Then, Flamekit tilted her head back, screeching as she fell to the dusty floor. He purred. Giving a small, soft smile, Flamekit realized with a silent snicker that a crush could have been possibly forming. Let's just say Brambleclaw DID turn out to be the next Tigerstar. THIS IS ONLY A FANFICTION OF WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED BETWEEN SQUIRELFLIGHT AND ASHFUR. And she twined her tail with his. Squirrelflight looked around, she wanted to prove Brambleclaw wrong, that she could do whatever she wanted. Nightcloud whipped around and slashed Ashfur's muzzle with the flick of a paw, making blood spatter the ground. They need more moss.". Brambleclaw garbbed Hazeltail by her scruff and turned her over,letting his member hang in her face. Firestar nodded, pain showing in his eyes. Flamekit was woken by Firestar's commanding yowl. Olivekit was slowly recovering, and tried her best to cheer Flamekit up, but Flamekit could see past it, see the pain and anguish in her eyes. The clan chanted. Squirrelflight started to pace. "Push Hazeltail!" Ashfur is scared about what’s going on with Squirrelflight and then that’s when Squirrelflight begins to rant on about her love and jealousy for him. Ashfur nodded and they split up. He didn't seem overly thrilled either as we toured the territory, although she already knew which was which. Squirrelfight released her cooling juices. Her eyes stuck to the ground, and she only looked up after Ashfur wrapped his tail around her, giving her a silent smile of comfort. Battle screeches ripped through the air followed by growls. Cinderheart and Nightcloud tussled in the nursery for a few seconds. Your review has been posted. Greykit should have been here with them. Brambleclaw stared at the lake, sun light glittering off the surface. The reason Jay, Holly, and Lion don't appear is because they were stillborn in this story. Squirrelfight let out a moan of pleasure. Ashfur bit Brambleclaw's ears making him yowl in pain. Her mother’s nest was beyond cold, and Greykit was missing. Flamekit raised her head slightly, listening to the last of the details. "Flamekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. Brambleclaw saw a pair of warm amber eyes were staring back at him. Brambleclaw casted an Ice cold glance at ashfur, Squirrelflight on the other hand glared at Brambleclaw and returned Ashfur's gaze with love in her eyes. It was as if time was frozen, the only thing still going was the blood rushing in her ears. Squirrelflight's struggle to do everything and finally earn peace in her clan has lead her to a miracle once-in-a-lifetime offer. Olivepaw proudly marched up to Leafpool, staring at her with wonder. Firestar nodded, and then spoke. Squirrelflight x Ashfur (LUST LOVE) Squirrelflight padded away from Brambleclaw in a huff, he kept telling her what to do! "Hes not dead!...I am going to join Shadowclan!" You have received excellent training from me, and you have shown yourself to be loyal and dedicated. Brambleclaw purred and nuzzled Hazeltail. Hazeltail rested her head on Brambleclaw's shoulder. Mousewhisker. Flamekit turned to her dejectedly, knowing she was trying to distract her. "I'm sorry Ashfur. "Cmon Flamekit. Will he take revenge? I turned to him, my tail twitching. StrikeClan Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Squirrelflight and Ashfur togetherForever Chapter 1 Asfur gazed sadly at Squirrelflight. "Windclan retreat!" Flamepaw walked out of camp, following the broad-shouldered tabby into the forest. Your mentor will be Brambleclaw. The're were two kits. Enter this story of a change. Ashfur just stares slack jawed whilst she continues basically the same rant as canon but with obvious changes. "Leafpool, you are ready to take on an apprentice. Ashfur tore his claws' down Nightcloud's back, making her yowl in pain. Ashfur came over and liked her cheek its ok. Squirrelfight nodded and purred. Rainkit and Silverkit look like Ashfur as Flamekit looks like Squirrelfight. Amber eyes glared out from a bush, burning with rage. He heard a rustle and turned around. A tortishell cat stepped through the camp entrance. I wanna be like him someday.". Brambleclaw finds love with another cat. (Severe AU) What if Squirrelflight chose Ashfur instead of Brambleclaw? I hope Leafpool will pass down all she knows on to you.". Brambleclaw knew who it was...It was Hazeltail. You will be the mentor of Olivepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to Olivepaw. Squirrelflight chooses Ashfur after she is mates with Brambleclaw. Even though it had been three moons since Greykit died, Flamekit could not get over the loss. "And then Ripplepaw walked off at his leader's word. Squrrielflight watched in concern as Brambleclaw stalked away, grumbling, his tail twitching with anger. ", "Olivepaw, Flamepaw, Olivepaw, Flamepaw!". Their other siblings, Molepaw and Cinderpaw, whined and begged to go too, but Firestar had already made up his mind. Squirrelfight stared at Ashfur, her green gaze filled with love for him. Ashfur bounded over and licked her cheek. Squirrelflight screeched and pushed her off. I was thinking naming her Leafkit after the cat who found her." Hazeltail wailed in grief. Squirrelflight and Ashfur togetherForever. Ashfur stood proudly by her. Flamepaw realized how concerned she was about Leafkit, and thought about how happy would she truly be as a warrior, harming others, ripping away others. CHAPTER ONE Squirrelflight curled her dark ginger tail around her three kits. Hazeltail's ears pricked. THIS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. They had decided to name the ginger tabby she-cat Flamekit, after his grandfather, Firestar, the mottled pale grey tabby Greykit, and the unusually fluffy tortoiseshell Olivekit. Squirrelfight laid on her side, her belly slightly swollen. She mewed. MOST NAMES LISTED BELOW BELONG TO ERIN HUNTER. Brambleclaw licked her core, going inside and teasing it with hsi tounge. The two were happiest like this, and it wasn’t long before Squrrielflight was in the nursery, nursing three kits. