Jobrani once refused a plum role of a terrorist mastermind on "24," saying the show was "bad for him and for America." ''It's not about fences and laws,'' he said. He laughs.' As he continues to score bigger and more popular roles in Hollywood, Taghmaoui is poised to become that actor who can take on roles where faith can be part of his backstory instead of the main plot focus. Bacon is pork! Ishmael: God blessed my brother to be a good carpenter.It’s okay. But he has done pretty well for the son of a street sweeper who first dreamed of being a movie star watching John Wayne and ''Spartacus'' in the theaters of Port Said, Egypt. ''Here, I am hijacking a T.W.A.,'' he said in his thick accent, hitting the play button on a video reel of his film clips in his Santa Monica apartment. Mr. Badreya no longer worships at the mosque where he tended the library. Kill the crusaders. He prayed with them. ", Comedian and actor Dave Chappelle knows how to get a laugh. How do you feel when you see the terrorists who killed your hero Anwar Sadat now in power in Egypt. She is a successful writer and producer of such shows as "The Jamie Foxx Show," "Moesha," and UPN's "Girlfriends," which began in 2000 and ran until 2008. “He loved the idea. Poking fun at Muslims and non-Muslimsnalike, these multi-talented comedians truly wear their faith on their sleeves as they use their comedy to encourage people to take a new look at Muslims.But though comedy is what these three are known for, their Hollywood experience includes writing and acting as well. He spent two seasons as a writer and co-producer on Showtime's drama "Sleeper Cell" and worked on the recently canceled TV series "Kings," a contemporary retelling of the story of the biblical King David. 'Just chillin', eatin' some bacon.' Sign up for Beliefnet's Muslim Wisdom newsletter. Reluctant to go, Pasha later wrote on that he often had felt "the need to put my career before my faith, missing prayers and even forgoing some of the fasts of Ramadan to focus on my work." He is not as famous as his old roommate, Woody Harrelson, or his buddies from his starving-actor days, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, who recently cast him against type as a doctor in ''Shallow Hal.'' Moss, along with comedians Azhar Usman and Mo Amer form the Allah Made Me Funny comedy trio, which has been touring the country for years. He said his goal was to protect his children and his wife -- and his adopted country, which once welcomed penniless young dreamers like him from the Middle East. He played a Palestinian who hijacked a plane headed for Washington loaded with enough nerve gas to depopulate the East Coast. In 1993, the mosque had a visit from Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who, soon after, was arrested and later convicted in the plot to blow up New York City landmarks. But it's probably on "The Daily Show" that Mandvi has come into his own, uproariously tapping his ethnicity and faith to color his brand of Middle East reporting. What Muslims Wish Christians Understood About Them. Ansari, a hilarious comedic actor who has appeared on NBC's "Scrubs" and is starring in "Parks and Recreation." Ansari doesn't like to talk about faith (we're pretty sure his Muslim identity is non-existent), and he once related this funny story: "'I didn't find out I was Muslim until I was 11. The two men scoff at the White House for paying an American advertising executive to concoct a campaign to convince the Muslim world to love America. But their Hollywood roots go much deeper.All three have had roles in TV and film, from Egyptian-born Ahmed appearing on "Executive Decision," "JAG," and as a featured comedian on the PBS special, "STAND UP: Muslim Comics Come of Age," to Iranian-born Jobrani, the breakout actor of the group who has appeared in "The Interpreter," "Friday After Next" and "Dragonfly" to Kader, who was raised in Washington, D.C. and trained in sketch comedy at The Groundlings theater in Los Angeles. The men in the mosque were not terrorists, Mr. Badreya said. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" hit the theaters last summer, Said Taghmaoui got a chance to fight terrorists rather than play them. We're not supposed to eat pork!' But they were receptive, Mr. Badreya said, when the sheiks he calls jihadis gave talks at the mosque and at others in Los Angeles and San Diego in which they preached holy war. He is a scholar, he is a high cleric in our mosque.' A.R. He then tagged along as the sheik was hustled into a car, taken to an apartment, changed clothes, changed cars and then was driven in a circuitous route to a dormitory in a community college in Hawthorne where, in the middle of the night, he preached for two hours about jihad to a rapt circle of young men. