154.28: Used by local fire departments for inter-department emergency communication. Thread starter nikidog11; Start date Feb 8, 2008; Status Not open for further replies. Check out iCopyRadio, the new technology for you to stream, record, and control your radio scanner anywhere. I know that I was receiving them much cleaner on the TRS then I was on the conventional frequencies Wyland Wilsonville anyways. Counties    Marion Co. Fire: Stayton, Turner, Lyons, Sublimity, Aumsville, Detroit. If you’re not sure which  local frequencies to use, you can easily obtain this information doing a search on Google. What’s the Best Scanner Equipped with the Zip Code Scan Feature? Oregon Scanner Frequencies … When I can do a little checking or listen to a little more audio I'll look and see what tgid it was I was hearing most all of the traffic on. Feb 8, 2008 #1 I am trying to find a link or list of the radio codes used by the Salem PD, I had found one a while ago but for the life of me cant find it now. -- So. Angel and Silverton Fire Districts, Fire Dispatch MCFD, Keizer, and Polk Co. Fire, South County Tap Out & Working for Idanha-Detroit Fire, Marion County Drill/Chemeketa Community College Emerg Svc Trng, Keizer PD and Public Works use this system for day to day operations, City of Salem Public works are on this system. Otherwise it has to scan all of the forty-something sites every time looking for a usable control channel, unless you are using location-based (GPS), or Zip Code based scanning. 39.46:  This specific channel is used by state and local police forces for inter-department emergency communications. Most models that don’t come equipped with this feature will require you to manually search for local frequencies. Please mention it on our Forums Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Essex County MA Color Legend: Blue=Motorola, Green=LTR, Yellow=EDACS Scroll down to see services other than Police/Fire/EMS I’ve included a list of some of the most common agencies that have used the same frequency for several years. SMF Ops 3 TalkGroup on the City of Salem P25 trunking system. 138 .225: This station is used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for prime disaster relief operations. I'm sure that the UHF frequencies for Salem are set up and used kind of like Clackamas County does with their VHF frequencies. N. nikidog11 Member. A digital model allows you to listen to trunked, analog, and digital transmissions. As an example, you can store  police channel frequencies in one bank, weather reports in another, and ambulance dispatch in another. SMP Dispatch 1 TalkGroup on the City of Salem P25 trunking system. City of Salem Police Department in Salem, Oregon. Kenwood TK-760HG-1 for the receiver. Scanner Frequencies. Okay, my last reply for a while I've been looking and it seems that Salem Police and Fire Department or on the Oregon State system. That’s where they were last time I was there. Check out iCopyRadio, the new technology for you to stream, record, and control your radio scanner anywhere. Digital police scanner frequencies can vary  based on the city, county, or state you live in. I'll have to look at my radio, and I did a ton of recording to the SD card while I was there, to find out more. Let us know if you have additional information to add to this site. 2020 Scanner Frequencies - Police, Fire & EMS Scanner and Radio Communications Frequency Database. Uniden Home Patrol- Simple Program Digital Scanner. Every attempt is made to make this database complete and accurate; however, it is meant for educational and hobby purposes only. Voted #1 Best Radio Website (2009 Users Choice Award) Forums Map Search Database Search Live Audio Alerts Wiki Marion County Scanner Frequencies (OR) Scanner frequencies for Marion County OR Have an update or correction ? United States Digital P25 Phase 1 & 2 Frequency Search To search, enter your county and state (two letter abbreviation). Police scanner frequencies include law enforcement, fire departments, and other public services. A reimagined scanning experience. Home of the world's largest radio/scanner frequency database Celebrating 20 years of no ads and no subscriber fees. 34.90:  This is a channel that has been used by the National Guard for emergency purposes for several years. This encrypted talkgroup is … One of the most common questions that beginners have regarding scanner usage is how can they determine what frequency to use based on their location. Abbreviations    If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at Justin@DigitalFrequencySearch.com. A close call feature is a type of receiving option that will search local bands for a stronger signal and automatically lock onto them. Digital police scanner frequencies will vary based on the city, county, or state you live in. The frequencies in this database contain an emission designator associated with. This feature is often referred to as zip code scan or close call feature. It’s odd that in your first picture, your SDS 100 was receiving Salem Fire on the Sugar Pine site. The database contains over 310,000 frequencies authorized to use P25 digital voice. I may be wrong about it being on a trunk radio system all together? The  type of range the close call feature operates on all depends on the strength of a particular signal. 146.52: On this frequency, you can listen in on ham radio users for non-repeater communication. I have checked the database and all entries seem to be accurate including GPS data and range. Some cities and counties will always use the same channels and have for several years. If you don’t have a scanner with the zip code feature, then staying up-to-date with local frequencies can be incredibly difficult. Marion County Fire agencies and service districts. In some cases, your scanner will come with a guide list of national frequencies that you can use to manually program into your scanner and store them based on category for easier access. So it looks like what I took pictures of as I was replaying some of the audio is just the patched top groups on the Oregon State Radio Project. If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for Salem, Ohio. These scanners will allow you to listen in on amateur radio frequencies, which can even include baby monitors, cell phones, and of course, walkie talkies. Salem PD and Salem Fire Dispatch channel are re-broadcast on the Oregon State Radio Project. I know they were on their trunk system and I think they were also on the Washington County, Clackamas County, Etc TRS? Articles Contact Submit. Salem Police Frequencies. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Finding this information can be simple if you don’t have a scanner that comes equipped with the ZIP code scanning feature. When you switch a channel on  the radio it’s locking onto one signal, while picking up another.

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