Most of the time, what you see on the outside of a dog’s penis is actually the prepuce or sheath—the skin and other tissues that surround the non-erect penis. This could cause a funky smell to his breath and if there is any bleeding in his mouth, the metallic smell could be blood, as the iron in the blood makes it smell metallic. She also contributes to our blog. When visible, the penis itself is usually pink or red, but can become a darker purple during an erection. I DO NOT WANT TO BE EXPOSED TO PUPPY SMELL. Some dogs, even when healthy, will produce a surprising amount of smegma, and they will often lick their penis to remove it. Because the prepuce touches the ground whenever a dog sits or lies down, it frequently comes in contact with irritants, allergens, and insects that may bite. Sometimes, … There are a variety of reasons why this might happen, and we delve into what causes it and what you need to do about it. 2 Anal Glands. Possible diagnoses include: Foreign material lodged within the prepuce, Infection of the urinary or reproductive tract, Cancer of the urinary or reproductive tract. Giving your dog a bath using cool water and a gentle soap might help if your dog’s rash developed due to contact with an allergen or irritant. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. He could have a dental or gum problem, or is teething. posted by tellurian at 4:48 AM on June 3, 2006 Check her out at, Puppy smells like metal? That said, dogs will sometimes have persistent erections or can’t retract the penis back into the prepuce due to hair that encircles the penis, neurologic problems, prostate disease, or anatomical abnormalities. Dr Sara Ochoa has years of experience as a veterinarian and is our resident fact-checker here at HoundGames! However, other types of discharge or a discharge that comes directly from the penis itself is often associated with a health problem. However, most dogs should not leak secretions from their anal glands or otherwise have problems with them. Since we humans are uncomfortable with saying the “p” word, colloquial terms like “dog lipstick” or “red rocket” are popular substitutes for the term dog penis. I would take your dog … Does your Puppy’s bottom or poop smell like metal? Table of Contents hide. 3 Urinary Tract Infection. The liquid gives your dog it's own lets other dogs in the area know who he/she is. Does your puppy smell of iron, pennies, or a handful of change? There may also be problems with the anal glands themselves, as some dogs are born with anal glands that have an irregular shape. I know nothing is wrong with him because it’s always been like that, I’m just interested in why. Answer (1 of 4): What you are likely smelling is your dogs anal gland fluid. During this time, though, it’s normal! If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you notice changes to the coloration of your dog’s prepuce, penis, or preputial discharge, make an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out infections, injuries, and other conditions. If you notice that your puppy’s poop smells metallic, or you find a metallic smelling discharge on their rear end, it may be due to their anal glands. Just to be clear, I am not sniffing her down there, you can smell it when she walks by. 5 Skin Infection. This makes sense when you consider that as in a urinary tract infection, your pet may be eliminating blood in their urine, too. A dog’s non-erect penis is normally enclosed by his prepuce, which is covered by skin and hair that looks similar to that found elsewhere on his body. Dr. Leah Hill. It’s much harder to find an infection under the coat of a matted dog, since you cannot see the skin without shaving. Also, it is not unusual to find nipples on the skin on both sides of the penis. As your dog licks themselves to clean themselves or try and relieve the pressure of an impacted anal gland, some of the secretion will end up inside their mouth. Any dog who has blood coming from his penis should be evaluated by a veterinarian. Marie Capell is a life-long dog lover and together with her husband founded HoundGames. The skin-covered prepuce that surrounds a dog’s penis can develop rashes, just like any other area of the body. She is not fixed but she is not in heat.The smell is very metallic and chemical. HoundGames is compensated for referring traffic and business to this company. As with other conditions we’ve mentioned previously, blood may often leave a distinct smell of iron, since it is a component of blood. While it’s normal for poop to have a somewhat metallic smell, due to the expression of anal glands, there isn’t a mechanism like that for urine. If the smell is only happening when your dog uses the bathroom, it’s likely due to the normal process of expressing their anal glands with defecation. Rashes that are severe, produce significant discomfort, or persist for more than a day or two should be evaluated by a veterinarian. There are a few situations in which your dog may smell like metal and not need veterinary attention. A metallic smelling breath, or smelling like pennies, or copper makes me concerned that your dog may have a bleeding problem. My dog has a smell like poop coming from her. