View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) Paypal ripping me of $1099 in name of buyer's bank - Duplicate transaction claim Got an order for a server on Auguest first week, shipped with signature and all went well. Paypal denied claim. I think I was scammed and tricked into dropping the dispute. I can't open a dispute with that specific transaction again. I provided proof and pictures to prove my point and I also tried calling customer service but didn’t work :(. I bought a mini usb-c display from some facebook ad I saw for $36.98 +$9.88 shipping (price was too good to be true in hindsight). If you have not done so, Read our FAQ! I filed a claim with paypal and they said the seller provided a tracking number and the item was delivered. Re: Paypal claim denied Yes it was because the item delivered was not as described, not withstanding it did not work anyway ! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Long story short, we now owe Paypal $259 (even though we were paid $250.33), we lost shipping, advertising and Paypal / Swappa fees, as well as the iPhone. Who made the transaction and why did PayPal deny it? Log in or sign up to leave a … If it was towards another individual rather than a business, they may suspect you are colluding with them and falsely reporting it as unauthorised. However unless you think you can appeal the decision with PayPal, you should either go legal or pay the bill, rather than tanking your credit score. I provided all information requested and filed an official fraud claim with (at PayPal's direction), and uploaded the PDF of the case claim. 100% Upvoted. No, you must pay. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Great for questions about PayPal, transactions and problems! Please note that with the current CoVid-19 crisis that support is very limited at PayPal. Press J to jump to the feed. Also I thought PayPal couldn't affect your credit score. Who was the $345 paid to? I provided proof and pictures to prove my point and I also tried calling customer service but didn’t work :(. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. save hide report. I just got notice this morning that my claim was denied. I honestly don’t know thats why im asking.But i hope so.I pray that it’s possible because i lost so much money and paypal didn’t even care.Let’s hope it’s possible,lmk if you find out! They never have allowed them. which answers most questions. If you don't pay it, the debt will go to collections, this will affect your credit rating, generate a lot of harassment to pay up, result in a permanent end of your ability to use PayPal. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. 3 comments. They have my address, CC, SSN on file. Paypal stated to me verbally this morning that the only reason my claim was denied was because the letter from the Postmaster was not on a letter head. what kind of claim did you file? Proof was that police report that you didn't bother to upload. I contacted the seller last week and I get an auto-reply within seconds saying that the order is being shipped (no way that this was actually a real email to me).

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