You can easily create a test for multiple study sets by going to one of your sets, hovering over the three dots next to the 'Info' button, and clicking 'Combine'. Thank you so much and keep working hard! Somehow thought that Diagrams and uploading images was a Plus feature, so I'll give that a try. Do you have any other Quizlet tips that make studying easier or more fun? The micro match I did not know about. var answer = findAnswerGlobal(getClass("FormattedText notranslate TermText lang-en")[0].innerHTML); var q1 = getClass("FormattedText notranslate TermText lang-en")[1]; var q2 = getClass("FormattedText notranslate TermText lang-en")[2]; var q3 = getClass("FormattedText notranslate TermText lang-en")[3]; var q4 = getClass("FormattedText notranslate TermText lang-en")[4]; console.error("ERROR: Unable to find / click answer"); document.getElementsByClassName("UIButton UIButton--whiteBorder UIButton--fill")[0].click(); if (document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[3].checked && document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[2].checked !== true && document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[4].checked !== true) {. Thanks for the match to micromatch tip. tiles[j].style.backgroundColor = colors[i]; for (var F = setTimeout(";"), o = 0; o < F; o++) clearTimeout(o); var tiles = getClass("MatchModeQuestionGridTile-text"); //[0].childNodes[0].innerHTML, if (getClass("MatchModeQuestionGridTile")[i].classList[1] != "is-selected") {. Star 1 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 2 Stars 1. Thanks, cool! return getAnswer(Quizlet.spellModeData.spellGameData.termsById, question); } else if (Quizlet.matchModeData !== undefined) { //Quizlet.matchModeData.terms. document.getElementsByClassName("UICheckbox-input")[3].click(); if (Quizlet.assistantModeData !== undefined) { //Quizlet.assistantModeData.terms. :

'); getId("gravityButton").addEventListener("click", function() {. Flashcards. good but i like the hard version better. Thanks so much for these tips! I had no idea Quizlet added diagrams and that I could make one until I explored Quizlet more deeply as an intern. As a psychology major, I haven’t had to take math since my first year in college. THANK YOU! the math trick makes me want to use it for math now. Excellent tips for my students and my kids, as well as for ME! Thanks Alexa!! This was very helpful and I didn't know about micromatch and this is going to help me more when I am studying for Spanish 3. Check out some of Quizlet’s cool diagrams here. cAlert('

Game Mode: Write

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You dont even have to wait,
this is my favorite one to watch!

'); getId("writeButton").addEventListener("click", function() {. Diagrams are images that you can label with points and then study using Learn, Write, Test, and Match. Hi Alexa - I use parentheses a lot! return getAnswer(Quizlet.learnGameData.allTerms, question); } else if (Quizlet.testModeData !== undefined) { //Quizlet.testModeData.terms. Alexa - Thank you for sharing. Did you already know about all of these features/tricks? Thanks for sharing! yo this is amazing now I can beat my sis in match hahaha, Understanding the relationship between mental health and studying, How to deal with spooky midterms during the Halloween season, Seven deadly sins of remote studying, just in time for spooky season, 5 brilliant ways to improve your remote learning perspective. I will use the information about micromatch from now :-). I've been wanting to know how to do the micromatch thing for so long! So helpful. I’ll defiantly be using that! // ==UserScript== // @name Quizlet Match Hack // @namespace Gabe B. Talafous // @version 1.6 // @description The time will freeze at 0.5 and the answers will be the same color cheers Very helpful and this is the perfect time to find this cause I have to study for finals. I have never seen a set like this before. Fist, go to quizlet match. Now it's easier, thanks! cAlert('

Game Mode: Spell

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Hold down enter and wait.

'); getId("spellButton").addEventListener("click", function() {. Makes it great for classes like French where accents are critical! theonlytruegod/Quizlet Match Hack Code (use tampermonkey chrome extension), // @description The time will freeze and the answers will be the same color, //Ignore the variable gravityScore because it doesn't work any more, but I decided to keep the code here, //


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