air”, guided the Sudanese slave through innumerable and unspeakable sufferings there that Bakhita came to know about God whom “she had experienced in her And I felt a great desire to see him, to know Him and to pay begged the nurse who assisted her: “Please, loosen the chains... they are is to know God!”, As Patron Saint of Sudan, victims of slavery and trafficked persons. – Saint Josephine Bakhita. she was on duty at the door, she would gently lay her hands on the heads of the terrible experiences she went through made her forget the name she was given by The kidnappers gave her the name of Bakhita, which means “the lucky one” – a terrible irony, at least at that point in her life. another 50 years, this humble Daughter of Charity, a true witness of the love of marvelously in Italy, in response to God's grace, with the Daughters of Charity. After her recovery, she was sold to a Turkish general to serve his mother and wife. her “our Black Mother”. The wife insisted on having the slaves tattooed, as was the custom at that time. During his homily at her canonization Mass in St. Peter’s Square, Pope John Paul II said that in St. Josephine Bakhita, “We find a shining advocate of genuine emancipation. and to give herself to the Lord in the Institute of St. Magdalene of Canossa. The daughter of Sudan sold into slavery as a living piece of merchandise and yet still free. her kidnappers. Amen. We ask this through your son, Christ Jesus, whose own consecrated servant, Josephine Bakhita, bore the scars of exploitation and now resides forever before your throne, as patroness of these poor souls. I can truly say that it was a miracle I did not die, because the Lord has destined me for greater things… – Saint Josephine Bakhita. Loving God, who rewards the humble with your own transcendent grace, you blessed St. Josephine Bakhita with remarkable charity and mercy, even for those whose hatred, greed and lust for power rendered them blind to her luminous humanity. In 1877, Josephine was kidnapped by Arab slave traders. She had several brothers and sisters. Her fourth owner was a Turkish general, and she had to serve his mother-in-law and his wife, who were cruel to their slaves. The mayb ewe should channel our prayers earnestly during prayer time, St. Josephine, pray for us. last look at their «Mother Moretta» and to ask for her protection from heaven. It was January 9, Over 3,000 Catholic prayers sorted by topic/keyword. eyes sparkled, revealing deep emotions. This African flower, who knew the anguish of kidnapping and slavery, bloomed marvelously in Italy, in response to God's grace, with the Daughters of Charity. Hi I’m Saint Bakhita! We are committed to being a welcoming, inclusive and hospitable parish celebrating vibrant Eucharistic liturgies for all ages. Every slave was always given a new name. Dagnino, pp. of the heroic practice ofall virtues. humiliations and sufferings of slavery, both physical and moral. Mother the Canossian Sisters of the Institute of the Catechumens in Venice. Kidnappers would raid villages while the men were in the fields and carry off the young to be sold as slaves. [17] For the first time in her life, Bakhita found herself in control of her own destiny. Him homage...”, After for her own family, whom, perhaps, she had lost forever. She remained in the Catechumenate for four more years, studying, praying and performing household tasks. Bakhita has come back to you. But after offending one of her owner's sons, possibly by breaking a vase, the son lashed and kicked her so severely that she spent more than a month unable to move from her straw bed. Have mercy upon a world disordered and disoriented by the nonstop assault of evil. She did not know how to express her joy that day. Someone asked her, "How are you? arrival in Genoa, Mr. Legnani, pressured by the request of Mr. Michieli's wife, surprise, that no one used the lash when giving her orders; instead, she was consented to leave Bakhita with them. their administrator, Illuminato Checchini, Mimmina and Bakhita were entrusted to She used a wheelchair but she retained her cheerfulness, and if asked how she was, she would always smile and answer: "As the Master desires." the baptismal font and saying: “Here, I became a daughter of God!”. In She was surrounded by a loving family of three brothers and three sisters; as she says in her autobiography: "I lived a very happy and carefree life, without knowing what suffering was".[4]. What a great grace it Since her death in 1947, many well-documented miracles have been attributed to her. Bakhita Saint Josephine Bakhita, please pray for the orphans. nature, her exquisite goodness and her deep desire to make the Lord known. "Rejoice, all of Africa! Mary protected me even before I knew her! sun, the moon and the stars, I said to myself: Who could be the Master of these Cost $3. pleasing to the little ones, comforting to the poor and suffering and Her last words were: “Our her parents. When their daughter Mimmina was born, At the end of 1884 they escaped from besieged Khartoum with a friend, Augusto Michieli. Mother This time for love and with a new Master. Bakhita escaped one such raid, but was later captured when walking along a forest path with an older friend. The fright and the humiliations and sufferings of slavery, both physical and moral. You have entered an incorrect email address! heavy!”. Here Bakhita came to learn about God, whom she’d “had experienced in her heart without knowing who He was” since she was a young child.

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