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Dogs with bloody or pus-like discharge from the penis or prepuce should be seen by a veterinarian. Not only are anal gland infections painful, but left untreated, they will develop scar tissue that can lead to future problems. A small amount of yellowish-white or even slightly green-tinged discharge can collect around the opening to a dog’s prepuce. If you notice your dog’s pee smelling metallic, it’s time to seek veterinary attention to determine if your dog has a urinary tract infection. Most of the time, what you see on the outside of a dog’s penis is actually the prepuce or sheath—the skin and other tissues that surround the non-erect penis. This is because your dog’s kidneys serve to filter out a variety of toxins and excess waste. Sometimes, their mouth may even smell rotten. Metallic smelling breath and urine have also been noted as a sign of kidney failure in dogs. Some dogs will lick or self-stimulate in other ways to the point where they get erections, even if they are neutered. Our puppy's (Frankie) breath smells like … read more. Featured Image: Scherer, Dog Penis Health Guide: Everything You Need to Know. Alex Oldenburg is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed. This may lead to you noticing the metallic smell coming from their mouth, instead of the opposite end! Why does my dog's vagina smells like a pile of dirty pennies? I thought. A urinalysis and blood work can be used to help determine if your dog has a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection, or if some other illness is occurring. It’s important to note that a dog’s erection may last for just a few minutes or up to an hour or so. It’s also much more likely that an infectious agent will take up home in the moist, dark, environment of your dog’s skin under a mat, than if the coat is kept clean and well-brushed. No, not always. This discharge tells other dogs about your dog through the scent, so it’s a perfectly normal activity to occur. Outside of the time in which your puppy is teething, from 4-6 months of age, their mouth should not smell metallic. The rotten smell comes from the baby teeth dying and falling out. (Causes and Concerns). Anal glands may smell like a variety of things, from metallic smells to fishy smells. Determining if anal glands are a problem or not requires looking at a few different factors, since dogs can experience anal gland problems at any point in their life. A veterinarian can often determine whether a dog has BPH by feeling the prostate gland during a rectal examination. If you find yourself noticing anal gland fluid itself, or if your dog seems at all bothered, it’s important to take them to a veterinarian so the problem can be addressed. Anal glands (there is one on the left and one on the right) are small pockets on the inside of your dog's anus that contain a foul smelling (often smells metalic or fishy) liquid that usually comes out with every bowel movement. 1 Teething. A dog’s penis will become swollen during a normal erection. Why does my puppy smell like pennies? The enlargement of the bulbus glandis is especially obvious since it causes sizeable bumps to form on either side of the base of the penis. Dogs will get occasional erections, even if they are neutered. Your dog’s poop isn’t the only thing that may smell metallic due to anal glands. But, if your dog’s penis remains enlarged for an extended period of time, or if you notice any other worrisome symptoms like lethargy, poor appetite, discomfort, or abnormal discharge from the prepuce, you should call your veterinarian for advice. You should make an appointment with your veterinarian if: Your dog is licking his penis more than he typically does, The discharge has increased in quantity or changed in color. It can be concerning when your puppy smells like metal. Blood may be seen coming from a dog’s penis as a result of wounds to the penis or prepuce, conditions affecting the urinary tract (infections, tumors, bladder stones, etc. Pet parents often worry that their dog’s penis is infected. There are a variety of reasons why your dog may develop a metallic smell along with a skin infection. Reviewed and updated for accuracy on February 3, 2020, by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM. This may be due to an allergy, including food or environmental allergies, or an infection due to a compromised immune system. Sometimes, though, you may find your dog expressing their anal glands outside of when they defecate. In order to recognize when something is wrong with your dog’s penis, you need to know what normal looks like. Puppy smell is disgusting. Sometimes what you might think is pus—a sign of infection—is just normal smegma. She is an avid dog lover and runs her own dog training company, MESSY Dog LLC. As your dog continues to groom themselves, you may notice the scent has spread all over their skin as well. As long as a dog’s swollen penis returns to its normal size within an hour or so and the dog seems to feel fine otherwise, no veterinary treatment is usually necessary. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Puppies lose their teeth around 4-6 months of age. It is normal for lumps to form on either side of the base of a dog’s penis during an erection. When there is a kidney infection or your dog is in kidney failure, the kidneys cannot flush waste effectively. Every part of the body can be injured or affected by disease, and this includes a dog’s penis. Even if I open my window and he sniffs the air for a while, he gets a metallic scent. ), blood-clotting disorders, and diseases of the prostate gland. 2,809 satisfied customers. These two cases are with teething puppies and with normal anal gland behavior. However, drainage from the prepuce and excessive licking are also the most common symptoms of infections of the penis and/or sheath, so determining what is normal and what is potentially problematic can be difficult. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to keep up with regular grooming. If you only notice the smell when your dog is defecating, there’s likely no cause for alarm. The most common cause of bloody discharge from the penis in an unneutered male dog is benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland associated with exposure to testosterone. Does your puppy smell of iron, pennies, or a handful of change? It can be quite a shock when the sweet scent of puppy breath is replaced with the smell of the mouth of a teething puppy, but it should all pass once they have their adult teeth. It’s also possible for ammonia to give off a metallic smell. Other owners have also reported noticing metallic smelling urine when their dogs have had a vaginal infection.

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