Reputed to be FDR's favorite ship, she transported him on several voyages before returning to the Pacific. After patrol duty, she joined the American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) naval force at Surabaya. Bei den verschiedensten Gelegenheiten wurde Präsident Franklin D. Roosevelt zwischen 1934 und 1939 an Bord begrüßt. The final was a failed effort to prevent a … googletag.defineSlot('/21810829768/news_usni-article-bottom_banner', bannerSizes, 'div-gpt-ad-1591027878301-0').defineSizeMapping(bannerSizeMapping).addService(googletag.pubads()); border: none !important; A new sonar survey has found the World War II wreck of cruiser USS Houston (CA-30) mostly undisturbed, while the status of nearby wreck of Australian warship HMAS Perth is less clear, according to information from the U.S. Zwei Flugzeugkatapulte und zwei Hangars für insgesamt vier Wasserflugzeuge, die sich mittschiffs zwischen den Schornsteinen befanden, vervollständigten die Ausrüstung der Houston. The wreck of the USS Houston has been a popular dive site for at least a decade. maxDate: new Date(d.getFullYear(), 12-1, 31), Einige Tage nach dem Beginn des Pazifikkriegs durch den japanischen Angriff auf Pearl Harbor wurde die gesamte Flotte am Nachmittag des 8. Telegraphenamt. addSize([1200, 0], [[300,250],[336,280],[728,90],[300,100],[320,50],[320,100],[468,60],[234,60],[120,240]]). Mai 1928 statt. googletag.enableServices(); build(); Die USS Houston (SSN-713) ist ein Atom-U-Boot der United States Navy und gehört der Los-Angeles-Klasse an. vertical-align: -0.1em !important; Liste der Kreuzerklassen der United States Navy, -6106.2Koordinaten: 6° 0′ 0″ S, 106° 12′ 0″ O, Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, 2014 USS Houston (CA-30) DIVEX Interim Assessment (07 25 2014), Liste der Kreuzerklassen der United States Navy,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. “Whenever possible, the U.S. Navy works to enhance collaboration with its international partners and local authorities in areas where the wrecks are located, as well as other U.S. government agencies, to promote the preservation of these fragile historical and cultural resources which are a testament to the sacrifice of the sailors and Marines who served in them,” read the NHHC statement. dataLayer.push( dataLayer_content );//]]> While the new survey proved Houston is still largely intact, Perth’s status was less clear. gtm4wp_track_downloads( "pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,zip,rar,gz,tar" ); September 1929 die Houston mit Wasser aus dem Kanal von Newport News. Die Bewaffnung bestand aus neun Geschützen vom Kaliber 20,3 cm (8 Zoll), die in drei Drillingstürmen eingebaut waren, davon zwei vorne und einer auf dem Achterdeck. A sunken vessel in the Java Sea has been confirmed as the wreck of the USS Houston, a cruiser sunk by the Japanese during a ferocious Second World War battle. He has covered legislation, acquisition and operations for the Sea Services and spent time underway with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Canadian Navy. minDate: new Date(d.getFullYear(), 1-1, 1), var bannerSizes = [[120, 240], [300, 100], [320, 100], [320, 50], [468, 60], [300, 250], [234, 60], [336, 280], [728, 90]]; googletag.defineSlot('/21810829768/news_usni-site-sidebar_3', sidebarSizes, 'div-gpt-ad-1559941388850-0').defineSizeMapping(sidebarSizeMapping).addService(googletag.pubads()); Die USS Houston wurde ursprünglich als Leichter Kreuzer bei der Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Newport News gebaut. [2], USS Northampton | format = format.replace(/yyyy/i, 'yy'); A.H. Rooks, USN), the US light cruiser USS Marblehead (Capt. Naval History and Heritage Command provided to USNI News. Hier bekam sie auch ihren Spitznamen Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast. Zu den vielen Aktivitäten gehörte auch eine intensive Brief- und Telegrammaktion, bei der die Einwohner den Marinesekretär anschrieben und ihre Bitte vortrugen. