He subsequently attended the University of Kent in southeast England. Arms of the Barony of Brabourne (Knatchbull) quartered into that of the, Knatchbull Baronets, of Mersham Hatch (1641), shown here with a bordure compony gules and argent, Wyndham Name and Arms Act 1745 [19 Geo. Her funeral service took place on 27 June 2017 at St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, and was attended by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and other senior members of the royal family. Patricia Edwina Victoria Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (14 February 1924 – 13 June 2017) was a British peeress and the third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.She was the elder daughter of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and his wife, the heiress Edwina Ashley, a patrilineal descendant of the Earls of Shaftesbury, first ennobled in 1661. The Hon. Despite her succeeding to an earldom in her own right as Countess Mountbatten of Burma on the death of her father in 1979, she preferred that the officers and men of her regiment address her as Lady Patricia. Michael-John Ulick Knatchbull (born 24 May 1950), producer and editor, married Melissa Clare Owen (born 12 November 1960), daughter of Judge Sir John Arthur Dalziel Owen, Kelly Louise Doreen Knatchbull (30 March 1988) goddaughter of, The Hon. They have two children. Philip Wyndham Ashley Knatchbull (born 2 December 1961), married Atalanta, Daisy Isadora Louise Knatchbull (5 October 1992), Frederick Michael Hubert Knatchbull (6 June 2003), John Robin Rocky Knatchbull (17 July 2004), Phoebe Knatchbull (19 April 1995) - was born to Wendy Leach (at the end of her first marriage to Alexander Wills, The Hon. Following the incident the Countess became Patron and later, President of The Compassionate Friends, a self-help charitable organisation of bereaved parents in the UK. The family seat is Broadlands, near Romsey, Hampshire. I'm hugely grateful that we have come to a point where we can behave responsibly and positively", she is reported to have said. The Hon. This means that the Barony of Brabourne is held jointly by the current and future Earls Mountbatten of Burma descended only from male lines of the 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma and her husband, the 7th Baron Brabourne. On the death of his mother on 13 June 2017, he became Earl Mountbatten of Burma, also a title in the peerage of the United Kingdom created for his grandfather, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India. The 8th Baron Brabourne inherited the peerage of Earl Mountbatten of Burma upon the death of his mother, Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma, on 13 June 2017. Mountbatten married Penelope Meredith Eastwood[citation needed] (born 16 April 1953), a daughter of Reginald Wray Frank Eastwood (1912–1980), a self-made millionaire who began his working life as a butcher at 15 and founded the Angus Steakhouse chain,[2] and his wife Marian Elizabeth Hood (b. 1928), on 20 October 1979 at Romsey Abbey, Romsey, in Hampshire, where his parents were married in 1946, only two months after the bomb attack committed by the IRA which killed his grandfather, Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the Earl's younger brother, Nicholas Knatchbull, and his 83-year-old grandmother, Doreen Knatchbull, Baroness Brabourne. She was buried in the Knatchbull family plot in Mersham churchyard.[14]. Lord Brabourne had assumed by Royal licence the additional surname of Hugessen (which was that of his maternal grandmother) in 1849. The Baronetcy, of Mersham Hatch in the County of Kent, was created in the Baronetage of England in 1641 for Norton Knatchbull, who represented Kent and New Romney in the House of Commons. He also succeeded to the Knatchbull Baronetcy, of Mersham Hatch in the County of Kent, in the baronetage of England. CEO of Curzon, the UK's leading independent film distributor and cinema operator. In 1746, he assumed by private act of the Parliament of Ireland the additional surname of Wyndham, pursuant to the will of his mother's father, Thomas Wyndham, 1st Baron Wyndham. He was succeeded by his son, the ninth Baronet. Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma (born 8 October 1947), married Penelope Meredith Eastwood (born 16 April 1953) and have three children.

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