by Ann » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:23 am, Post – 2025: the EPICS camara at the european E-ELT. We should have Disclosure. And apart from that, what other things do you use? Dullemond et al., “The first stages of planet formation in binary systems: How far can dust coagulation proceed?” is likewise available as a preprint: Should NASA put $2 billion in WFIRST, whose primary purpose is the study of dark energy? And he was very extraterrestrial in the way he acted. Exactly. And one of the things they told me to do with it was to create planetary activation groups, which led to the book called Selamat Ja!, which is called a handbook for galactic humans. Pretty non-bleeding pixels. SC: [laugh] So what, all the other kids would come along and give you a question and see whether you could get it right and wrong? I will help you. What he calls the ‘big-ticket’ items like Constellation and the James Webb Space Telescope had precedence in the mid-2000s, with work on SIM reduced to a low but continuing level as ground testing of hardware proceeded. SN: What I wanted to do was, first of all, Planetary Activation Organization’s primary purpose was to prepare the planet for First Contact. So that’s when I got in direct telepathic communications with the Galactic Federation. And definitely one I can play with. If the planet formation stage did not even progress beyond the dust phase, then why have we not found evidence of a mammoth infrared-emitting sterile dust or planetesimal disk around either one of these stars, as I thought colliding planetesimals continuously generate lots of dust? So I do my best to try to smooth them over and to ignore the worst of it, because it’s really, as they would say in the game, it’s really solving nothing. Not 100% sure though. Therefore the claim by Philip Horzempa that “The end of SIM means the end of looking for nearby Earths” Thank you, Sheldan. SN: Well, in the late ’seventies was when it was most popular among people, even though he created it much earlier than that. Some at NASA suggested Jupiter/DIRECT as a viable, less expensive, and more available alternative to Ares. SC: No, because there’s not many left, are there? The other missing link is the technology of space-based interferometry. See I too am appalled at the cancellation of so many space-based astrometry missions over the past two decades, coinciding with the ascendancy of Dark Energy experiments. Believe me, I’m watching the Alpha Centauri work very closely! Examine this detailed report on SIM’s science plan, “Taking the Measure of the Universe” – We are reaching a certain stage at which we then need a giant assist. "The key to Love is sharing, ... [balancing] give and receive." And they spent a couple of months, and they developed a very primitive computer program. like CARMENES (Becerril et al. The Galactics? The Gaia performances have been degraded (for budgetary reasons) down I have felt, to understand anything, whether it’s government, politics, history, whatever, so. I give you my divine authority to do so. As time went by, it went from 1+2 to 1+1 (and rechristened “Starlight”) to a single spacecraft with 2 separated mirrors to a laboratory testbed and then to nothing. It’s been a long journey. I am hugely interested in what Gaia will be able to tell us. SN: The second purpose was to understand the fact that there was a consciousness shift going on on our planet, and that we were moving from being limited conscious beings to being fully conscious beings. Mind you there have been a lot of advances in coronographers of various kinds that can achieve similar results a lot cheaper so a pause there maybe is not too bad. – SIM would have observed only ~ 60 stars (the nearest ones), while Gaia has Or what is the significance of December 21? And so, that’s when President Reagan gives that famous quote of his. Meanwhile, this is Stephen Cook, and as always, in everything you do this week, may you only serve the Light agenda. If you look at the NASA photographs from Apollo 14, Apollo 11, a couple of other Apollo flights, you begin to see from the very flights that science has given us, through the photographs coming back from the Moon that the Earth is hollow. SN: Well, Inner Earth is real. We said, “That’s awful odd.”. This is a vital technology for future projects such as the planned Life Finder and Planet Imager missions, which will use arrays of space telescopes. This absence of smaller planets in short-period binaries, planets that most likely form via core accretion, leads one to speculate that perhaps only large giant planets can form in these systems via a mechanism other than core accretion. All site resources can be viewed here. Ann, since this is described as a map of the Milky Way, I think only this galaxy and its satellites where included, while other members of our local group where intentionally excluded. How do you see Ascension unfolding? He has since written several books, including You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, and continues to share his messages with us every week and host monthly webinars. SN: Well, Ascension is meant to happen not that far away. And they’ve got all these things around it, these big huge fences and everything, with Do not enter’s on it. Is it because (i) the material could have spiraled onto the stellar surfaces, or (ii) because the material is indeed in the form of several inner terrestrial planets? And we decided to use our worldwide network with one another and try to figure out what was going on. by bystander » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:22 pm, Post And I want to thank you so much for sharing your very personal light agenda with all of us. So I watch it on the telly. So, we have to learn how to control that. So. SN: The chambers of light are about bringing back the codes…. Now, the way it would break in, it would have to go through the southern hemisphere. Are you a gardener? from the ground for at least 30 stars (see for instance Dumusque et al 2010 the capacity to detect giant planets around ~10,000 stars. But that’s how I got started again in what I’m doing right now. Is that true? , 679 , 1582), as correctly said by Paul Gister. It was doing… it was doing stuff that comets don’t do. Distance, as noted above, is crucial to any follow-up missions. The officials went with the more expensive, to-be-developed system. Therefore Gaia [laugh] So, writing that first book, was that very hard, or it actually flowed quite quickly and easily? I have several questions of my own regarding the matter: 1). SN: I would love it to happen, like I said, yesterday. Indeed, it provides a safe way for bodies to grow through the problematic ∼1 to 50 km size range for which the perturbed environment of the binary can prevent mutual accretion of planetesimals.”, “The first stages of planet formation in binary systems: How far can dust coagulation proceed?” Dullemond 2010. I got to see the crystal cities, I got to talk to the Agarthans. They are very advanced, magnificent benign beings. ESA has its analogue of SIM, albeit with less precision. SC: Um-hmm. And I just happened to know one of them. And as far as the final aspect of it, which is the actual shift, I would have loved it to happen yesterday, if you want to know the truth. There is a faint extended "something" that is vaguely "Pleiades-shaped" near bottom left, below a quite dark dust lane. He was beginning to become a person who was shifting his music to understand what consciousness was. We are changing as our own soul is changing. SC: Ooohh. It would be like 19th century scientists referring to ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves as “dark energy”. So that means it’s real. The hot Jupiters show themselves in comparatively short order. ), and probably more with infrared RV surveys And so, and the world they live in is a five-dimensional world, just like the five-dimensional world you see on the ships. You’ve had people do things in your name, such as try to sell seats on a space flight that you had nothing to do with. Idle Nidle, at any time, could they? I will guide you. So, because of that, that’s why everyone who comes here tells about, we have a very special position. As Kelly told me, we have the genome sequenced, but we don’t know what much of it means for us. Sheldan, it has been an absolute pleasure. I don’t know if that’s very useful. And my writing style was not very advanced then. I didn’t even put these two things together. In addition, the report reveals that SIM will be able to detect planets with masses as low as 0.2 Earth mass, i.e., about the mass of Mars! That’s why Star Wars is so frivolously effective, is because it’s almost like a cowboy, it’s like a — I call it a space western. I say ‘the kinds of planets’ because the more basic question of whether or not planets can form and exist in close binaries has been resolved; indeed, we know of several systems in which planets exist in binaries with average separations of less than 50 A.U. And so I happened to be involved with some people who… one of whom whose father was one of the people who had developed the interstellar program. The discovery of Neptune is a case of several people performing the work, with disputes afterward

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