That doesn’t sound terribly promising, but over four balmy nights in July, Steph and I sit on our front porch, watching grass get cut in the field directly across from our house. Finals Schedule | GPA Calculator. Huey is married to Kate Ellis Huey. The annual hullabaloo about the allegedly homophobic and discriminatory activities of the Salvation Army has begun. Knowing when to leave is among the more elegant qualities of any CEO, but then Mr. Harper has never laid claim to elegance. Simon Pierre, CC, Thank you, Jean Béliveau. Of course it does; but sometimes it seems like that’s not the case. He was editor in chief of the Yale Daily News, the whole staff at the time included Senator Joe Lieberman, Stephen Bingham, Rober Kaise, and Paul Steiger. The police commander orders the marchers to disperse. I’ve driven, we all have, We hold our own children responsible for their actions from about the time they learn to talk. Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. Hurricane Carter, Champion of the World. My sincere condolences to his family. Meanwhile, the rich lived in mansions with servants and took their children on grand tours of Europe. American politics is big on rhetoric about democracy, but it often falls short, especially this year when the candidate who won fewer votes has captured the White House. Whether better coverage would have changed the outcome of the war or of the 1968 election, I cannot say. Accordion Man: Born to Squeeze? The reporting that treated Tet as a major defeat for the Americans was probably wrong. It can give us cat photos that make us giggle, news scoops involving an original fact or two, a trenchant analysis of finance or politics or sculpture, video of Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift nuzzling their latest boyfriends, or possibly some movie and book reviews worth trusting. After that, the device runs out of juice. It is kind of scary. It is your time. Valeriani had his head bashed in by an Alabama state trooper; a nearby cameraman watching blood spurt from his head couldn’t believe he’d survive. He knows the dogs will tire. Pete Seeger: Farewell to a Giant. Steiger is awful and mumbles and stumbles through his performance (and he looks super fat here). Paul's most significant contribution of his life was the dedication, compassion, teachings and love that he gave to his children and grandchildren, unconditionally. John Bussey-the Wall Street Journal's DC bureau chief and one of the candidates touted for the newspaper's vacant managing editor position-probably won't get the nod from the Journal's new owners. Even so, for much of the first half of the 20th Century, this kind of work faded from prominence. It’s no great mystery. So, in the post-war years – the era of Jayne Mansfield and Mamie van Doren, of Brigitte Bardot and Anita Ekberg – Britain hastened to close the bombshell gap. Paul Steiger, founder and executive chairman of ProPublica, and  chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists amongst several other roles, gave this speech today as he accepted an honour, the William Allen White Foundation National Citation, from the University of Kansas’s White School of Journalism and Mass Communications in Lawrence. Who can stop it? Like fellow Forensic Files hall of shamers Jill Coit and Mark Winger, Barbara Ford Stager killed a spouse for financial gain and didn’t face any legal consequences at first.But, like the other two, she was too greedy to stop scheming and eventually landed behind razor wire. Is the Environment Stuck in US Journalism’s Basement? Thursday night in Auburndale, Nova Scotia, and what’s the big entertainment? Seventy-seven years ago, my grandmother left her fourth-floor apartment in Munich carrying a painting by Otto Stein, a modestly popular German artist. As a wealthy California vineyard owner's wife, Dors sneaks off to the wine cellar to tryst with her rodeo stunt-rider lover (Tom Tryon) and decides to knock off her husband (Rod Steiger) but the plan backfires when she accidentally shoots his best friend (Gilbert Roland) instead. By Sheldon Fernandez. He was a member of Manuscript Society. My deepest sympathy to the family. Diana Dors shows in "The Unholy Wife" that besides a smashing, busty figure she had serious acting chops as well (even when she is completely un-glamorous in the "present day"scenes). His previous honors include the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting, the Columbia Journalism Award, the University of Missouri Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Journalism, the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism from Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center, the Gerald Loeb Award for lifetime achievement from the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, the Dean’s Medal for Distinguished Leadership from Brandeis University, the Fourth Estate Award from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the National Press Foundation’s George Beveridge Editor of the Year Award, the Decade of Excellence Award from the World Leadership Forum in London, and the American Society of News Editors Leadership Award. Paul was almost 83 years old and is, Paul