[37] In a mahapanchayat ("the great panchayat"), the Gurjar community decided that those who sought dowry would be excommunicated from the society. Twenty Gurjars were reported to have been beheaded by Rao Tula Ram for committing dacoities in July 1857. In spring, the pastures are plentiful and good in the areas of low and middle altitudes. Kirori Singh Bainsla fought and lost at BJP ticket. [49] Presently, the Gurjars in Rajasthan are classified as Other Backward Classes. [72] After the creation of the Rajaji National Park (RNP), the Van Gurjars in Deharadun were asked to shift to a resettlement colony at Pathri near Haridwar. The Gujjars once … A nuclear family is the production and consump­tion unit. The gotra name is often suffixed to their names. Out of the 60 days, 22 are jour­ney days and 38 are halt days. A community panchayat (council) exercises social control and resolves disputes regarding land, marriage, inheritance and … They celebrate all Hindu festivals like Holi (festival of colours), Diwali (festival of lamps), Dussehra and Janamashtami (Krishna’s birthday). Their existence is caught up in the daily struggle of making a living in unstable and difficult conditions. Many other smaller places also have their names after the Gujjars. mai koi bhi Aaisi power nahi hai joo aapko Nuksan pahucha Sakai or Bhaiyo agar Alag Alag Rahogai too Koi bhi Aapko Harm pahucha sakta hai . This demographic imbalance has a direct bearing upon their marriage pattern. And if they were to attempt to spend winters in Gurez, Tilel, Matyana, Rangdoom, and Waidwan on greater Himalayas—4,500 m above the sea level—they would simply be bur­ied under several feet of ice and snow. The entire Gujjar-Bakarwal community is divided into a number of gotras (clans). They accept and observe the basic principles of Islam. this channel represents my videos where I do my acting on different types of videos. Each son, thus, establishes his own dera as he gets married. They rarely intermix with the Kashmiris, though like them, they are Musalmans by religion. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant news and ads. These sections are further subdivided into gotras (clans). The Brahmin (highest priestly caste) performs all birth, marriage and death rituals. By faith the Gujjar-Bakarwals are the followers of Islam. Between these two places, the flock is to travel on the National Highway 1. ISBN 978-0-19-563354-2. Within the limits defined by the general tenets of Islam, they are free to develop and elaborate their ceremo­nies and customs as an anonymous folk system. Smith (Early History of India, 1924) traces their origins to the White Huns who came as nomadic hordes to India around 465 AD, Cunningham places them among the Indo-Scythian tribes, the Kushan and the Yueh-Chi, who overran northwestern India in the first century AD. For the sedentarization, it must be borne in mind by the policy-makers to iden­tify the places and sites for which they are more attached and where they can sustain themselves by cultivation of crops and by herding. They have been canvassing against a proposed eviction from the National Park area and urging the government to hand over the park to them. Apko pta hi h k gurjar caste me km se km teen gotra taal k shaadi krne ka rivaj h jo ki mostly hindu castes krti h, but ek aur chiz h k agr koi gurjar kisi non gurjar girl se shadi kr leta h to use jaati… Read more ». [45] Subsequently, the Gurjars protested violently, under various groups including the Gurjar Sangarsh Samiti,[46] Gurjar Mahasabha[47] and the Gurjar Action Committee. On the other hand, males perform more arduous tasks like herding of flock and cattle, repairing of tools and equipment, collection of grass, herbs, deer-musk, hunting of wild animals, ploughing and harvesting of crops. [35], Small pockets of Gurjars are found in Afghanistan's northeastern region, particularly in and around the Nuristan province. While snow covers the alpine pastures (Margs) in the north, relatively poor pastures are available throughout the winter in the south. Later on facing serious drought con­ditions they migrated from the south-western parts of Rajasthan and occupied the plains of Punjab. Being Gujjar is the realization of a thought i had during my college days. The Muslim Gujjars are non-vegetarians and those of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand eat beef. Gurjar (Gujjar) Gotra List in Hindi ( गुर्जर गोत्र ) : हेलो दोस्तों, यूं तो भारत में कई प्रकार की जातियां और धर्म निवास करते हैं। यह समुदाय गुज्जर, गूजर, गोजर, गुर्जर, गूर्जर और ... Amtul Hafeez Chaudhry, Ph.D., Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar, Ph.D. Privacy Policy 8. Protection of their herds according to their climatic tolerance and optimization of the use of pastures form part of this response. The major oscillation channels of the Gujjar-Bakarwals and their alti­tudes through the Pir Panjal Range have been given in Table 6.1. Let's connect & spread the feeling of Being Gujjar. Adult marriages are slowly replacing child marriage and are arranged by negotiation. At every new moon of each month, Teej and Mavasa are also celebrated by many Gujjar. [43] However, the party failed to keep its promise after coming to the power, resulting in protests by the Gurjars in September 2006. Gujjar men wear a special type of turban or a distinctive conical cap that is intricately embroidered and a dhoti (loincloth) and kurta (long shirt) and a waistcoat in cooler weather. They variously follow Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism. [20] Some Indian historians, especially of a nationalistic orientation, argue that there is nothing in the historical records to suggest that Gurjaras had a foreign origin, as even the earliest members of this group were steeped in Indian religion and culture.

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