All rights reserved. He even had to give up the music movie project “Season of You and Me”. However, after the news broke out, Song Joong Ki's father sent the following text message to his acquaintances: "I am sorry that we must convey such unhappy news to you all of a sudden. “Hair loss in men is very common. Get unlimited access to The Straits Times and more at S$ 0.99/month. Seems like the Song-Song divorce has taken a toll on the star’s family. I think it's not due to anyone's inadequacy. Song Senior had been known to be fond of the couple, frequently texting his friends to promote their dramas. Meanwhile, producers of fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles, which stars Song Joong-ki, could do without the unwanted distractions. The big-budget show, which has already been hobbled by mixed reviews and so-so ratings, may take a further knock from viewers angry over his marital situation boycotting the show. Meanwhile another fan reasoned: “It could just be genetics. Wish you all good health and happy days.". Doesn't always have to do with stress.”. Since then, Joong Ki has come under fire for his part in the divorce. No. Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Getting Married, Yanxi Palace's Xu Kai Scolded By Auntie After He Rejects Her Request For A Photo, Liza Wang Uses Her Massive Porch To Sun Her Clothes; Netizens Get Serious House Envy, A Netizen Got An Exam Question Right 'Cos Of This Jay Chou Song, Simon Yam’s Wife Says Their 15-Year-Old Daughter Is 1.8m Tall ‘Cos She Gets Enough Sleep Every Night. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam. The source also mentioned that production staff working with Joong Ki noticed the thinning and were worried about his marital woes. According to allkpop portal, the father would not answer even phone calls from friends. Meanwhile, the 37-year-old actress claimed that they were parting ways due to “differences in personalities”. Hopefully all of them can find happiness and solace, including the parents. I wish his dad will just shut up, no wonder Joongki didnt inform his dad before filing for divorce. Soon after the announcement, Seung Ki not only unfollowed his sister-in-law, but also deleted his Instagram posts with Hye Kyo in it. What we didn’t know until now was how the Descendants of the Sun co-stars’ loved ones were taking to it. An unnamed source close to the couple claimed on a Korean TV broadcast that the actress seldom attended any of Joong Ki’s family events — she was reportedly absent from family weddings, funerals and other important occasions, and Joong Ki was often put in an awkward spot when relatives asked about her whereabouts. But SJK, the man in the eye of the media maelstrom, has come under scrutiny now… for his hair loss. questioned another. Share gift link below with your friends and family. “Song Joong Ki’s dad seemed jovial the day before the announcement. Song Joong Ki’s father is a supportive father-in-law to Song Hye Kyo!. Article: [Exclusive] Song Joong Ki's mother's reaction "This is great, I'm happy" Source: Sports Seoul via Nate Song Joong Ki's father, however, was spotted saying to friends, "My son's getting married soon. All this animosity might’ve stemmed from earlier on, even before the divorce announcement was made public. Song Joong Ki was spotted dating after constantly having bad luck at work because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Still, there are fans who are standing by their idol, through thick and thinning hair. Still, decent for its price says @flofongsg. Unless it’s fries. They can read the article in full after signing up for a free account. . - 1. Which is why Song Joong-ki, who announced his divorce from Song Hye-kyo on June 27, is getting flak after news surfaced that his father is so distraught he has refused to step out of his house. Please stand by us and give us guidance. . Following the news of Song Joong Ki filing divorce with Song Hye Kyo, the young actor's father has sent another series of text message to his friends, of words containing his feelings towards this unfortunate turn of events. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. . Read her review in the latest issue. Song Joong-ki (Korean: 송중기; born September 19, 1985) is a South Korean actor.He rose to fame in the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) and the variety show Running Man (2010–2011) as one of the original cast members. Joong Ki’s father, who wasn’t aware about the divorce and only discovered it via news reports (yes, like you and me), is apparently refusing to leave his house. I'm disappointed that Song Hye Gyo is older than my son but you really can't beat your own kid when it comes to what he wants." “It must have been marriage issues that caused his hair loss!” a netizen commented. Then we love sharing. In related news, a rumor erupted earlier today that casting companies had noticed the couple previously planning for pregnancy. You can read this subscriber-only article in full, All done!

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