34 in. There are lodges at both places & you would do well to contact them before you go to get all the information ahead of time. Walleye populations in the Key River and Shebeshekong River have been identified as severely stressed. Seven steps were identified in order to complete the project. The remaining funds were provided by the Tadenac Fishing Club ($1,857) and the EGBSC ($1,857). The enhancement site was situated where the Tadenac Lake outlet flows into Eastern Georgian Bay. Thanks for the info. There are plenty of “Bass holes” where Largemouth and Smallmouth like to hide, while Perch, Pike, CrappIe, and Lake Whitefish can all be found in abundance, too. When the Walleye just won't cooperate, we fish for Bass (gag!) The walleye is a fish eater, with a real interest in yellow perch which have trouble seeing as well at night. From 1968 to 1970, the Moon River Walleye spawning population was estimated at between 24,000 and 30,000 fish. A total of 800 metric tonnes of rock was barged in to complete the project. Hope you can join us as the fishing is great. . We do our best to attribute properly and try very hard to get it right. Sounds like great remote fish camp and I know the region is beautiful with plentiful fish. Energy Rights and Wrongs. Please note that we are not a charitable organization and are unable to issue charitable receipts. Sixty cubic meters of round, granite stone were strategically placed at the site. Cobble was placed on an adjacent shoreline bank that was indicating signs of significant erosion, and it would also potentially provide spawning habitat during high Georgian Bay water level regimes. Overall, Walleye populations in Eastern Georgian Bay are below average when compared with Northern Ontario and slightly above average than Southern Ontario. 1. Long Lake is fed by a variety of small creeks. Walleye populations in Eastern Georgian Bay are in decline. protect their nests and will often hit large Pike Lures or anything that moves. later there’s a fair chance you’ll drop the artificial in precisely the This policy does not apply to Northern Pike that are less than 37 inches long as they are I know one good hole & there are usually boats there fishing for them down deep & I have seen them take many up to 17 pounds this way. Good write up. EGBSC carried out Walleye surveys to track Walleye movement at the site. The project was funded by COA, Ontario Power Generation’s Evergreen Energy, OMNRF and several generous private donations. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Walleye Woes is a good fast read that provides great tips on how you can catch and release effectively and other initiatives you can do to help this fish species survive in Georgian Bay. You can use the smaller Rapala in four foot water as it does not run as deep as the seven inch model which goes down to about seven or eight feet with fifty feet of line out. It’s characterized by rugged bedrock and white pine forests to the north and sandy southern beaches. Some fishermen put a trolling motor bracket on the transom of their big boat & use this motor to troll & use their big motor to get places fast. © 2020 Fishidy. This fish curry makes fishing for them is likeThey don’t even want you to do it justice. Whether you are fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass or Muskie, there are well known areas and the possibility of catching trophies is very real; just look at the pictures of recent catches on the website – or visit the log books at the lodge. The pickerel are very hard to catch in this clear water in the daytime as they stay in deep water at that time for the most part. It is at this time, around late September that the fish begin travelling upriver from Georgian Bay. Because there had been no Walleye observed spawning at the chutes in 2009, EGBSC planted Walleye fingerlings at the site in 2010. If you are not the trolling type & prefer live bait fishing & know where the good holes are you can catch big yellow pickerel by dropping nightcrawlers (worms) down in 35 feet of water. Downstream from Dalles rapids I'm guessing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. During the fall is a good time to get your hands on some good-sized walleye. Walleye stocks used to spawn in Go Home Bay, at the Go Home Bay chutes in the Township of Georgian Bay. Lots of useful information here. Drop shotting over rocks, drifting to find the holes and hooked into this little guy, Jigging for walleye/pike and this little guy decided he wanted some. Potential contributors to the Walleye decline could be historical logging practices, water quality, stocking of non-indigenous Walleye, fishing pressures, changes in aquatic and terrestrial communities, scarcity of spawning habitat (despite historic spawning runs) and the Moon River flow regime. With the thousands of Islands, Inlets and weed beds the access to bait fish is enormous. Walleyes are very similar to sauger fish ( Sander canadensis), which so far has not appeared as a species found in this project and seems to have a much more limited distribution.

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