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Flamepaw. "I think we should name this one Spottedkit, Hazeltail flicked her tail at the Gray spotted kit. “Why? Hazeltail licked his face. "Flamepaw,Rainpaw, Silverpaw!" She noticed Ashfur pad inside the nursery. 'What shall we name them." Brambleclaw licked her neck and Hazeltail rubbed her tail along Brambleclaw's now exposed member making Brambleclaw moan softly. "I'll take her to Ferncloud, and hope she agrees to look after her." Ashfur thrusted himself inside of her making her moan and groan. Ashfur groomed her pelt lightly. 'We found Brambleclaw being swept away by the lake so he has joined Shadowclan. Was it Brambleclaw's well to repeat the Darkest Hour, or was it Tigerstar's? Squrrielflight watched in concern as Brambleclaw stalked away, grumbling, his tail twitching with anger. Brambleclaw casted an Ice cold glance at ashfur, Squirrelflight on the other hand glared at Brambleclaw and returned Ashfur's gaze with love in her eyes. She sighed, collapsing beside Ferncloud, curling up. She dipped her head as they started to head back, coming back to see a crowd gathering. She explained, and Ferncloud nodded, pushing her closer as the kit attached itself. Flamepaw pushed her way into the nursery, dropping the small black creature by her foster mother's paws. A flaming ginger pelt met his gaze. The whole family had been broken up after Greykit died. "A kit. In their joy, they did not notice the dark brown tabby growling in the shadows, his amber eyes glaring with hate at the newest litter. Flamekit knew she wanted to go, but at the same time, she knew she knew she was gonna be caught. Poppypaw and Honeypaw promised to tell them, as they were going. Somehow, she knew, Brambleclaw could not be trusted. Ashfur padded out of camp and toward the lake. Squirrelflight DIDN'T choose him as her mate. An idea struck her and Squirrelflight smiled, the orange she-cat padded over to Ashfur "Hey Ashfur." "It's no fair! Instinctively, she rushed forward, pushing the kit toward her, licking it's tiny head. Ever since she was a kit, she never trusted Brambleclaw, and now he was her mentor? Letting a small grumble escape her mouth, she tucked further into her tail, attempting to fall back asleep. Her ears close to her head, tail dragging in the dust, she slunk out of the nursery, sitting next to her tortoiseshell sibling, whose amber eyes sparkled as she saw Poppykit, Cinderkit, Honeykit, and Molekit rise to their paws, standing below the highledge as Firestar started the ceremony. "Olivekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. A thin shrill wail encircled the camp. I found her while I was out herb collecting.". The smell of Windclan wrapped its self around the Nursery, making Ashfur unsheath his claws. Flamekit grumbled, her one dark eye opened slightly after being woken up by her sister, Olivekit. Hazeltail bucked him with her hips, making him go faster. with one last push a brown kit tumbled into the nest. Their foster mother was going as well, and Flamekit silently touched her nose to her's, a silent goodbye for the evening. Ashfur finally made it to a small clearing, flanks heaving. A shiver went through Flamepaw's spine. "we should hunt." She chose Ashfur instead. Ashfur went faster making Squirrelfight yowl with pleasure. "That was great" she mewed and for the first time in a Moon Hazeltail was happy. She did not even look at her, holding back tears, and Flamekit knew what she was thinking, because she was thinking it too. "Hazeltail! However, she couldn’t resist a small smile as she nuzzled her new mate, Ashfur. She whispered. "I love you Squirrelflight." Lionblaze's alarm rang throughout the camp. She announced, causing mumbles to roll around the clearing, and Flamekit heard every one of them. The last thing she heard was paws shuffling, brambles being pushed aside as a cat entered the nursery, and Olivekit’s excited squeal slowly fading away. Hazeltail moaned and released her cooling juices, and Brambleclaw licked them up. Brambleclaw purred "Perfect.". Moons passed, and the cats coming to the gathering gathered. Rising to her paws, she walked outside, sitting next to a cat who she had barely any memory of, one who had not spoken to her since her younger brother died. Ashfur licked her core and teased it with his tounge. Nightcloud lept up and ran through the Nursery's entrance. Ashfur went lower and started to lick her core, making Squirrelflight groan. Ashfur thrusted faster and faster making Squirrelflight moan and groan louder. The anger and hate in his eyes made him seem scary, and a shiver of fear past through her. Brambleclaw Thrust him self inside of her making Hazeltail yowl in pleasure. She needs a mother. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Turning back to look at her brother one last time through her tear-blurred eyes, she instead caught the gaze of the warrior Brambleclaw. “Shhhh, Flamekit, let’s get you back to the nursery.” Her father’s soft voice nudged her to her paws, guiding her with his tail back to the nursery. Ashfur is a young male who lives in Thunderclan, his crush, Squirrelflight ditched him because of Brambleclaw, he blamed.

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