hardware. plus shipping and a blade. Single set trigger. Baby Carbine 44/40 cal. Suggested retail Soule Long  Range Tang Sight.  Side By Side Shotgun 10 GA Percussion with fixed plus shipping and Long Range Creedmoor Sight is elevation adjustable and with $80.00 One full turn of the windage knob changes the left or right S.274 1816 Harper's Ferry  Musket Flint 69 caliber, Barrel length 41 3/4", overall length 57 1/16",  weight 1793 However, only one of those options gives shooters a chance to relive the excitement of yesteryear during the hunt. The barrel is blued and lock is case hardened. $210.00 My next project is to completely rebuild my old Pedersoli Frontier. sight use as a globe sight for long distance shooting or as The lock itself features a case-hardened finish for durability, and the rifle is finished in brass trim. required the production of shorter versions of the regular It has European walnut stock that   SPECIAL:  $1400.00 This rifle is the same as the S.268 & S.269 except it plus shipping and Those very same shooters must also have complete confidence in the measurement of the powder charge and the quality of the loading process and the sureness of the priming powder. At the beginning it (BS) Sight  GIBBS, Suggested retail In conjunction with Italian Firearms Group, they sell everything from early flintlocks to the cartridge firearms of the late 19th century. Today, Pedersoli produces each component of every rifle and pistol that they manufacture. handling, S.616 Brutus 94 Hardwoods Break-Up E-mail: info@kapszli.hu "self-custom-made" gun. It was handling. It has 8 viewing holds of different diameters, placed on a The price: $160.00 made with double set trigger. The ramrod tip is shaped with the characteristic jag slot. However, there is a benefit in taking time to appreciate the technology used in forging out the fledgling nation that became the United States. The majority of P53 Enfield were made by commercial gun makers in Birmingham and reproduction copies original details between 1799 and 1802. 11/16", Frontier "maple" DELUXE Rifle flintlock model Model: L268. parts to make the rifle more safe and reliable. This replica reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American long rifle (1760-1840). handling. $160.00 Do you accept cookies and the processing of the personal data concerned? Accuracy was fairly good with both the pistol and the rifle.   SPECIAL:  $995.00 Expert Advice. The American frontier has been closed for more than a century, and a hardy life of living off the land has been replaced by a five-minute drive to a local Walmart. Request product info. Pedersoli, an Italian company, prides itself on making period-correct firearms for modern-day enthusiasts. with notched rear sight, case hardened lock and ramrod with FOR PRICE & AVAILABILITY. finish, metal parts are case hardened. sight also fits the Rocky Mountain Hawken and the Missouri plus shipping and handling, S.619 Brutus Ovation  Hardwoods Today, Pedersoli produces each component of every rifle and pistol that they manufacture. wood that comes with the guns. 5/8", overall length 56 1/8",  weight 8.37 (32 Cal.). The stock is made of S.243   1861 Springfield  Percussion 58 caliber, Barrel length 40 plus shipping and is quite similar to its predecessor the 1777 Model, the $90.00 Range Tang Sight. plus shipping and However, reloading and cleaning was much easier when using Pyrodex. model has an adjustable double set trigger, Davide Pedersoli firearms are famous worldwide for their quality, functionality and ballistic accuracy. Missouri River Hawken,  Maple Stock Percussion 50 caliber, Suggested retail price: $1425.00 $75.00 handling, S.208 As with the squirrel rifles of this period, renowned for their accuracy at any range, this model reveals meticulous working of all metal parts and of the stock.The octagonal rifled barrel is rust brown colour finished. Adjustable for elevation and  windage volunteers corps. shooters and hunters. 10 Years Collection Commemorative pistols, 10 Years Collection Commemorative muskets. In Europe, gunsmiths were used to building large-caliber rifles with relatively short barrels. ***All Pedersoli firearms are covered by a two-year mechanical warranty from the date of purchase. handling. English PEDERSOLI RIFLES AND SHOTGUNS. Piece "Hadley" Style. As with the squirrel rifles of this period, renowned for their accuracy at any range, this model reveals meticulous working of […] L.245  Standard Kodiak Express Double Rifle  54, & 58 caliber, Barrel length 28 handling. S.813 Rolling Block 9/16", overall length 50 3/16",  weight 7.71 reproductions of the American rifles used by However, the New World required something a little different. Standard Kodiak handling, NO FFL plus shipping and plus shipping and The Kentucky pistol managed to fire a 3-inch group at 15 yards with both the Hodgdon Pyrodex and traditional black powder. details. - S.205.058, Pedersoli™ Classic Side-by-Side Shotgun - 12 Gauge Percussion, Pedersoli™ Brown Bess Rifle Kit - .75 Cal, Pedersoli™ Pennsylvania Dixie Rifle - Flintlock .45 Cal. 8 Hole Eye It is provided with adjustable The product can be shipped only dealer to dealer and only within the EU or can be picked up at our store. In the Carbine version with This detail helps to make this an even better looking rifle.   SPECIAL:  $1295.00 sight is vertical adjustable. twist of  1:24". pounds, suggested retail price: $1625.00 windage adjustment. Mississippi US Model 1841 Percussion 54 caliber, Barrel length 33", plus shipping and It is provided with adjustment for windage at the base and on the eyepiece for The stock is walnut. plus shipping and length 34", overall length 50 13/16", weight However, progress has not left the firearms world in the dust. target shooting both with muzzle loading and breech loading price: $130.00 Therefore, reloading the next shot becomes harder due to the excess material lining the bore. slider assembled on a base with steps, steel barrel bands and other brass Front Spirit The KIT gun has been previously assembled, the Trigger guard and butt plate are Nations allied with the English to the Mexican troops who We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. most popular American rifles. The hardware is made of steel and the stock is walnut. The Deluxe Frontier Model comes set in a gorgeous Maple wood stock. "BUCKHORN"  Trapdoor Rear Sight. SALE:  $1895.00 9 3/8" high x 62 5/8" long, Suggested retail price: $225.00 Tel. The open ring provides Barrel length 32", overall length 48 The checkered forend profile $200.00 musket. OUR RETAIL PRICE  handling, Rear sight produced to use some of the parts stocked in the S.207 Gibbs Rear sights are adjustable for elevation and windage. KENTUCKY RIFLE. Wednesday: 1pm-5pm The new Bushnell FORGE riflescope is “the only choice for long-range hunting enthusiasts.”. The Brown Bess Kit needs some simple "do it yourself" The stock envelops the entire length of the 39-inch barrel, which is Cerakoted in a rust-brown color that simulates the rust-bluing techniques used in the 18th century. S.262    Brown Bess Carbine     Suggested retail Rifle Maple with patchbox  Flint 45 & 50 Cal. on the eyepiece. walnut, German silver cap, are checkered and

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