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. The reason for his choice is still being debated, but it doesn't seem to bother Chappelle, who has since maintained a low profile at his residence in Yellow Springs, Ohio. And for that story, we had to throw Ansari a plug in this gallery. ''We need the scholars.''. 2020 1h 22m. Rahman, a wildly popular, prolific, and award-winning musical composer in Bollywood, recently won an Oscar for the score he wrote for "Slumdog Millionaire.". But over time, what he saw frightened him. After moving to the U.S. to attend New York University's film school, Badreya left for Hollywood and began appearing in typical "foreign" and "terrorist" roles on television and film. The comedic trio, which started touring in 2005, have been making people laugh all around the world. ''I wanted to find out how to speak like them, how they eat, how they think,'' he said. Why would the comedian walk away from a $50 million contract and retreat to relative seclusion with an old friend named Salim? Are you tired of drinking alcohol? Now, refusing to go into detail, Abu-Anas saysthat he talks to the F.B.I. And they are seething about the detentions and questioning of Middle Easterners. ''I never knew he was so spiritual.''. After she completed her education, she moved to Los Angeles to continue her film and TV career. Director: Hesham Issawi Writers: Hesham Issawi; Sayed Badreya; Brian Cox Music by: Tony Humecke Producers: Anant Singh; Brian Cox; Ahmad Zahra Keywords: Drama Aghdashloo is only moving up in Hollywood—she just scored her first Emmy for her supporting role in the HBO miniseries, "House of Saddam. ''And I fell in love with it.''. But for Badreya, his true dream is to tell the stories of real Arabs. Now, thanks to roles in movies like ''Independence Day,'' ''Three Kings'' and ''The Insider,'' he has an S.U.V., and a son and a daughter watching ''Rugrats'' in his living room snuggled next to his wife, Patricia, a nurse from Sandusky, Ohio. To reflect on his Muslim faith, to be "well balanced" and to "check my intentions," Chappelle told Time Magazine in 2005.Chappelle has always charted his Hollywood career on his own terms. He is best known for his turn as the investigating police inspector in "Slumdog." “Roy: Yeah, sure, Thomas can raise a barn, but can he pick up a 7-10 split? '', See the article in its original context from. It's a great recruitment tape.''. Meet them now in Beliefnet's guide to the top Muslims in Hollywood. '', ''So how can we stop them?'' Until nine years ago, the only terrorists Mr. Badreya had met were some guys with prop guns on a movie set. ''They come to the U.S.,'' said Abu-Anas of the itinerant jihadis who passed through before Sept. 11, ''deliver the message and disappear. But some of these sheiks have already issued fatwas encouraging Muslims to fight Americans. (And yes, they took their name from Bush's 2002 State of the Union address.) But recently he has made the move to the silver screen with roles in "Star Trek" and "Iron Man." Proud of her Iranian and Muslim heritage, Aghdashloo continues to take complex roles that push the envelope of cultural and religious perceptions (she played the Jewish character Elizabeth in "The Nativity Story"). What makes Tahir interesting is that he's been cast in two films as non-Muslim characters—a breakthrough for Muslim actors in Hollywood.Finally, there's Aziz Ansari, whom we debated whether to include on this list. I was like, ‘Well, double-check the Koran, Mom. The Mumbai-born actor, who later emigrated to England (and recalls his early years at an all-boys school as his first impetus to explore issues of ethnic pride versus integration), got his first big break in his 1998 one-man show, "Sakina's Restaurant," which was based on his family's immigrant experience. Usman and Amer have other comedy specials and shows in the works. "With the blessings of his executive producer Michael Green, Pasha went with his mother and discovered that the Prophet Muhammad's life story was "far more remarkable than any of the Hollywood epics I have written."

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