was a board member at Cayuga Medical Center during my tenure as CEO. Indeed, some Internet writers and publishers have taken to contending recently that our current era is the best ever for American journalism — this only a brief time after others  took to declaring that the loss of billions of dollars of advertising revenue and tens of thousands of jobs at metro newspapers was driving us into a journalistic wasteland. Accordionists get no respect. “Politicizing” Alan Kurdi’s death. By Sheldon Fernandez  (Public access). [2] After that, he was the founding editor-in-chief, CEO and president of ProPublica from 2008 through 2012. When the heir to the British throne paid his first official visit to Canada in 1919, it was expected he would follow the usual royal routine of shaking hands, making speeches and inspecting troops. of Tompkins County, 1640 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca NY 14850; the Cancer Resource Center Attn: Jyl Dowd 612 W. State St. Ithaca, NY 14850. And all this in full view of the cameras of all three networks, which air the footage Sunday evening. Today, there are just a few frozen tourists looking to make photos of a Newfoundland that doesn’t exist anymore …  The grim faces and tears of the people of Petty Harbour, and other fishing communities around the eastern Canadian province, told the story of a great calamity. An Ancient Fossil’s Lessons About Cancer, Photos Shape Attitudes to Refugees: View from Australia, Verbatim: Hate, mainstreamed — UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Canada’s ambassador to Ireland: Once a Cop, Always a Cop. Wake-up: How the 2016 Election Changed One American Voter, by Emily Lacika. At ProPublica we label “Muckreads” a section of our website in which we highlight interesting investigative reporting by journalists other than our own. No respect I get. View Paul Steiger, CHFE’S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. I was 20 years old at the time so I remember, of course, where I was the day Kennedy was shot. I am grateful for having known him. He and his wife, Wendy Brandes, live in New York City. She is married to wealthy vineyard owner Rod Steiger whom she met in a bar, but bored spending the day taking care of his elderly mother, she is soon involved in an affair with rodeo horseman Tom Tryon. And Dan Rather and Richard Valeriani. It’s a cold foggy day in the fishing village of Petty Harbour, Newfoundland. The shadow of a new threat seems to be darkening the national security landscape: the lone-wolf terrorist. Behind Houghton Walls: on Nelson Mandela’s last days. Was able to catch up with him for lunch a few times since my return to Ithaca, and we were planning anotherI'm sorry I didn't have another opportunity to tell him how much I appreciated his friendship. She is also predeceased by her brother, Donald Mogg and step-sister, Alice Jones. As many thinkers are now pointing out, western democracies in fact function much more like oligarchies …”, The Canada We Hope For. But not everyone who supports scientific research and evidence-based policymaking is on board. Among them was my grandfather, Jakob Engelberg. They all made a difference. Keeping a note of the movie over the years,I decided whilst doing some online X-Mas shopping,to have another go at finding it,and stumbled on the US Video version! The Spanish number was more than one million hectares; the Chinese, 799,000. Published with permission under Creative Commons licence. It was the dawn of the free market in Poland. 2. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale in 1964 and an honorary doctor of laws from Columbia in 2013. Syndicated cartoonist Gary Larson (The Far Side) used to lead the insult brigade. As devoted to Blonde Bombshells as I am to food and oxygen, on first viewing The Unholy Wife I really wanted / NEEDED this film to be great. They know that I have been a vocal critic of current oil sands operations and plans for expansion, yet they didn’t hesitate to welcome me into their homes and to invite me to a family gathering in Canmore, Alberta. He famously broke up with her while in the shower. Elected officials generally leave office before such public urges get to them. Programs to combat lone-wolf terrorism have a way of wildly exaggerating its prevalence and dangers – and in the end are only likely to exacerbate the problem. “I’m writing a letter to Pete Seeger,” I said. On Capitalism and “Bullshit Jobs” by David Graeber. By Patrick Lane(Public access). The war was increasingly controversial as the manpower and expenditure demands grew. He stuck his neck out and took a chance on me, and I will be forever grateful. Some 500 demonstrators start to cross the Edmund Pettusbridge near Selma, Alabama. This movie is interesting -- which puts it light years ahead of most films. Paul was my first boss in Agway in 1978 - he was a great person to work for and always strived to get the best benefits and working conditions for every employee - he epitomized the meaning of "workaholic" and I still remember trying to transcribe cassette tapes he recorded on his daily commute from Ithaca to Syracuse and back.

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