10 talking about this. (+) indicates books co-authored with Thomas Perry. His thriller novels, many featuring the character Dirk Pitt, have reached the New York Times fiction best-seller list more than 20 times. Clive Cussler is an American novelist and underwater explorer. [19], Cussler died at his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, on 24 February 2020, at age 88.[17]. Janet Cussler's Reputation Profile. Juan Cabrillo, the captain of the ship Oregon, also made a brief appearance in The Pharaoh's Secret. These books are set mostly in the U.S. in the early part of the 20th century. After his discharge from the military, Cussler went to work in the advertising industry, first as a copywriter and later as a creative director for two of the nation's most successful advertising agencies. (×) indicates books co-authored with Russell Blake. You may not use any information obtained from Intelius for any purpose covered by the FCRA. Often, the character is given an alias and not revealed as Cussler until his exit with the characters remarking on his odd name. [2], In 2002 Cussler was awarded the Naval Heritage Award from the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation for his efforts in the area of marine exploration. Clive Cussler was born in Aurora, Illinois, the son of Amy Adeline (née Hunnewell) and Eric Edward Cussler,[3] and grew up in Alhambra, California. View Photos. View Details. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 23063159. This almost always comes in the form of a long-lost artifact which holds the key to the villain's or hero's objectives. Use an advanced search Advanced Search, Please wait, report contains A LOT of information. Janet Cussler Car Collection in Scottsdale, AZ This is Me - Control Profile. We have heard that he is getting divorced from his second wife Janet Horvath. At first he wrote himself simple cameos, but later as something of a deus ex machina, providing the novel's protagonists with an essential bit of assistance or information. The net worth of this writer is an estimated $80 million. Need to narrow down your results? Cussler married Janet Horvath, who survived him. He has said. Cave Creek, AZ. He is the sole author of more than 60 books.He is one of the richest authors in the U.S.A. Cussler's friend Craig Dirgo is mentioned in several books. Pitt makes brief appearances in the books Serpent, White Death, Polar Shift, Devil's Gate, The Storm, Zero Hour, and Ghost Ship and is mentioned in Lost City. Seventeen books have had a character with this name, frequently in the opening prologues, frequently a sailor, usually dying; a notable exception is the first (in chronological order) Dirk Pitt adventure, Pacific Vortex!, in which Admiral Leigh Hunter is a major character, commander of the 101st Recovery Fleet in Hawaii. After making dinner for the children and putting them to bed, he had no one to talk to and nothing to do, so he decided to start writing. All Rights Reserved. “To those of you who seek lost objects of history, I wish you the best of luck. Add a middle initial, current or previous city, and/or approximate age to refine your results and find your match. Cussler is also the founder and the chairman of the real life National Underwater and Marine Agency. Besides, this we do not have any extra details until so keep following us for more and latest scoop. The crew is adept at disguises, combat, computer hacking and more to aid them in their missions. [4], In his memoir The Sea Hunters: True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks, Cussler revealed that his father served in the Imperial German Army during World War I and that one of his uncles was a German flying ace during the same war and who shot down 14 Allied aeroplanes.[5]. He is the kind of writer who always motivates the audience to seek into the unravelling mysteries. [2] As part of his duties, Cussler produced radio and television commercials, many of which won international awards including an award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Pitt himself is a larger-than-life hero reminiscent of Doc Savage and other characters from pulp magazines. After the demise of his first wife in 2003, he disappeared from the career for a time being. He might have sulked into her grief to the height of getting vanished. AGE 78 Janet Arlene Lind. In Valhalla Rising, the Periwinkle is the name of a catamaran in which Pitt, Giordino, and Misty Graham are rescued by none other than Cussler himself. Or click here to close. Isaac Bell also is a principal character of the background story in the Fargo Adventures novel The Gray Ghost. Some characters from the Pitt novels appear such as Sandecker, Al Giordino, Rudi Gunn, Hiram Yaeger and St. Julien Perlmutter.

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