It works on aluminum arrows but might stick with 2 part expoxy on carbon. You want to have arrows that can stand the impact of both the water and the fish. force (average of 3 attempts). You could also mix Gorilla Glue and epoxy. Some people argue that Gorilla Glue expands, which epoxy doesn’t. It sets up very quickly and doesn't take very much for it to bond. Just a tiny bead on the tip of the insert, then twist it into the shaft(carbon or aluminum). Anyone used the Gorilla glue impact stuff for gluing your inserts? I recommend that you start with one of these glues and go from there. Seems to fill all the voids, expecially when the shaft end is not square. The best part is that as the glue expands, it self … The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindle. Fltech tight, Duco, Goat tuff and 2 part epoxy will all work great if you do the prep work. I've tried it all and by far the best. I have heard a few guys swear by it and was curious if anyone on here has used it? Gorilla Glue or even epoxy won’t hold without sanding, which means you donated a couple of arrowheads to the lake or river. Glue the notch with fletching glue, rather than Gorilla Glue, so that it aligns with the safety slide. your account management area, forums and University require login. It’s so durable against impact force. Bottle: What Works Best for Bowfishing? I was going to use Goat tuff impact glue. Take a swab with just enough water to make it damp. Before I glue inserts in, I take a little sandpaper and rough up the inside of the arrow as well as the insert, and then use a q-tip and some acetone and clean the carbon dust out of the end arrow. JavaScript is disabled. Heard great things about it. Nutrition/Running/Strength Training/Other Workouts, Programs that don’t need gym access or weights, Vortex Diamondback HD 15×56 Binocular Review, Pope & Young Crowns the World Record Mule Deer, Creative Outdoors Montana Bow Sling Review, Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunt: Film Release, Kodiak Island Gear with Daniel Horner and James Nash. I use the same prep process that Jeffin Ak described, then i use the gold tip glue. Just have heard from a few that the Gorilla super glue with rubber in it for impact protection Is working really well. I will stay with what I know works Kevin. First, you use it on the notch of the arrow. With epoxy, I might feel confident that nothing will remove my arrowhead, but I’ve never had a problem with Gorilla Glue.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'bowfishingforfun_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',104,'0','0'])); You have a contentious debate with this. I have used powerbond for about 4 years now.. Never a problem with it.. (no more wobble), I know that I am suppposed to use epoxy for the inserts on my arrows, but has anyone ever used gorilla glue? This site is owned and operated by Bowfishing for Fun, headquartered in Minnesota, USA.

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