Defense is accumulated more by how many times your hit, not how great the damage is. Round figures as normal.

With this power, he sets out to free the Island of Seltland from a strange darkness that is consuming the land. Same as the Water Pillar but it moves away from you.

This will result in an attack with both the staff and magic spell in a single turn. Quest 64 Spirit Guide Jeff Stoiber (SoARulz) Introduction This guide is intended as a checklist which gives the general idea to look for the spirit. In other words a monster who uses lots of individual attacks in one turn. Spells Fire-based Spells Fire Ball LV 1 Element level necessary: 1 MP: 1 Fire Ball LV 2 Element level necessary: 4 MP: 2 Power Staff LV 1 Element level necessary: 7 MP: 2 Homing Arrow LV 1 Element level necessary: 10 MP: 2 Hot Steam LV 1 The best Elements, in order, are: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.

Useful with advance spell usage. elements appear in the middle of the screen with the spell in the C button direction ), and extra damage if attacked by the opposing element (e.g.

We also accept maps and charts as well.

Choosing Wind and Fire alone would be a challenge, because they have no healing/protection spells.

The A button interacts with objects and people; B is used to re-center the camera if it is in an unhelpful position; Start pauses the game, displaying a collection of status screens.

An example: A single Water element produces a Water Pillar Lv.

Also see GameShark Codes for more Quest 64 cheat codes.

Drain Magic will deplete it. The first spell of each element has a casting cost of 1 MP.

When usedsuccessfully, the staff almost always does more damage to most enemies than theElements.

Each button is assigned one of the 4 elements; more powerful spells can be created by mixing. Quest 64 was first shown at Nintendo Space World, and was marketed as the first official RPG on the Nintendo 64 platform. •Contact Maintainer. Spells that are faded cannot be presently cast, and spells

Quest 64 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Run towards any monster that uses Earth-based magic while they are attacking. R Button (Inventory) • Open/Close Items Inventory. Choosing Wind and Fire alone would be a challenge, because they have no healing/protection spells.

Before entering the forest, fight the enemies around the sign and the trees.

Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. The version is numbered 1-98 and you can … Controls Traveling START Button • Begin Game.

Small Reference Pools: Quest 64 was the first N64 RPG. From this second table it can be seen that Water is a mostly defensive element, while fire is mostly offensive.

Man, this is a great game for the 64 and no one's here. A secret service agent lies dying, and Diaz, with... Mega Man blasts his way onto the Nintendo® 64 System for the first time ever!

Huge sword-like icicle pierce downward into an adversary.

Up is

For Quest 64 on the Nintendo 64, GameFAQs has 15 guides and walkthroughs. Confusion : 27 : EFW : NA : thin sheet of white light rises in front of the caster : When an enemy attacks the amount of HP (damage points) are converted to MP. Quest 64 | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. He gains an element either by finding a Spirit (as a little wisp) or gaining 100% experience from battle he levels up in one of four elements.

You may need to renew your magic barrier every other turn or so.

Spell availability is partly gated by how strong the elements it uses are, so choose wisely - you cannot undo these upgrades later. Fire, left is Earth, down is Water, and right is Wind.

Engulf attackers in a fog of deadly frozen water. 1.

used on a monster of the same element, and by 1.25 of the opposite elements

Note: If you want to save games, insert the N64Controller Pak into the controller before starting play.

As with many RPGs, Brian explores various towns, the overworld, and enclosed areas that serve as the equivalent of dungeons, fighting enemies along the way. •RPGClassics Main Other spells Brian can cast by adding more (. Weakness 2 : 31 : EWA : NA : purple pillar over targett " Stronger than Weakness 2.

While its hacking away at you cast healing spells to keep yourself from dieing. As you build up your four elementals, you can mix more powerful spells. This page was last edited on 17 November 2016, at 03:44. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

So if a Brian has 25 Water and attacks a undrained

expanding white wall of light from caster.

Brian cannot learn all the spells in a single game, therefore the player should choose two (or three) elements and focus on those. Quest 64 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Move close to your target for maximum effect. He can level up his abilities through different means.

Starting monster MP is the same as its HP and only Drain Magic will deplete it. [Go to top]← Items | Magic | Spirits locations →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,, Battle spells that target the enemy, but deal no damage, Restores health points (((Water x 25 + MHP)/50) x 1~1.25), Direct attack (280 Power), stuns enemy (5/16 chance), Direct attack (200 Power), stuns enemy (5/16 chance), Restores health points (((Water x 25 + MHP x 4)/50) x 1~1.25), Enemy is stunned for 1~5 turns (4/5 chance), Doubles agility for 2~6 turns (9/10 chance), Enemies are stunned for 1~5 turns (4/5 chance), Direct attack (180 Power), lowers Agility (5/8 chance), Reduces movement for 1~5 turns (9/10 chance), Doubles movement for 2~6 turns (9/10 chance), Enemies cannot use magic for 1~5 turns (8/10 chance), Direct attack, nulls target's stat effects, one support, one debuff and one attack spells.

+ Control Pad • Not Used.

Arm yourself and up to 3 friends, for adrenaline-drenched 4-player action in the legendary Gauntlet universe. The D-Pad and Z-trigger are not used.

When facing Zelse in the battle for the Wind Jade, Brian can avoid his second attack by standing six or seven steps away from him. The player may want to obtain the first level of all these spells first (L10 in Water and L7 in Earth), then abandon one or both of these two elements in favor of Wind or Fire.

are based on how many elements he has to summon various Spirits. A sequel was considered by the developers. Spells Attack surrounding monsters and freeze them as well. in red require more MP.

When your health gets too low kill the monster and repeat. Display Status—options Screens.

Unusually for an RPG, there is no money system.

*CMMP is Current Monster MP. Elemental power also increases after enough spells have been cast in battle, much like how getting hit improves your defense, and avoiding attacks raises your agility. Personality . and press START to begin Quest 64.

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