The best day for this ritual is a Tuesday but you can do this spell on any of the three nights in August when the Moon is full. The day before and the day after comprising what would be the peak time of the Full Moon energy. The time of this Full Moon is 11:57 (for my time zone), which is 23, which reduces to a 5. If you practice Astrology or Lunar Magic, find a lunar meditation with today’s Moon transit here: Tonight’s Moon Spell , The effect of this Full Moon can make things easier in terms of making an important decision or choice. This Moon has other names: the Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon. This article will look at the current Full Moon and talk about the kind of “harvest” you should bring in emotionally during this full moon. The symbolism of fish also connect us with the Water Element , which means awareness and communication with the spiritual realms. I provide spiritual guidance using different tools: astrology, tarot/oracle cards, numerology, and past life regression (using muscle testing). (224). In 2013 I “hung out my shingle” starting my business Black Unykorn Enterprises, LLC. The Full Moon is the time of “the harvest” when what began with the New Moon reaches full potential before waning and fading and preparing for a new cycle. This Moon will be in the air sign of Aquarius making it a thoughtful, poignant energy, but somewhat detached from our more heartfelt emotions. This Full Moon will take place in the 2nd Decan (middle 10 degrees) of Aquarius, making it an Aquarius/Gemini Full Moon. The previous Blue Moon was March 31, 2018, and the next one will be October 31, 2020. Sturgeon moon definition: a traditional name for a full moon occurring in August | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I have no points in this house, so this Full Moon will activate energy in a part of my chart that “waits to respond”. What does this mean for your zodiac sign? August Moon Phases - The Sturgeon Moon - Moon Watercolor - Moon Phase Print - Spiritual Meaning of the August Full Moon - Moon Art CatAndTheAstronaut From shop CatAndTheAstronaut. 5 indicates the need to change and disrupt in positive ways. Goddess Spirituality. So, I feel pretty much every Full Moon in some significant way. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, “Full Sturgeon Moon”. According to Raven Kaldera, “Friendship can cut the legs out from under intolerance, one inch at a time. It is also a number associated with travel, so those of us living in this time zone should find a way to visit another place or other places at some point between this Full Moon and the next. This spell of positive witchcraft can help you get rid of a bad habit. What is hindering you or holding you back? Among the 9 phases – New, Waxing Crescent, 1st Quarter Half, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Half, Waning Crescent, and Balsamic – the New and Full Moons capture most of the attention.

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