At Rank IV. Eventually I got more skilled, managing to do around 2 kills & 2 assists in the game. For any newcomers, Arcade mode is recommended as there will be assist markers available for shell trajectory and penetration indication that helps new players understand where their shots will go at long range, and what tanks they could handle. Ambush the T-34 on its sides, it is less sloped than the front armour. Tank destroyers in the French tree are a mix of casemates and turreted designs, though the general trend is always in firepower and mobility; with only the turreted ARL-44 having decent amount of armour to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy. Between Russia and Germany most players agree that Russia is better and more newbie-friendly. Most importantly, the Binoculars view position is from the Commander point of view, which is nearly always higher than the Gunner view ("Sniper mode" in the controls option), allowing you to scan and spot above obstacles and hills without exposing more than your cupola. This is where things get aggressive. Also I don't try to shoot another shoot in the same spot, once I hit something and something is damaged, I need to hit something else to damage something else from his tank. Once comfortable with the game, Realistic and Simulator Battles can be considered for further immersion into the War Thunder battles. All this combined with sub-par armour means the German tanks snare the initiative to prevent the enemy from firing back. While the armoured car option is extremely fast on roads compared to tanks and more viable for mobility, the expense is extremely thin armour that allow even machine gun rounds to penetrate it at the right conditions. The preferred tank specifications for this job is one with lots of armour and a very powerful gun, though any tank can do this job given the correct skill sets. Then I looked online, and I saw that the nations are very unbalanced, and the British tanks are terrible! Once these considerations are taken into account, click any of the orange "To Battle!" Some of the early Italian tank destroyers rely on stealth to attack opponents instead and have nearly no armour, but are extremely small. The other side puts all their chips into mobility and firepower with the medium tank such as the Leopards, being able to outpace the enemies with a cannon able to obliterate from kilometers away. By I would say the Soviets, for one simple reason: Guns. Try to surprise the enemies by attacking on their flanks, even when sniping. For example Brits start with the good tanks from 3.+ with the cromwells,and great tanks from 4.+ with Achilles + M4 Firefly+ Churchill 7.Usually brits are some kind of glass cannon with a lot of penetration and poor armor + great mobility  in med light tanks or great armor and poor mobility in heavy tank Overwhelm them, swarm them, but do not give the enemy the edge because in brawling, anything is exploitable. Going up to the enemy increases the risk of their gun being able to penetrate certain weak points on your frontal armour or even get a tank onto your sides and penetrate your weaker side armour. The early Japanese tanks have generally light frames, but decent manoeuvrability. With this, even if they did identify where the first shot originated, the repositioning will ensure their gun sights are not aligned onto the last appeared area, buying extra time as the enemy would then need to readjust the sights towards the new location. As such, repositioning by moving out of the line-of-sight and then changing the firing location will buy time in the enemy not realizing where the shot come from. hard mode). Once a match has been chosen, the map and objective will be laid out for the player. While these could still rely on ambush methods to obtain hits on the enemy, their slower speed and higher profile can make concealment at advantageous positions difficult, often causing them to take up a role similar to heavy tanks to absorb fire from the front while using their cannon to decimate the enemies in front trying to penetrate the thick armour. and the reply was "think of it this way, if you can play well with the British tanks, you can play well with pratically anything else". All rights reserved. There are two ways to protect a capture point: Both have their pros and cons. Come to think of it, this makes sense. Capture points serve as giant magnets of allies and enemies, and protecting these points from enemies can be a chore. As the ranks go up however, the armour becomes much thicker, as seen going from the StuG series of tank destroyers to the Jagdtiger. Another important half of Italian tank tree revolves around wheeled armoured cars. Remember to slope your armour by angling the hull so the enemy would never get a straight shot onto your armour. Another school of thought in casemate structures are larger-profiled, but more heavily armoured designs such as the Jagdtiger, Tortoise, and T95 in a role that could be considered assault tank destroyers. While ranks are important for progression, they are not the deciding factor on what types of battles you enter. By Rank III, while infantry tank armour proves much more substantial than its peers, the cruiser tanks begin expanding their firepower with the famous 17-pounder cannon. For this penalty in armour, mobility may or may not be enhanced as well. Exploit the low silhouette by hiding in the distance or in foliage so the enemies cannot detect it. Not only will you be ditching your team, you will also get a. On 09/10/2019 at 14:14, Razielkaine said: What is the best nation to start with? These descriptions will cover the first impressions of each country and the trends in tank characteristics as a player progresses in the tech tree. Medium tanks begin to dominate the Soviet play style by Rank VI as the introduction of main battle tanks such as the T-64 and T-80B set the score up at the top. War Thunder is a game based on authenticity and realism, which often means that there won't be balance because real life tanks weren't balanced either. Armour on the cruiser tanks are at a minimum to keep speed, but will improve as you move down the rank. Matchmaking in tank battles is sorted by the highest battle rating in the line-up and then battling against enemies within a battle rating range of ± 1.0. Until I reached 3.0 I played with bots, from 3.0 when the matches were full player vs player I had a hard time even getting 1 kill. For example, it would probably be unwise to take the slow. Tank destroyers do this job the best due to their low silhouette and high-power guns compared to tanks, but suffer from a limited firing angle (unless you are using American or British tanks, in which case their silhouette is large, but allow a larger degree of fire). Why? buttons; the large one on the bottom right or the ones above the vehicle icon (or double-click on a vehicle icon) to spawn into the fight! The one exception are the Ho-Ri types, which trade in mobility for a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew and modules.

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