perfect all day epic geared cross country machine that will give you the comfort of supple Reynolds 853 steel at a weight only slightly higher than most alloy frames. I don’t like popcorn, but this makes me miss my Softride. It is not a DO ALL bike, but what it can do, it excels at. One side of the rear triangle was cracked. Yup, some of the marketing is prime face-palm material. Agreed. I really want to like Niner. Go gravel riding farther and faster with high performance, full suspension. lighter than i thought. Obviously, I am not a weight-weenie. I’ve thought about adding aero bars to the flat bars for the paved sections that connect good dirt. I’m tired of one group knocking others, if you dont like it dont buy it. A comfortable, capable, hand-built bike made from proven, air-hardened, heat-treated steel. i really noticed the grip of the tires on steep rocky sections, i feel a lot more confident climbing up real short steeps now, especially while standing up.the bike loves the smooth stuff, and rocks on the more technical stuff. You do lose the rear rack mounts and fork leg mounts, but we were still able to pack plenty of gear for an all-day ride in our Roswheel bags.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',108,'0','0'])); The complete bike with 2×11 Ultegra and tubeless tire setup came in at 25.44lb (11.54kg) without pedals. Now, back to the bike…eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',102,'0','0'])); We’ve teased this bike so much that there are plenty of tight, clean detail photos from the tradeshows. So a full-sus Gravelbike makes total sense to me. steel rocks. I bought the bike just over two years ago. It lets you go beast mode on the rough stuff, but is a real beauty everywhere else. ", "The latest SIR 9 is an attractive option for riders who want a classic material in an up-to-date, versatile package.". Chances are the GRX group will come in about the same thanks to the Easton EA50 cranks.

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