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= U.S. Navy divers, assisted by personnel from the Indonesian Navy, surveyed the World War II wreck of the cruiser USS Houston (CA 30), Oct. 16-24. Seine Höchstgeschwindigkeit lag bei 32,5 Knoten bei einer Besatzung von 621 Seeleuten. The … He was formerly the U.S. Maritime Correspondent for the Washington D.C. bureau of Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Navy International. googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); Miller, USN) and USS Bulmer (Lt.Cdr. A new sonar survey has found the World War II wreck of cruiser USS Houston (CA-30) mostly undisturbed, while the status of nearby wreck of Australian warship HMAS Perth is less clear, according to information from the U.S. window._wpemojiSettings = {"baseUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/core\/emoji\/12.0.0-1\/72x72\/","ext":".png","svgUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/core\/emoji\/12.0.0-1\/svg\/","svgExt":".svg","source":{"concatemoji":"https:\/\/\/wp-includes\/js\/wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=5.2.9"}}; changeMonth: true, var dataLayer_content = {"visitorLoginState":"logged-out","visitorType":"visitor-logged-out","pageTitle":"USS Houston Wreck ‘Largely Intact,’ HMAS Perth Status Inconclusive","pagePostType":"post","pagePostType2":"single-post","pageCategory":["foreign-forces","news-analysis","surface-forces","usmc","usn"],"pageAttributes":["hmas-perth","indonesia","naval-history-and-heritage-command","us-navy","uss-houston","wwii"],"pagePostAuthor":"Sam LaGrone","pagePostDate":"February 13, 2017","pagePostDateYear":"2017","pagePostDateMonth":"02","pagePostDateDay":"13","browserName":"Chrome","browserVersion":"84.0.4147.89","browserEngineName":"Blink","browserEngineVersion":"","osName":"Windows","osVersion":"6.2","deviceType":"desktop","deviceManufacturer":"","deviceModel":"","google_tag_params":window.google_tag_params}; Aug 21, 2014 - Apologies, this content is no longer available. googletag.defineSlot('/21810829768/news_usni-site-top_leaderboard', [[234, 60], [728, 90], [300, 100], [300, 250], [120, 240], [320, 100], [320, 50], [970, 90], [468, 60], [336, 280]], 'div-gpt-ad-1559939771238-0').defineSizeMapping(topLeaderboardSizeMapping).addService(googletag.pubads()); [CDATA[ */ addSize([0, 0], [[300,250],[336,280],[300,100],[320,50],[320,100],[234,60],[120,240]]). autoFocusNextInput: true, Januar 2021 um 00:16 Uhr bearbeitet. “Where we have evidence of desecration of these sites, we will take appropriate action.”. Das Wrack der Houston wurde am 18. addSize([1200, 0], [[300,250],[300,600],[300,100],[234,60],[120,600],[120,240],[160,600]]). All of the ships were sunk by the Imperial Japanese Navy in some of the costliest conflicts early in the war. addSize([800, 0], [[300,250],[300,100],[234,60],[120,240]]). Salvage crane was caught stripping the wreck of a Dutch submarine in October 2012. Der Stapellauf erfolgte am 21. $('.date-pick').each(function() { However, the data is not detailed enough to determine if disturbance, especially small scale disturbance as noted previously, has continued,” Sam Cox, director of the Naval History and Heritage Command, said in a statement provided to USNI News. U.S. Navy underwater archeologists from the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) have completed the final survey report of the shipwreck of the World War II cruiser USS Houston (CA 30). In the meantime, here are a selection of our favorite videos you may like… googletag.defineSlot('/21810829768/news_usni-article-inline_banner', bannerSizes, 'div-gpt-ad-1591808661489-0').defineSizeMapping(bannerSizeMapping).addService(googletag.pubads()); Das Schiff war etwa 182 Meter lang und hatte eine Wasserverdrängung von 9.300 Tonnen. Unlike the site of USS Arizona (BB-39), sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Houston ’s wreck is much more obscure. /*
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